Sunday, August 1, 2010

Healing the Mother - Part 2 Meditation

The meditation for Part 2 of the Healing the Mother series can downloaded here:

Healing the Self: Healing the Mother Part 2

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  1. Hello - I did the 2nd meditation for Healing the Mother tonight. I am a circle of one, unless you want to count my dog who was by me the entire time! Anyway, it was a beautiful meditation and very relevant to what I have been going through in my own life. The past several weeks I have become aware of a deep wound left inside me by my mother when I was a todler. It was the realization that she loved other people but not me. She was all smiles and happy with them and looked at me with anger and disgust. I felt I held her back and it was the most profound pain of my lifetime. So healing the second chakra where all of our emotions are stored is very relevant for me at this time. The place on Gaia's body that I healed is a beach on the shore of India I believe. I could see myself as a young girl on that beach with dark skin and dark hair. I must have lived there is a previous lifetime and my sense is that I was from a well to do family. Anyway the exercises on the beach were very emotional for me as I gathered each of the elements into my body. The emoition that I shared with Gaia was sorrow...sorrow for her pain and for mine. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Sue!

  2. From sorrow to joy as the Flow of and in Compassion becomes One for All and All for One....I Live where you live the Truth that allows this healing to occur.....just a matter of IT filtering on down the line.