Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journey Into Gaia Part One

I feel that I was called to make this journey into Gaia. Of course, I love to travel, and it is usually in Nature. Nonetheless, something feels different about this trip. Maybe that is because everything feels different now. However, I am inclined—instructed—to document this journey, so I will. Yesterday was just about “getting out of town,” so today is actually the first day of this Journey. I will begin by documenting my:

Journey Into Gaia

We are beginning to disentangle our essence from the 3D Matrix. However, we are keeping enough of our essence in the Matrix to maintain a viable earth vessel. Our earth vessel is our portal into Gaia through which we can engage in our physical reality.  

However, because of being in two different energy fields within the same NOW leaves many of us are feeling greatly fatigued. We are having this feeling because the slow frequency of our physical vessel is in juxtaposition with the high frequency of our Soul Essence.

It is the Mission of some to know the secrets of what is happening between humanity and the Celestials and Galactics who are assisting us. On the other hand, it is the Mission of others to assist people to better understand what is happening to them and to their planet.

The transitions that are now occurring are leaving many of us confused and seeking answers to questions that we don’t even know how to ask. This frightening situation can trap us in our wounded ego. Then, we are likely believe the illusion that “we are not good enough” to give our service. On the other hand, once we are disentangled from the Matrix we become centered in our SELF. Then, “good enough” is no longer an issue. 

As we continue to free ourselves, we are beginning to perceive the third dimensional reality from outside the Matrix, rather than from within it. Outside the matrix we can discern between our true SELF and the illusion of self that has been created by our third dimensional indoctrination.

Once free of the 3D Matrix, we can surrender to this process of releasing the habits and illusions of the third dimension. We can, also, experience our Soul Essence as “wearing” an earth vessel. Then, just as we can shed clothes that we have outgrown, we can shed the human form that we have outgrown.

·      Imagine that YOU are free of the Matrix and floating beyond the limitations of form…
·      Observe how YOU have decided to maintain a component your SELF in your third dimensional earth vessel…
·      Feel the YOU that is wearing the earth vessel…
·      Now, feel the YOU that is free of form and expanding in all directions…
·      Feel the YOU that is a million/billion flowing molecules of pure light … 

What form will you create if you think the word PEACE and fill it with the feeling of LOVE? How will the concepts of peace and love combine your floating molecules of potential into a form?

Oh, yes, do you see? You have become Rays of Light streaming from a formless Source. These rays are similar to the rays of the Sun at sunset and sunrise. In fact, they are the beginnings and ending within the same NOW. What will you need to release at sunset in order to create your “new beginning” at sunrise?

Perhaps, you can release the habit of labeling the process of transmutation as fatigue? Transmutation feels like fatigue because that which is ending is resisting that which is beginning. Your ego-self is resisting the process of disentangling from the familiar 3D Matrix.

Your ego-self is tenaciously holding on to that which is completed because it is still engaging in the illusion of fear of the unknown. However, YOU believe that you are ready to BE the unknown whom you have always been.

It is the third dimensional indoctrination that creates your fear of the unknown. If you become angry about or afraid of the indoctrination of myriad physical lives, you will lose the power of your SELF that you have finally embraced. Hence, you must dedicate your mind to identifying and releasing your fear of the unknown.

You will, also, need to release the old third dimensional concept of feeling that you are not as good as or that you are better than “others.” Feeling better or worse than others is an illusion, for we are all ONE! This third dimensional concept of “others” is the illusion that is at the very heart of third dimensional separation.

We have been indoctrinated to believe that we are separate beings that are members of a hierarchical society. We have, also, been indoctrinated to believe that we rule, or are ruled by, others. Unfortunately, the concept of unity and equality is still unknown to many humans. Because this concept is “unknown,” it creates “fear of the unknown.”

How can we experience Unity in a life that has been based on separation? One long swim in Gaia’s River gave me an experience Being ONE that could only be expressed in a poem:

As we become ONE with the river
Our life becomes a sliver
Of the community of life
That’s full with love and free of strife

The water has become our name
There is no failure or need for fame
There is no place that we need to hide
For we’re free of ego and have no pride

We’re all just moving with the Flow
And life is, oh, so calm and slow
There is no rushing to obtain
No need to “get,” nothing to gain

Our life right HERE is all we need
We are the flower and the seed
The current takes us where we go
There’s nothing that we have to show

Around the bend we find the new
And accept the beauty of the view
The sky grows dark at the end of day
Then the Sun arises to show the way

We do not care where that may be
But enjoy the new worlds that we see
Forever we are always one
 Our journey’s NOW and we’re never done


I have had the blessing and curse of remembering more of my realities in form than I could count. I remember many Earth realities, as well as many lives on other galaxies and dimensions. I have fought in the Galactic War and wars on Earth and in other realties, as well.  I am NOW choosing to live in Peace and Love.

Remembering all that I have completed creates a deep urge to experience total peace and unconditional love. I have had great victories, experienced ascension and fallen into the depths of darkness. I am complete with the experience of polarity. I AM ready to live in the Unity of the ONE.  

I have remembered the process of ascension, but my memory has not gone past the process and into that which follows. I have, however, experienced some of my realities that appear to be in a fifth dimensional reality, but I have been focusing on what was happening. Therefore, not enough of my attention was placed on how I felt while in these realities. Perhaps I made that choice as the juxtaposition between this life and that one would too upsetting.

I understand why so many are so anxious for the ascension to finally happen. I am totally ready for that, too. However, to be completely honest, I guess I do remember enough to realize that what lies in within the grand finale is –well –it is a journey into the Unknown of Letting GO!

We are still alive because we have tightly “held on” to life, as we have known it. We have refused to let go, even though many of us have been presented with the opportunity to just let go and “die.” We have treasured our life and deeply mourned the loss of our loved ones when they “died.” In other words, we have identified this reality as LIFE and the crossing into another reality as DEATH.

Those of us who have experienced the surrender of one who crossed over into death know the true meaning of “letting go” of what was identified as LIFE. When we ascend, will have to surrender in this same manner? Because I spent so much of my life so depressed that I begged to “leave this planet and go Home,” I avoided remembering that moment of surrender into death—likely because my Soul was concerned I would let go too soon.

I am infinitely joyful that I did not leave, for now I have found happiness and even peace and love. What’s more, I have found these qualities while still holding a physical, earth vessel. Of all the myriad third dimensional lives that I have remembered, I cannot think of one time that I experienced that.

Perhaps, we can only remember that which we are truly ready to experience. Maybe I was concerned that if I were too happy that I would be trapped in my physical form. On the other hand, it might be that it took this many lives on a polarized reality before I could surrender, not to death, but surrender to life.

Is that how we ascend? Do we ascend into higher frequencies of reality by surrendering to life?

Those of us, who came to Gaia during the fall of Atlantis to assist Her, left our realities in the ONE to return to polarity again. I believe that many who will read this writing are among that group. Some of us do not remember. Yet, we still know how it felt to enter into polarity after living free of form and in unity with the ONE. I have not allowed myself to remember that feeling either.

The loss of who I was, and the connection with a reality that is so vastly different from my Home, was too much to remember, Therefore, I kept my true SELF hidden in the ATMA of my High Heart. It may be that it is time to open my ATMA and observe that jewel. Perhaps, it is time for all of us to do that.

If we can allow ourselves to have that tangible experience of our SELF, perhaps we can surrender into that reality and let go of whatever holds us to illusion. The experience of loving those with whom we share our physical life and the glories of Earth’s Nature come to mind. Will we take human love and Gaia’s Nature with us?

Or, do we release those aspects of 3D life along with the fear, taxes, hardship, revenge, anger, victimization etc. etc. etc.  Yes, we know that we must release ALL our attachment to fear-bound concepts. But, do we need to release our attachment to that which has given us joy and love?

There has been so much attention given to what “others” will do to assist us. When will “they” help us? When will “they” make the bad guys go away? I do KNOW that WE must release ALL attachment to the concepts of “they” and the concepts of “bad guys.”

First of all, we have all been “bad” in our myriad incarnations. Therefore, do we have to punish ourselves too? Secondly, and most important, “they” is a third dimensional illusion. WE are all ONE. If we want “them” to help us, we must help our selves. Humans have been asleep at the wheel for myriad incarnations. We have allowed fear to so deeply infiltrate our Soul that we were born afraid and/or choose to be born to fearful parents.

This is OUR planet and OUR ascension. Therefore, WE must stop worrying about when and how they will help us. We are amazing Multidimensional Beings who are actually among the very “they” that are protecting our world with their advanced Starships. We are also ONE with the members of the Spirit realm who have guided us throughout our life.

If we want to know why they are not helping us enough, or when they will help us, all we need do is raise our consciousness enough to ask them. Our problem is not that we need help from others. Our problem is that we need to remember how WE, in our higher expressions of SELF, are among those who are helping.

As we remember these higher expressions of our SELF, we can assist our personal and planetary selves from our grounded position on Earth, as well as from our higher frequency position in the Celestial Realms and/or our Starships.

How can remember how to do that?
Simple, we can remember how to do that by ascending!


  1. THANK YOU I really ENJOYED & resonated with your poem & post very enlightening x

  2. Very useful discussion about not focusing on ‘them’ to assist us w/ ascension. NEEDing others to help us is choosing to hold tightly to the victim position, not yet stepping into empowerment. Others who are a few steps ahead of us are always useful as wayshowers, but it is we who decide to take the steps out of fear & uncertainty to begin ascension. As we step out of fear into empowerment we become that which we have been waiting for.

  3. I love your work Sue!! I want to share mine with you. When it comes to resonating, your work blows me away!

    Sarah :0)