Sunday, September 25, 2011



I am sitting on my terrace again looking at the vast vista before. This scenery is special because it is a composite of what I see and how I see it. One of things that we are learning here is how much our state of consciousness influences how we perceive reality. That thought about the perception of reality comes to my mind now because I was just thinking of some friends who chose not to join us. While I was in the Corridor with my group, I didn’t miss anyone from my old life. It was like I had died, but I also knew I was alive.

However, some people “died to me,” not because they died, but because they chose not to join me/us on New Earth. I went back to Matrix World as many times as I could to try to awaken some of the people I cared about, as well as others I had never met. Some awoke and chose to ascend to New Earth and some never did awaken for as long as I knew them. On the hand, others awakened, but chose to stay there. I know that they are in the temporary Earth, which is actually a holographic matrix, but they believe it is real. Therefore, to them, it is. However, it can’t be real to me any more because I have been through the Corridor.

I remember now, I left off my story with our integration of the Green Light. Just as we prepared for seven Earth days to accept the frequency of this light, we took seven Earth days outside the Corridor to integrate the planetary life force of that light into our consciousness. I say “consciousness” instead of body, as we were becoming increasingly detached from our physical earth vessel. We were remembering and becoming a much higher frequency of Being. This Being encompassed our earth vessel, but was not limited by it. In fact, our earth vessel was now perceived as the anchor that kept our consciousness connected to physical Earth.

When we met in the Corridor again, there were many more of us. In fact, there were so many of us that we could not perceive any portion of the Corridor that was not occupied by awakening ones. The Arcturians told us that because we are all ONE, when the life force of the Green Light, which was filled with unconditional love, entered us it entered everyone everywhere who could allow them selves to perceive it. The love and unity of life force that filled the Corridor was so powerful that we became ONE Being with many versions of expression. That was my first experience of how it would feel on New Earth.

After the Arcturians congratulated us, we settled in to accept what we knew would be a Blue Light. This time, the light didn’t gradually come it us. Instead, it was suddenly there, as the sky is there whenever you go outside or look out a window. Whereas the Green Light was a bit overwhelming, the Blue Light was like a breath of fresh air. As one person, we inhaled this frequency, which immediately activated a flow of creativity beyond what we had ever known.

This creativity activated a completely different manner of thinking, and our perceptions became increasingly complex as many possible versions of reality intermingled like clouds in a clear sky. In fact, when we looked at each other we saw the many potentials of expression that we each carried within our consciousness. The Corridor appeared to become much larger, as if to contain the many versions of our self.

This light was so easily embraced that we were immediately ready to move into the next Light. Little did we know, how different that experience would be. 

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