Monday, June 27, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part Two


Dear Arcturians,

I heard from you last night before I went to sleep and then I had a wonderful dream about group mind and inter-species communication. Please assist me in remembering and understanding the dream. I am open and allowing all your information.

Dearest Suzille,

We are in joy that you are open and allowing to our vibration because we are one with you upon the third dimension. Through your existence we are able to impact the third dimension in a way that would otherwise be impossible. More and more of our grounded ones are awakening and remembering. We welcome you all back into conscious communication with your Source World. We also encourage you all to communicate with your alternate and parallel realities that vibrate to other worlds, times and dimensions.

Since your experiment of entering the third dimension, many of you have aligned your vibration and ascended to other Source worlds as well as Arcturus. Even though most of you have forgotten these experiences, we are joyous about your expansion. You, Suzille, are primarily aligned with Arcturus. However, you also aligned with Sirius B, The Pleiades, and Antares. In fact, Commander Malteese of Antares and Mytria from the Pleiades wish to communicate with you in this moment of your space/time.

Suzille, Commander Malteese here,

I wish to commend you on your multidimensional awakening. We of Antares wish to assist you in remembering your alignment with us. You and I were fellow warriors for many millennia. You are so unattached to your warrior qualities because you have fought with me in so many wars. We primarily battled with the Orions during the Great Galactic Wars, which were millions of years in your past. Captain Jaykaraq, for that is your name in that reality, you and I served on many missions. It was I that rescued you from the Orions when you were captured and given an implant, and you rescued me on several occasions, as well. I was also a Captain then, but I am now known as Commander as that is the name given to the vessel Captains in the Ashtar Command.

Captain Jaykaraq’s essence is still alive within you and within his reality on Antares. In that reality you have retired from the military and have joined the Priesthood to best assist your Earth incarnation. In fact, all of your alternate realities are observing your progress of ascension on planet Earth and on the other planets that are also ascending. The Milky Way is now raising its vibration into the fourth and fifth dimension. What a wonderful cosmic moment! I call you now as a portion of your group mind. Remember the call of the Group Mind in your “dreams.” Listen closely to them, for they will keep you informed of the progress of our mission. (At a later date, I will present Captain Jaykaraq’s story.) Listen now to the voice of your Pleiadian reality.

Suzille, I am Mytria,

I call to you from the Violet Temple. You know now how many Violet Temples you have studied and served in. Violet is your resonant vibration, and you seek to restore yourself to that vibration whenever the opportunity arises. Just as Commander Maltese and Kepier support you from the Ashtar Command, I support you from the Pleiades. Take a moment now and remember our life here. See before you the beautiful landscapes of Alycone. Is it not reminiscent of our life upon Venus? Here we vibrate between the fifth and sixth dimension.

We live our life upon the fifth and beckon, as well as draw from, the sixth dimension for guidance and inspiration. I wish to tell you what is happening with your physical form. It is transmuting. It is transition from a clay third dimensional form into a fifth dimensional Lightbody. Soon you will experience your avatar abilities. The first will be to be awake within your night body and to experience “awake dreaming.” This is the easiest way for you to adjust to your fifth dimensional self. The concept of sleep is changing for you and that is why you cannot sleep. It is vital that you keep right thinking regarding this process. You have wanted and waited for this opportunity for most of your life. Allow yourself to be comfortable with the transition.

Continue with your studies. Understanding greatly facilitates acceptance. Find any pockets of fear regarding your process and love them into a healing balance. Allow me to assist you with this. First there is the childhood fear of all the nightmares you experienced. They came from unexpressed emotions, which become activated by the fourth dimensional sleep state. Therefore, be careful to express any emotion that you are having, even if you think that it is not a “good” one. Emotions are not to be judged but, instead, need to be expressed and balanced.

An emotion tells you when your biochemistry has moved out of a neutral charge and has become positive (alkaline) or negative (acid). Anger is very acid, whereas sadness is very alkaline. Fear can be either, depending if it is fight (acid) or flight (alkaline). Joy is programmed as being a balanced and receptive emotion, but many Earth bound expressions of it become very manic. When joy is expressed in a manic manner it becomes very acid for it erodes away at its environment. Acid emotions change the environment whereas alkaline emotions stabilize the environment. Therefore, you can see that these emotions are powerful creators within your third and fourth dimensional world.

Thoughts are also acid or alkaline. An acid thought would be one that tears down or destroys, and an alkaline thought would be one that accepts and stabilizes. However, in order to be a creator, your thought and emotions need to be balanced. The imbalance of acid or alkaline lowers the vibration into the third dimension in which struggle and work can manifest. That has been the separation game for many millennia, but it is now changing.

You no longer need to work or to struggle, for the third and fourth dimensions are now collapsing into the higher worlds. Keep your emotions and thoughts in your conscious mind so that you can correct any imbalances and maintain a steady flow of balanced, receptive consciousness. In this way, the Group Mind of your Multidimensional SELF can communicate with you constantly.

I present this entry to let you all know that everyone has the experience of other realities on other worlds and dimensions. Furthermore, everyone can remember how to communicate with these alternate realities. First you must believe that these are true experience and know that you are NOT just making it up. You are a great Multidimensional Being who is alive on many frequencies of reality. I present my experiences so that you know it is possible. I thought I was just imagining these experiences, which is why it took me so long to share them. Now I know that it was my imagination, and fifth dimensional imagination is much more REAL than third dimensional thoughts and limitations.

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  1. yes it is real alright! this is so amazing. thank you for all of your writings, they have really helped me. I know I will meet you some day.