Thursday, September 29, 2011



The Indigo Light did not come to us from within the Corridor. It came to us from within our self. At first we all saw a tiny speck of Indigo Light in the center of our forehead, between our eyes. At first, I though I was seeing things, which indeed I was. However, I was still addicted to the third dimensional thinking in which the world was “outside” of me. Therefore, when I saw something apparently coming from inside of me, I was quite confused. This confusion mounted as the Light became larger and brighter.

I tried to look around the Corridor to see what the others were experiencing, but I saw them “inside” of me. I don’t know how to explain this experience to those who still think third dimensionally, but I will try. My experience was that all of reality was inside the Corridor – that was inside of the Indigo Light – that was inside of me. Furthermore, at the same time, I was inside the Indigo Light – that was inside the Corridor – that was inside of all of us – who were now ONE Being.

The sensation was so disorienting that I became incredibly dizzy and felt constantly on the edge of passing out. But, what would it mean to pass out when I was inside of everyone who was inside of me. My mind became so boggled by the experience that it took all my concentration to stay within the Corridor. I had not come this far to pull out now. Therefore, I held on tenaciously, to what I don’t know. Maybe I was just holding on to staying conscious.

At the moment of that thought, I realized how much of my life I had spent in an unconscious manner. I was the sleep walking while I went to school, went to my boring job, had beer with my friends and saw a ballgame, etc. etc… My entire life was a series of meaningless situations. To make it worse, I continually lied to myself that everything was just cool. That is until I woke up. The waking up was when I first entered the “tunnel,” as I called it then. In the midst of my commiserations, the Indigo Light bored deeper into my mind, or was it OUR mind.

Then, suddenly, the Light was gone and so was I. I mean, I was gone because I had no body. I know I was there because I could still see the Light, but I could not see my body or the body of the others. In fact, there were no “others.” There was only the Indigo Light, but I could still FEEL the consciousness of all the ones I had come to know and, yes, love. It was then that I realized that the love I had so desperately sought before was everywhere. I would like to say within me and within the Light, but they were the same. And neither the Light or I had any form at all.
There was only freedom, love and, yes, there was joy.

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