Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Because We Are Ascending -- 1

I received a message yesterday, which I want to pass on to you. The message was from St. Germain and the Arcturians, as they are working as ONE to assist us with our ascension process. First of all, they reminded me that ascension is, indeed, a process. Second, they clearly stated that that process in NOW fully underway. 

They said that one of the most important things to remember in our ascension process is to 

Since our belief sets our state of state of consciousness, 
Our state of consciousness directs our expectation,
Our expectations direct our perceptions,
And the reality we perceive is the reality we live,
it is vital that we Believe that we are ascending.

The belief that we are ascending will instantly expand our consciousness,
Which will allow us to expect to see everyday evidence of our ascension process,
Which will direct our attention towards the conscious perception of that evidence,
Which will guide us to live in the frequency of reality in which we are IN the process of Ascension.

Remember always that the Path of Ascension is filled with unconditional love. Therefore, if we ever doubt our perceptions, we can ask our High Hearts to beam in on the frequency of unconditional love.

We have had myriad lifetimes on Earth and/or traveled the Multiverse in order to have the great privilege of participating in Gaia’s Grand Transmutation. In order to remain AWAKE during this wonderful process, we will need to keep reminding ourselves that everything we choose to think, feel, do, desire and become is:


In response to my inner instructions, I will make an entry in my blog everyday (I hope) in which I will complete the above sentence. This message will be a very brief, just a reminder to my self and to all of you who read this blog, to remember and believe that we ARE ascending. If you wish to send out that message to your friends, that would be wonderful. Then, they can send it out to their friends, who can send it out to their friends, and on and on...

Imagine what it would be like if everything we CHOSE
 to think, feel, do, desire and become was

It does not matter when you tune in to this message, or even if you tune into the blog, to get the message. The purpose of this exercise is to re-align our belief system so that we can REMEMBER that we ARE ascending NOW!

I will begin this process tomorrow.


  1. KNOWING and SUSTAINING the KNOWING seem to be at odds. I only get blissful glimpses and feelings, just for seconds at a time...

  2. Thank you for your message! I was awoken out of my sleep 15+ years ago with a word that was repeated 3x. I was then "requested" to write it down, not knowing what it meant . The next morning I looked it up on the computer (dial up connection!) ... my Life has changed from this moment on when I understood what this word meant - ASCENSION.