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Arcturian Lessons Part 2 of Chapter 2

I have not written anything about THE RETURN Part II, as it took be into deep initiation, which included some surgery and very deep introspection. I got my newsletter out, and will write about that experience when I am on the other side of it. In the meantime, please enjoy these messages from the Arcturians that Jefferson asked them about last year.


Jefferson: Do those of you that are visiting or incarnating on Earth now look like the Arcturians or the humans?

Arcturians: We the Arcturians look like whatever we choose to look like.

Jefferson: (Laughs).

Arcturians: We very often will take a form that we find is pleasing, or feels safe, to those who are able to perceive us.

Jefferson: I see. So this is one of the qualities available to those who resonate in the 5th dimension, right?

Arcturians: Humans of the 5th dimension are usually still attached to a humanoid form, although it is of a much higher resonance. As they become familiar with their new reality they become able to follow their signature frequency to other forms that their soul has taken on other worlds that may have different forms. Hence, they may choose a form such as the water beings of Sirius, the Draconians of Orion. There are many different forms that are quite enjoyable for us. Just as you go to your closet and decide to wear different clothes, we can go into our consciousness and decide to wear different forms. Whilst we have taken that form we usually decide to stay with it until our intentions for taking that form are fulfilled.

Jefferson: I see. Now, the dimension where you exist is really far from where we exist. In other words, if human beings ascend out of their reincarnation cycle, will we then be able to resonate at the frequency of the 8th dimension?

Arcturians: The expansion of consciousness that is remembered while one is within their Earth vessel is the range of experience that they can return to as they translate out of that life. If they are able to experience the 5th dimension within that lifetime, they will easily be able to return to that dimension.

Jefferson: Alright...

Arcturians: If they experience the 8th dimension, they will be able to experience that dimension. The choice of dimensional reality depends on the Soul. Some Souls wish to enjoy the progression up the vertical scale of realities. Some wish to rush to their highest expression, experience that first, and decide from there which resonance they wish to experience. It is a choice.

Jefferson: Umm. When it comes to the idea of choice, I would like to ask the following. Isn't choice attached to the level of consciousness that the being has achieved in his past experiences, on a soul level?

Arcturians: As a being is able to embrace more and more experiences within one lifespan, they make available for themselves more and more choices. It is as though there are myriad doors. Every door that they choose to open is a reality to which they can easily return to at the time of their translation.

Jefferson: What is real? How do you define real?

Arcturians: Real is unconditional love. The only realness is unconditional love. That is the essence of the ONE. Within that essence of the ONE, all reality can be born, even the reality of darkness and fear.

Jefferson: I see. If you were to get more specific it would help me to visualize what you are saying. I want to figure out this idea what happens when we die. It depends on the person, right?

Arcturians: It depends greatly upon the person. It depends on the awareness that the person chose to awaken to within that lifetime. It also depends on the beliefs, which the person held in that reality. If the person believes that they are a multidimensional being of light, they have the choice of returning to being a multidimensional being of light when they shed their earth vessel. If person believes that they are bad or evil, they will have a limited range of choice as they shed their earth vessel in what you call death. We do not call it death; we call it transition.

Once they have transitioned to a certain plane, such as the lower astral plane, they will remain there until they remember that everyone is a beautiful being of light. Some of them have chosen to experience the dark. They are not worse or better than others. They have chosen a reality that that makes it more difficult at the time of their translation, for their choices are more limited. Does that make it clearer for you?

Jefferson: It does. Let me see if I can get even more specific. Can you give me an example of someone you know for example that has died, or even better, you know me and have been with me since I was born, you said. So, obviously, you know my energy signature. So If I were to die today, where would I be free to go?

Arcturians: We are a bit reticent to fortune tell, for we do not want to influence anyone's choices or decisions, so we will say to you that your mind is open and your heart is loving. Therefore, you would easily be able to make the ties to beings of a higher resonance or of a higher expression of you grounded self. These Beings, and/or higher frequencies of your self, could instruct you and assist you in any translation that you would like to create.

Jefferson: I see. So when you refer to the idea of the lower astral plane, is that a place where there are colonies where people go when they die? Are there structures there that are like real cities, but spiritual cites, where they can wait for their next time when they will come back to raise their level of consciousness?

Arcturians: Unfortunately, those souls who became so lost in that darkness that they translate to the lower astral plane will not find it an enjoyable experience. It is there that they will receive the darkness that they have projected out during their incarnation. The only way that they can return to the higher dimensions is to incarnate again on Earth to balance out their energy. Fortunately, some are able to eventually call to the light. Once they call to the light, the light can resonate within their free will choice, and assist them in healing their fear before they choose another incarnation.

Jefferson: Oh, I see. Are there colonies, such as spiritual cities, that a human soul can wait in after dying until they are ready to come back to Earth?

Arcturians: Yes, there are many. There are different ones on each of the different sub-planes of the 4th dimension. The “cities” in the lower astral plane would not be spiritual cities, though, as the frequency is too low there. Instead, they would be experienced as an endless illusion.

Jefferson: Oh, I see!

Arcturians: There are Mystery Schools for spiritual training and enlightenment at the highest frequency of each sub-plane’s of the 4th dimension. These Mystery Schools can be visited upon translation, as well as during dreams and meditations. By visiting these Mystery Schools, the grounded ones can prepare for the opportunity of ascension that is available at this time.

Jefferson: When you talk about beings that you refer to as "ground crew," or as the "grounded ones." Do these people come to Earth with a mission to awaken people to the idea that the One is All That Is, or do they come to awaken people to the existence of extraterrestrial beings?

Arcturians: You are speaking of the "Grounded Ones?”

Jefferson: Yes!

Arcturians: When we speak of the Grounded Ones, we mean those who have sent a spark of their galactic, multidimensional nature into a physical Earth vessel. We call them our Grounded Ones for they are grounded on planet Earth. Many of them are still asleep, but more and more awaken everyday to their true identity. When they awaken, they will remember the higher messages that they have chosen to ground into humanity, as well as the body of Gaia.

Jefferson: If a president or another higher influential person is reading this book right now, what message would you would you like to give this person.

Arcturians: We would say to this person, remember unconditional love, remember this love is forever in your heart. Follow that memory home. We are here. We are always with you.

Jefferson: Why do you use the term “we?”

Arcturians: We are a collective; we do not use the word "I". We use the word "we," for we are ONE.

Jefferson: Thank you very much for your presence and God bless you.

Arcturians: Thank you and goodbye.

Jefferson: Goodbye!

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