Friday, July 20, 2012





As I sit beside the river with its constant ebb and flow
I don’t care what I am doing and have no place to go

The movement of the tide flowing in and flowing out
The moments of great silence without a whisper or a shout

If I could be as peaceful as the river at this time
I know my life would also flow with its rhythm and its rhyme

To BE the rhythm of my life and to know what NOW is HERE
Would clear my mind to calm my heart and embrace what I hold dear

Can my life flow like a river as the tide moves in and out?
Can I take what life brings to me and not care what its about?

Can I just accept the moment of each minute and the day,
As I feel the ONE flow through me, to guide me on my way?

Does the river ask these questions? Does it even have a mind?
Or is it so a part of life that it does not seek nor find?

It joins with the great tide, as it flows into the sea
Two different kinds of water Interact and, yet, are free

They are free of all the questions and the confusion that they bring
They simply interact as ONE, alive and active “thing”

The “things” that we have harmed, in our hurry to get more
Has left us so alone and empty to our core

The ONE that’s flowing through us, like a river to the sea
Knows assisting our dear Gaia is our mission and decree

This mission fills our empty core with the power of our Being
To change the way we live our life, what we hear and what we’re seeing

When we feel our inner river, as it flows throughout our Soul
We know, at last, we are complete and here to serve our goal

Our goal is like a river, for we all must flow as ONE
To assist our dearest Mother on the journey we’ve begun

United all together, as we’ve heard that we must be
We can flow as ONE strong current, into the Cosmic Sea

Nature is ready for ascension. It is only humanity that lags behind. Can we put aside our difference now to remember our planetary goal? We have had so many incarnation in which we had to fight for our right to have a happy life that we forgot that happiness is free. However, while our minds were bound in fear, anger and sorrow, all we could do was survive.

Unfortunately, there are still people who live on a survival level. Therefore, they cannot pull their weight, yet, in the ascension process. However, many changes are actually occurring now. The dark is being revealing more and more each day. Therefore, our “ascension train” is no longer traveling through a dark tunnel of fear.

However, while some are clearing out the darkness, others need to band together to keep doing the work of the light. For those of us who have had found a way to raise our consciousness and awaken to our Multidimensional SELF, NOW is the time to roll up our sleeves and find out how we can help.

Before we ask another, it is best to ask our SELF. In that manner, we are honoring that we are MUCH more than the small clay vessel that we are currently wearing. Our earth vessel is becoming too small for us, which is changing every area of our sleeping and waking life. Many are suffering from symptoms of transmutation.

It has been my experience that if we ground and put the higher energy to use, the symptoms greatly diminishes. The higher energy that we are downloading is like water in a river. If the flow of the river is diminished, the water will become murky and life within it will no longer flourish. Those of us who are awakened and are in the process of ascension have a responsibility to continue the forward motion of Planetary Ascension.

I just heard the news of yet another person who killed many people before he was stopped. There are those of us whose job is to stop the darkness, and we greatly appreciate their service. However, there are those of us who are committed carry on with the service of personal and planetary ascension, no matter what.

In order to do this, we must keep our multidimensional consciousness engaged for as much of our day as possible. Therefore, we have to send unconditional love to darkness and, especially to those who are clearing it. Those of us who have found our Path, are aware that many will have a difficult time accepting anything that is new, for fear abhors change.

As Lightworkers, we can send unconditional love to those who have been harmed and even those who have done the harm. If we allow our consciousness to become engaged in anger, fear and sorrow our resonance will drop, and the darkness will have won.

We are in the process of closing these polarities of light and dark, but the hardest part of any project is when it is almost complete. Therefore, it is our job to maintain our “Bridge to Freedom” and to bless those who are giving their necessary contributions as well.

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There’s a bridge across our river reaching far beyond the known
Into the life we feel inside and the world that we’ve been shown

Across this bridge of sorrow and into the life of love
We know we’ll be connected too our SELF and far above

Beyond the memories of a life we’ve lived and now are ending
There is the realm that we have known, and the message it is sending

We feel its message in our Soul as it flows into our life
To remember how to live in love and release all fear and strife

If we could just remember our SELF who lives there NOW
We can return to our true Wisdom, for we will remember how

We feel this bridge within our heart as it guides us to our Soul
To return to who we truly are is our blessing and our goal

The life we’re living now, is the best we can remember
For we’re connected, HERE and NOW, to the message and the sender

The message that we hear inside is clear and from our heart
It tells us we are now complete, and a new life soon will start

This bridge that we will cross, inside our heart and mind
Will lead us to a world of love where everyone is kind

We know this world begins inside and extends beyond our knowing
We feel the blessing that it gives and see the Path it‘s showing

The Path that we will take, to become our Inner Being
Is were we know that we will find, the glory we’ve been seeing

We see a world beyond the self, we’ve always known as “ME”
Within this world there is no work and everything is free

We live as one great Being, as together we unite
To hear with our true hearing and see with true sight

Together, we have risen, beyond what we have known
To BE the ONES we’ve always been, in the world that we’ve been shown


  1. Dearest Suzanne:

    Thank you from my Gaian/Arcturian heart for your wonderful newsletter just received. I wish you and your husband joy, peace, and love, not to mention a wonderful vision, as you do your Vision Quest.

  2. Hello Suzanne, I've not posted here before. I live in Colorado and I go to a lovely spiritualist church. I am in hopes I can read this blog tomorrow, it is wonderful. Thank you.

    On another note I've read some of your writing on the arcturians. I have known b
    For 25 years or more that I chose to be here from the acturians reality but it is so nice to read about what I knew. I have meet others but we kept our distance and it is true I have protected and even hidden my knowingly true self. I am.breaking this habit now and thank you for writing about it.


  3. Absolutely beautiful. Your divinely inspired words flow so wonderfully. I was also guided several weeks ago to return to poetry in my 'own' expressions (for publication on my own blog). I feel we are indeed drinking from the same Ambrosia, the same Fountain, as we all merge in space and time towards our accelerating destiny as 'priests and priestesses' facilitating our/Gaia's ascension. Selamat Ja!