Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Healing Gaia



I know that many of you have been feeling a floating anxiety and sense of urgency regarding the conditions of our wounded planet. I have been receiving instructions from Gaia and the Arcturians about how I can be of assistance.

In response to these instructions, one Thursday a month, at 3:00 pm Pacific Time, I am facilitating a “Healing The Mother” group. We will meet once a month to heal ourselves and contribute that healing to Gaia. We will heal one chakra a month, starting with the first chakra, and share that healing with our planet Earth. The only way we can heal our world, as well as the humanity that has damaged it, is with unconditional love. Furthermore, unconditional love can best be felt from within.

Fortunately, we are moving ever closer to the Galactic Center where the emanations of unconditional love and multidimensional light are stronger then they have been in over 26,000 years. Therefore, we will choose to accept this unconditional love and multidimensional light into our own body, share it with Gaia, then send it around the globe. I am asking people to create groups of their own. The founder of that group, even if it is only 2 or 3 people, will be the facilitator for seven months, and seven chakras. In this manner, we as a planet will have moved all the way into the Seven Chakra by January of 2011.

It is my instructions that at that time the group will disassemble, and each member will create their own new group to contribute to an ever-growing network for HEALING THE MOTHER. Each month, I will post a loose guideline for the groups on my blog: group is encouraged to follow their own inner guidance and creativity, but to cover the same format, so that the matrix of information can more easily blend into ONE.

Intertwined with the chakra awakening, we will journey together through the Arcturian Corridor to re-program negative core beliefs and communicate with other dimensional realities to learn more about the process of personal and planetary ascension.

I hope you can participate in some manner, even if you do not choose to create or join a group. It is through giving to another that we can best forget and cure our woes for our self.

Blessings on your journey

Suzanne Lie


  1. Hi Suzanne, got your message through Ash's Shortlist group. In support of your love of Gaia. when you are ready, we can provide reciprocal links from The Gaia Minute Initiative [ ]

  2. The light is taking place around and within Gaia and we came on earth to do this. That's our job and our joy and our partnership with Mother Gaia that nourishes us and gives us love. I am doing every day and will add the light i send to this monthly meditation. I will also do a meditation on a daily basis at 9.09 (whenever it is possible - otherwise I'll do it during the day).
    For tomorrow based on the Mayan Calendar the Cosmic Convergence is celebrated and that will be also held sunday. All over the world huge meditations will take place to manifest our will of unity collectively with Gaia and the process of ascension. Everyone can join with clear intention, aligned with the divine light and Gaia, send unconditional love, light, unity. Mayan elders celebrate. Check the web to know about the events and trust your heart.

  3. Suzan,
    I will be happy to host a group in the northwest part of Harris County (Houston). My friend Pat Fleury suggested your newsletter a long time ago, and I have been following along. I will get in touch with her to send out the word to others. All are welcome.
    Linda B.

  4. I AM Gaia.....and We are merging the Light AND the Dark into One.