Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Light

Good Morning,

I wanted to make a quick post about a dream I had last night. My right shoulder has been hurting and and "half awoke" as it was really bothering me. Then I heard, "put Light on it," so I did. I held the vision of light on my shoulder, as I went back into a deeper sleep. I then had a dream where I was watching three children. Everything was going great, then, for some reason, I starting yelling at one of the children. I think it was the oldest one. I looked around and the other two where gone. I went to look for them, and all the lamps in my house broke and the "lights went out." When I was meditating this morning, I realized that my shoulder is fine, and I also remembered the other part of the dream.

We are all doing fine-tuning on our Mastery of Energy (energy being our thoughts and emotions). I have discovered the small "fights with life" that my mind wants to go into. It is an old habit and the tail end of "being a victim." I have heard inside to "send it unconditional love" and/or "put light on it." When I do so, the situation gets solved. However, the resolution is not instant. It takes until I completely release the fight in my thoughts and emotions. Being born in 1946, I lived "undercover" for many years and had to see the "others" as an enemy to not totally forget my SELF. Now, I am releasing that old habit, but, as you all know, Old Habit Die Hard.

What old habits of negative thinking and emotions have you been releasing? What has your inner voice told you about how to handle them? It is important that we ALL "come out" and BE our true SELF--ALL the time. It may be shocking to ourselves and others at first, but we will eventually learn who to avoid who cannot accept us and move towards those accept us. We are learning that we can choose who we WANT to share our life with. However, if we still hide our our SELF from others, then others will hide their SELF from us.

2010 is the year in which we need to stand tall as the wonderful Beings that we are. No more hiding because others will judge us, then secretly judging them. I know how difficult it was to "come out," and how some people disappeared from my life when I did. However, I am not at all sorry, as now I can be ME. Of course, I know that there are times, at work, in the store, at a big party, etc. in which we mute ourselves back into our old, acceptable version of humanity.

We created this "acceptable version" largely because it wasn't safe to be our SELF. Now, the Darkness is on the run, and we must shine brightly as an example to others who are timid about being their true SELF. Only two more years till 2012. We are the leaders of New Earth. As every leader knows, "It can be lonely at the top." However, this time the "top" is the ONE. Hence, there is no loneliness, as we are ALL there. It is just that some people don't know that they are in the ONE, for their primary consciousness is still logged into the old 3D Game.
Time to logout folks!

Do you remember the HOME that we always wanted to go to? Well, we are here NOW. We just need to upgrade our perceptions, which can only happen as we continue to edit our thoughts and emotions. I have found that the best way to "edit" my mind is to send light and unconditional love to that person, place, situation or thing upon which I have projected and/or attached old fears.

Have a great, awakening day,

(If you aren't ready yet to "come out" on the blog, I invite you to "come out" on my email.)
Hurray, Hurray! We are HERE NOW! We just have to keep our consciousness calibrated to the reality in which we are HERE--NOW.


  1. Been floating in an energy cocktail for a few days, and was feeling some creaky small pains this morning. I read your post about putting light on it, and automatically did it as I was reading, and Wallah!! Pain is gone. So simple. Why suffer? Thanks for sharing.

  2. i LOVE you !! your blogs are always in sync with my life and what's going on in my orb of Now. being born in 1942 the 'old habits' are thick and sometimes hard to see through so thanks for the tip about 'put light on it'
    and you know what else ? when i read your blogs and i'm relating to all that you are saying THAT's one of those rare times that i can literally FEEL the "we ARE one".
    thanks for sharing more and more of your inside-self, it encourages me to do the same.

    sending unconditional love and putting light out on you.
    love diane (from vancouver iland canada)

  3. Hi all,
    I am so excited to find out that I am not alone,
    I was on the internet last night searching for people how are adjusting to the new energy vibrations, when I came across multidimensions.com, as soon as I clicked on to the site, I felt Joy in my heart cause I could related to most of Suzanne's journey. (And I must say it was a beauty to read)

    You have no idea how happy I am right now, to have found my Family of the multidimensions

    I send light, grace and unconditional love to my family

    Thank you for allowing me to find you, and thanks for finding me

    I Love You, I really do!!
    (Jeff Casimir Phillips) UK