Thursday, June 9, 2011

How I First Met the Arcturians Part IV


Dear Suzille,

I AM Illia Em, here to speak with you again. Do not fear nor worry that your destiny will not be fulfilled. Be patient, for patience allows you creative time to gradually grow and blossom in the physical world. I have spoken to you before about how each many physical realities is a point of perspective into the third dimensional reality. See now how each of your many incarnations are lived aa shinning ball of light, even thought some of these lights are much dimmer than others. These balls of light encircle Lady Gaia and have roots that run deep into the core of her being. As you heal any life or reality, you serve to heal The Mother.

See how your Soul can look through of these points of perspective to experience physical incarnation in a different fashion. And, see how your seventh dimensional Oversoul can look through all of these points of perception at the same moment. When you can experience your lives as your Oversoul does than you will be your true Multidimensional SELF. As you know, you Multidimensional SELF can simultaneously experience life on the higher vibrations in the same moment as it is experiencing life in the physical. In fact, that is what you are doing when you communicate with me.

Eventually, you will learn to associate with me so deeply that I can share my vision with you, and you can gradually begin to experience reality as I do. This is a very long process, which should not be rushed into or you will not be able to maintain life in your clay form. Be patient, and allow me to teach you how to make the gradual assent through all the higher levels of yourself. There are many mysteries that I can reveal to you. You will be able to experience these mysterious as totally real through your writing. Also, through your writing you will be able to share that viewpoint with others. This is your highest destiny, My ONE. Continue your healing and you will be able to manifest it. I close my message with this meditation:


See before you a Golden Door.

How big is this door?

Place yourself directly in front of this door.

Can you feel the heat of this higher vibration as it emanates off the door?

Can you hear the door buzzing like a million fireflies?

Are you ready to enter this door and remove the veils of illusion that have clouded your vision of the Truth ?

If you are ready, step towards the door.

As you step towards it, it seems to move closer and closer to you.

Feel the call in your heart for the door to open.

With your mind, step through across the threshold.

Feel the transition in your body.

You are glowing now.

You are covered with the same golden light as the door itself.

Take a long moment to adjust to this new way of being.

Feel that you are lighter than air and can float like a feather.

Your movement is now in your mind, as your physical body is perfectly still.

Patiently await you Guide.

Your guide now leads you towards a circle made of even more brilliant lights and filled with complete stillness and the faint whisper of a celestial choir.

You must enter this circle alone, as you must find within yourself the unity and guidance which you seek.

You step into the circle with pure love and complete commitment.

You are in the center of the circle now.

You hear the voice of your inner guidance.

What is it saying to you?

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  1. Love this...thank you Sue and thank you Arturians xoxo Lillie (Goldenprincessca)