Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Worlds in ONE


Dear Arcturians,

I am typing this because I want to close my eyes and see you intimately in my visions. I am feeling that there is a deeper intimacy with you and with the fifth dimensional Earth that is just beyond my perception. I know that this intimacy is just above my mundane consciousness. However, even when I meditate, it appears to be beyond my perception, and emotional connection.

More and more I am experiencing the reality that I have known as the third dimension to be moving into my “past,” whereas the reality that I feel as the fifth dimension is moving into my present. It used to be that the third dimension was in my present and the fifth dimension was in my future.

Now there is no future, for when my consciousness moves into what would be the “future,” I feel it moving into the NOW. Also, my energy is pulling away from the mundane actions of the physical world, and I only feel energetic when I am engaged in an action, with people or in places that resonate to my fifth dimensional consciousness.

Nonetheless, this “coming attraction” that I feel just beyond my reach still alludes me. I have tried to meditate several times this morning, but for one reason or another, I could not. Hence, I am starting with this written request to you in hopes that I can connect with you this way. There is something in my conscious, likely ego, that seems to be in my way today. Can you please assist me?

Dearest Suzille,

When you write to us in this fashion, your hands, which are connected to your unconscious mind, take the reigns, which allow you to access Soul information that you conscious ego/mind is blocking.

Yes, what you are feeling, wanting, predicting is moving deeply into your daily life. In fact, it is moving into the daily lives of all who can accept this frequency of light. For, indeed, what you are experiencing is a frequency of light that has always been beyond your perception. However, now that Gaia is being released from the shackles of the old darkness, Her humans are increasingly joining the ranks of Her plants, insects, animals, elements and Elementals to journey into the fifth dimension.

Those humans who have opened their minds to the process of awakening are beginning to absorb this higher frequency light. Actually, the light is not “higher frequency” for it is multidimensional. Hence, it contains all frequencies, including the quantum, zero frequency. It is with the fifth dimension and beyond, as well as the zero point energies, that humanity is challenged. You are challenged because these energies are new to your physical perception. Your Multidimensional Soul/SELF Knows these cosmic waves of torsion energy well, but they are a unique experience for your earth vessel. Therefore, your earth vessel is struggling to embrace them, even when your Soul gives it the green light.

The reason for this struggle between your ego/self and your Soul/SELF is because you ego has been assigned to protect your earth vessel. These waves of torsion energy arriving from the Black Hole in the Galactic Center, are activating old codes in your Junk DNA that have been shut OFF since the fall of Atlantis. For over 12,000 years, your earth vessel has not had access to this genetic information and cannot recognize it. Hence, your earth vessel can perceive this information as an intruder and try to attack it.

Therefore, you are having an antibody war in your earth vessel, which creates great exhaustion. Fortunately, when your consciousness extends into the fifth dimension, you are so distracted by the feelings of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm, that you can easily ignore the conflict in your earth vessel. Normally, one would begin their ascension process at this time. In fact, many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team have had the experience of ascension in one or more of their parallel realities.

However, in these other realities, you “died” and abandoned your physical house in order to soar into your true Home in the fifth dimension. In your present case, you have volunteered to stay in your earth vessel and stay on physical Earth to assist with planetary ascension. Hence, your consciousness is in one dimension and your body is in another. It is through consciously closing this gap that you assist with the planetary ascension. Your consciousness forms a light bridge connection the two worlds, which beckons others to cross.

At first this situation will make you very spacey and extremely exhausted. However, as you begin to place your primary consciousness—your main control center—in the fifth dimension rather than the third, you will begin to get relief. At the beginning of our communication you said:“I am perceiving the reality that I have known as the third dimension to be moving into my “past,” whereas the reality that I feel as the fifth dimension is moving into my present. It used to be that the third dimension was in my present and the fifth dimension was in my future.”

Your “primary consciousness” is what your perceive as your “present.” Hence, you, many grounded ones and Gaia herself, are gradually transferring your primary consciousness from third dimensional Earth to fifth dimensional Earth. This process is much like one in which you would get a new home, but can still live in your old time for an extended time. In the manner, you can slowly and exactingly personalize your new home—Lightbody—while still living in your old home—earth vessel.

While having the two homes, bodies/realties, you can gradually transfer your primary consciousness from your old home/body and into your new one. However, these two “homes” are quite different, and you will need “time” to completely make this shift. However, once you move into your new home, time will no longer exist. Therefore, your third dimensional consciousness is becoming very confused. It has become addicted to the concepts of time and space, and can take on “fear” when you return from NO-time and NO-space, as it cannot integrate these concepts into its 3D brain.

This new fear, fear of an entirely novel reality, stops you from returning to your fifth dimensional reality. Hence, you may feel an increasing amount of fear that needs to be released again and again. You don’t understand why you are having this fear, for you have already done so much releasing. Therefore, please understand that your ego/self is quite frightened by the constant influx of the torsion waves that are foreign to it, and fears the imminent loss of its earth vessel.

The best way to deal with this situation is talk to your ego/self from the vantage point of your Soul/SELF. Tell you ego/self that there will be no loss, only a grand transformation from carbon-based body to light-based body. Show your ego/self how your light form already exists within your earth vessel, and expand your ego’s duties from just care and maintenance of the earth vessel to include care and maintenance of your inner light form. Surround your ego and earth vessel with the wonderful unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm that you—Soul/SELF—experience every time you embrace the fifth dimensional reality.

Also, please call upon us, the Arcturians, as well as the other members of your Star Family, for assistance. You may call us through meditation or through writing, such as with this message.

We are all here within you, for in your true Multidimensional SELF, we are all ONE.

Dear readers,

I wanted to share this with you in its raw, hot off the press, fashion because I know that many of you are sharing my experiences. You will likely also see this information in a newsletter, but I didn’t want to wait until then to share this great message.



  1. dearest Sue, I so much appreciate your informations you are providing and your efforts to make your contribution. these insights are very helpful to me .....heartfelt thank you`s and many greetings from Austria

  2. Dear Sue,

    Thanks for this piece of very important message from the Arcturians,

    Please join me in sending healing lights,prayers and unconditional Love to the souls of Port-au-Prince and mother Earth! following the recent earthquake in the region of Haiti.

    My deepest heart goes out to everyone, as this is a major humanitarian emergency, which requires a major relief effort from all of us.

  3. This is right on time as I'm very confused. There are things that people in my life and also my self think that I "should do" "have to do" things that people in my situation "have to do". But right now I just don't have the inner drive to do, and the self is very very afraid and confused. I know that if I don't have the inner drive to do them, that probably means that I should just let go and see where this leads. I've already learned the lesson of trust and and following inner guidance. I know inside what I have to do or let go of. And still there's the fear. So this has come in a very good time.

    Thank you. REALLY. I appreciate it, thanks (:



  4. I loved this message. I feel inner peace reading this words...Thank you, dear Suzanne.
    Love, always and NOW.

  5. Thank you Suzanne... this feels soft and swirls around me like a warm blanket on a cool evening. Light. Today, I Am feeling as if I'm "me... Love" inside this body, but as if I'm really somewhere else and watching this game I'm playing. Not able to explain it fully... very other worldly and makes me want to laugh like a child with a fun secret. So this post... helps me understand and just go with the flow... many blessings!

  6. just found your blog today. Found it interesting I had a dream about 3 black bears, and my right shoulder was in a great deal of pain. Had the dream on the night of the 13th. Confirmation we are all connected. Thanx.

  7. What are you reaching out for with your right arm that you don't know that you can get?
    What really healed my shoulder was when I found out what that was, or actually, i found out what was stopping me from getting. Of course, what was stopping me was an old core belief from my childhood.

  8. Hi & Thank you!

    The newsletter text is resonating very strongly and reassuring me in on-going challenges. The framework you are sharing is so empowering to me - to notice vertical and horizontal movement of my consciousness and in all situations, add love!

    Many blessings to you and your generous work


  9. Hello Sue,

    I understand how we are on earth in 3D, while simultaneously living in higher dimensions....but I'm puzzled by what exactly will happen when the ascension 'Shift' takes place. If you understand it, please explain it to me!
    Take a hypothetical person who is ascending, Dave. He lives in poverty in a cockroach-infested shack. He lost both legs in an accident, and is unemployed. His family + friends, annoyed by his 'crazy' talk of other dimensions, are estranged from him. His neighbours are violent and unpleasant.
    In 2012 or whenever, what happens to him? Does he find himself living in the beautiful 5D world (or on Venus, or another planet, say)? If so, what happens to his 3D body, does it dematerialize?
    Or is he still in the horrible neighbourhood, in the wheelchair, but now able to bear it better? (Like someone in jail but able to see and talk to the fifth-dimension beings; ie, in 3D he is still limited and in a cell, but it's now bearable, if you see what I mean). Or will his outer life gradually or suddenly improve? (He gets lifted out of the shack, the neighbours vanish, he's offered a job, etc). I try, but I have trouble understanding how this Living in 5D while still in 3D actually works in practice. If you could write a bit about this, I'd be really grateful!