Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arcturian Lessons Chapter 3 Final


Jefferson: So, Arcturians, since you are energy, obviously I would think you don’t get old, do you?

Arcturians: That is correct. Also, once you return to your fifth dimensional resonance, YOU don’t get older either! With your earth vessel, which has been created from third dimensional molecules, the fear, hurt, wars, disease and stress of your polarized reality wear away at your physical form causing you a limited life span. However, you have chosen to lower your consciousness enough to wear that form, but the true YOU do not die. Only the vessel that you used to visit that dimension dies.

Jefferson: Have you met God?

Arcturians: We are all God, and we see God in the eyes of everyone! Every time we communicate, we meet God within the flow of our communal light beings. We meet God within the opening souls of our Earth families. God is everything and everywhere!

Jefferson: I understand the idea there is God the mother, the womb, and then there is God the father, the spirit, so that everything stays in balance. I understand when people say God is All in All they mean that without God there could be nothing. But is there a God consciousness that is limited to “individuality?”

Arcturians: There is NO God Consciousness that is limited to individuality! That is a human view. Humans have created their God within the models of their own reality. Men created a God who has anger and punishes His children. They have created a God that judges instead loves. That is a projection of frightened earth beings. It is not a cosmic fact.

Jefferson: Can you speak about the law of cause and effect? Is there such a thing as karma?

Arcturians: The law of cause and effect is a foundational law of dualistic and polarized reality where there is space and time. Within space and time there is a cause and effect. There is a “cause” which moves through time and space to “effect” reality. In the fifth dimension and beyond, cause and effect are instant.

Jefferson: Is there such a thing as a soul mate or twin flame?

Arcturians: Yes! When a being who resonates to the ONE, chooses to take a third or fourth dimensional form, they will bound by a gender. Therefore, only a component of their total essence is able to enter into that third or forth dimensional reality. The completion of their androgynous, multidimensional self—their Divine Complement—splits off from the individualized third dimensional human. That completion is what has been called a Twin Flame or a Divine Complement. Whenever one raises their resonance, beyond the frequency of polarity, they regain full unity their Twin Flame.

Jefferson: Hmm. Would it be right to say that there is a complement of my soul somewhere that is my Twin Flame?

Arcturians: Yes! That other component of your soul has likely, also, chosen to manifest as form. You all have an opportunity to have a Twin Flame marriage where you come together and marry your Twin Flame. This is not an easy marriage for that other person is here to teach you, and you must consistently confront yourself at all times within that marriage. When you enter the third dimension, however, you do not leave the higher worlds. It is more like you make a “copy” of your essence and paste that file into the third dimension. The original copy remains in its original place. Then, the copy that has been pasted can be greatly altered from the experiences from the lower worlds. At the time of your ascension into the fifth dimension, you share all your experiences with that original file to enhance and expand it. Do you understand that?

Jefferson: Wow, that exciting! I kind of do! So, basically, there is a possibility that you have your twin flame incarnated in physical form as a human being?

Arcturians: There is that possibility.

Jefferson: Is my twin-flame here?

Arcturians: Yes!

Jefferson: And obviously, your twin flame has to be the opposite polarity. It can’t be a male for those who are men.

Arcturians: Once your Soul has chosen to enter the third dimension, both aspects of yourself experience both genders in your many incarnations. There are some that have chosen what you call a homosexual relationship. In that case, they have both chosen to wear the same gender body. What you need to realize is that the gender of the body is very unimportant when one can view the experience from a higher dimensional level of understanding. We see all polarity as a temporary situation.

Jefferson: Oh I see. So what you mean is that they can both be incarnated under the same gender. Then, they may or may not choose to have a sexually based relationship.

Arcturians: Some are of different sexual orientation and they do enjoy sex, as you know. Sometimes Twin Flames come in as family members, or children and adults, or adults and children, grandparents and children, aunts, nephews, friends and so on. There are many different configurations that souls have chosen to experience a close proximity to their Twin Flame.

Jefferson: The Twin Flame idea proposes another one that says that you, on your own are not complete! Is that what you are saying?

Arcturians: Your state of consciousness is the determining factor as to whether or not you are complete. You often feel “incomplete” in your physical reality because it is just a small fragment of your Multidimensional SELF. Masculine and feminine only exist in third/fourth dimensional realities, and there are other planets of your frequency that have androgynous bodies. There are also many different configurations of mating on other worlds, which would seem quite foreign to the beings on Earth.

Jefferson: I am not sure I understood. So, basically, the individual consciousness does not need his twin flame to be complete!

Arcturians: The individual consciousness connects with its completeness in the fifth dimension and beyond where there is NO polarity. Therefore, there is no such concept as masculine and feminine. You are ONE. You are having difficulty understanding this concept because you are looking at it through the perception of a polarized reality. It is a difficult for many of our grounded ones to understand our message for they cannot free their thinking from the constraints of time, space, gender and polarity. All of those limitations are part of the third dimensional, “game,” “program,” “matrix.” They are not of a cosmic truth. They are part of the 3D Game that Souls have “logged into” to experience life at this extremely low frequency.

Jefferson: What are the differences between a Soul Mate and a Twin Flame?

Arcturians: Again these are terms created by emotional beings in the third dimensional reality. All of us are soul mates. There are only “single beings” on the third dimension. However within the constraints of third dimensional thinking, a soul mate is one with whom you have shared many physical incarnations. Twin Flame is discussed above.

Jefferson: How many simultaneous incarnations can a human being have on Earth?

Arcturians: Most Souls have had chosen to have no more than 12 incarnations within the same general time frame.

Jefferson: What?

Arcturians: More than that is contra-indicated for healthy soul growth. Within the experience of physical reincarnation, these 12 souls are much like 12 blooms that spring from one great flower. There is often 12 simultaneous incarnations in the hopes that at least one of them will awaken and embrace their Multidimensional SELF. If only one of these physical expression is able to return to the fifth dimension, the other 11 will also become fifth dimensional.

Jefferson: That is interesting! How come there are people that say they have been on Earth more than 500 times?

Arcturians: Many of you have been on Earth many times more 500! The number 12 was regarding simultaneous incarnations, not your total incarnations.

Jefferson: Oh I see.

Arcturians: It is difficult for a grounded one to move beyond the limitations of human consciousness. Your reality is so harsh and challenging that a grounded one is more than busy taking care of their one earth body. The concept of having other replicas of themselves is overlooked by most. All of those who are able to remember their life within the fifth dimension are able to embrace the parallel realities of their physical life.

Jefferson: Do you have a last message for us, from where you are? And, by the way, where are you? Are you far?

Arcturians: There is no far! There is no here. We are here. We are here now. Our consciousness is here now.

Jefferson: Your consciousness is here, but where is your beingness? For instance, I have a physical body, so my beingness is within this body, or around it, but it is here because the body is here. So if I go to another city, it will be there. So while your consciousness is here, where is your totality beingness?

Arcturians: Our beingness is within the ONE, as well within the Arcturians that are incarnated anywhere in all of reality. Furthermore, our beingness is a force not limited to those who are only Arcturians. Our beingness flows with the ONE. We are not bound in any manner. We don’t GO anywhere. We understand that this concept is very difficult for third dimensional thinking. Think of your radio waves. They are everywhere all the time, but because you are in the third dimensional reality you must have a receiver on a mountain, and a station to disperse the energy. Then, you must have a radio to tune into that frequency of energy.

The energy is everywhere, but your human perceptions do no believe they can receive the sound waves without the aid of machines. It has within the construction of your reality that you have to turn on the radio, choose a channel, frequency, to which you wish to listen. In this way you separate the myriad messages that are intermingling throughout your atmosphere into one message at a time. You create this separation because your third dimensional thinking believe that you can only understand one message at a time.

Jefferson: I see. Can you, can you materialize yourself?

Arcturians: Yes we are able to do that!

Jefferson: Can you manifest yourself in a frequency that can be seen by the human eye?

Arcturians: The human eye could not see us, because most humans could not believe we exist. Also, your resonance is not enjoyable. Would you enjoy burying yourself deep in mud? Because of the difference in our frequency, we the members of the Galactic Federation, largely speak through our grounded ones. We are in the midst of a vast plan through which we, the Galactic Federation, your Galactic Family, will assist you to manifest the ascension of Earth and all Her inhabitants.

Jefferson: I see, this is on a global level, for the collective perhaps. But for individuals, can you not materialize yourself for the individuals?

Arcturians: Would you choose to materialize yourself in the shape of an infant?

Jefferson: If I knew it was temporary and I could control it, perhaps!

Arcturians: If you were to materialize yourself, within the form of an infant, than you would be an infant, you would soil your pants and need so much care for you would not be able to walk, you would not be able to talk, you would be literally and totally on the standby. Do you see why we do not choose to manifest ourselves within this third dimensional form?

Jefferson: Yeah, but when Jesus would speak to other people, they would materialize before him and they wouldn’t necessarily have to be born again. They would just appear, out of the blue and talk to him and them they would go away.

Arcturians: Jesus was able to expand his consciousness to the point that he could see these beings on the higher frequencies.

Jefferson: Oh, I see.

Arcturians: It was he who changed, not the beings. It is the same way for those who are able to perceive our form. They are able to raise their consciousness. It is greatly uncomfortable to create a form with the limitations of your reality, which is why we send our deepest love and appreciation for all of you. We understand what a brave sacrifice you made when you chose to limit your great SELF into such compressed form.

Jefferson: Would you be so kind as to give us this day a final message?

Arcturians: Again we will say that we have but one message, which is the message of unconditional love. It is through loving yourself unconditionally that you can transmute in your true form. We do not give messages about your future for that would interfere with your free will choices. You are a planet of free will. We could not have even given assistance in healing your mother, Gaia, if there were not many of the residents who have called to us on regular basis to heal their beloved planet. Therefore, our message would be, please call to us. Call to us to hear the truth, call to us to heal planet.

Jefferson: And what would you like to have in exchange for that?

Arcturians: The exchange is the joy of opening the sleeping mind to the wonder of truth.

Jefferson: Wow. Thank you very much. I can’t say another thing other than that I look forward to speaking to you again.

Arcturians: We greatly appreciate that you are documenting our conversation. We appreciate that your mind is expanding in order to comprehend our message. You are growing into a sphere of light. We bless you with thanksgiving and unconditional love.

Jefferson: Thank you very much.


  1. This is great! I myself have had contacting experience with the Arcturians (had my starseed origins confirmed during a UFO experience actually) and I must say that this blog very much has an Arcturian aura to it. Thanks for this great post!