Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part Two


Suzille, I am Kepier, we, are Kepier,

We represent the Window of the Worlds through which your third dimensional self can perceive and understand our Arcturian group mind. As Suzille and Kepier increasingly become ONE Being, that Window will become clearer and clearer. Let us now look through that window.

Suzille’s speaks,

As I look through the window I see violet and golden fog that is swirling into a powerful Vortex. Within the very center of the Vortex I see a golden light that beckons me to follow. As I step through the window I feel that I have left my physical form behind. I am now a formless being and my essence is one of light. I feel my breath as the heartbeat of my life.

I too am a golden light following a golden light, which is following another golden light. These golden lights form a long stream of light, which flows into the Arcturian group mind. We are cells with in the body of Arcturus. We are all interconnected like a circuit board and we are all able to feel ourselves as a portion of the group at the same moment that we are all individuals. I feel my physical form as the end point of my total self. I am anchored into an experience of separation and limitation because it was my choice.

I feel the Window into my physical self as the tip of my tail, and I am heading towards my head in another world. However, as I continue this journey I find it more and more difficult to conceive of myself as “I.” The Crystal Cities of the fifth dimension beckon me to flow into their Vortexes of experience. I feel reasons and explanations beyond my ability to place into words. It is merely structure and form. As I follow the pathway through the labyrinth of the crystal meridians I feel the rush of the sixth dimension. I feel and remember it as a glow, which is completely neutral. There is no charge to it al all. It is still and calm and infinite. I see now the opening into the sixth dimension. I feel the Love of the fifth dimensional plane. I wait here for a while. Suddenly, from this perspective I Know that I must move back into my third dimensional form to find and clear any blockages.

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