Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hearing the Mother's Call


The sky absorbs the Light today
It shines above to show the way

For in this moment the Now is HERE
To think about what we hold dear

We’ve no time left to moan and pout
For now we know, what it’s about

It time for us to look inside
Beyond our fear and past our pride

The Truth will soon be free for all
To push away or “take the call”

We look away, or take a stand
To save the sea, the sky, the land

Protect the Earth. She is our Mother
She is our SELF, there is NO “other”

We are all ONE, we Know inside
And from that Truth, we cannot hide

We aren’t alone. We have resources,
If ALL the world can join forces

We ARE the planet, we have squandered
For, from our SELF, we all have wandered

The greed of now and in the past
Must be released, it cannot last

Our Mother calls, “It’s time now dears.
“Give me your love, I’ll take your fears.

“We need each other more than ever
“Although that bond, some try to sever

“Love them most, for they are lost
“They knew their game would have a cost

“Yet, still they want what’s been before
“But, we’ve had enough, and don’t want more

“So in their choices, we will not follow
“Our New World lies just round that hollow

“So reach right through and deep within
“To find the ONE you’ve always been

“The Game is closing, it’s the final call
“To go Home NOW, once and for all!”


  1. Pour une fois, je vais le dire en français : votre poème est magnifique et plein de vérité. En effet, nous approchons à grand pas et la vérité est là, juste sous nos pas. Nous, travailleurs et guerriers de la lumière n'attendons pas. Nous ceignons notre Terre, notre Mère Gaia de la lumière violette avec l'aide des anges et nous l'embrassons, l'etreignons de notre amour et de la lumière de nos familles. Nous formons un cercle protecteur et l'aidons à accoucher d'elle-même et de nous-même. Qu'il en soit ainsi !

  2. When you are listening to someone,
    in full completeness,
    it is not only the words that are being conveyed
    but the spirit as well.
    Learning to listen, with an open heart,
    with a loving heart is one of the greatest gifts we have of love to share.
    Listen...with genuine sincerity
    and watch as the magic of love
    will transform into an aurical dance,
    a connection ...
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful light!

  3. WOW!!! Couldn't have said it better my sister, that was what she's a saying in the trees ;)