Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Thank You for the Telephone

 December 7th 2021

                                    THANK YOU FOR THE TELEPHONE

I have just had a long phone conversation with a long time best friend. We are now separated by many, many miles, but the telephone allows us to converse with each other in the same manner that we did many years ago when we lived next door.  

I realize now how distance does not need to mean separation. I also am reminded that deep friends need to remember to keep in touch with each other.

Once on the phone, the conversation can be a honest and as merry as if we were talking to each other over the fence which was then the only thing that was between us.

Then, of course, as the years go by, so does the distance between two best friends who now live far away from each other. However, the fun memories of being neighbors in the past can instantly remind us how friendship is not about time. 

In fact, true friendship is really about remembering each other within our heart and mind. As soon as good friends from the past  find a way to communicate with our "past friends" we realize how many memories of that part of our life urge us to communicate with those friends again.

If it is at all possible, to connect with that great friendship that may have gotten lost in the many challenges of our daily life. Then more and more memories of your self come to the forefront, as you remember the person that you were in that NOW.

Therefore, as we remember who we were when we were able to be close to those "best friends," the more we remember about our own self when we were best friends in the past.

That is when the telephone comes into play. Yes, it is wonderful to see each other, and even give each other a big hug. However, once we can hear that person's voice, many pictures of the past with that person can come into our heart and mind.

Sometimes the persons voice is what brings back many memories from the past.  Then that is when you may think that it would be so great to hear that persons voice and converse with each other as if you are in the same room.

In these difficult times of separation and sometimes even loneliness, it is the voice of your friends or family members that calls in all the memories of your past experiences with that person.

Then your memory may send you pictures of the person that you were, are now, and how that person touches your heart and opens your memory of who you were then and who you are now. And, the memories of your past friends and family can well assist you to move through the difficult times that most of Planet Gaia is also suffering.

How long will this go on?

Why did it happen?

How has it changed you?

And when will it end?

The answer to these questions are usually hidden in your future?

Most people will say, "I don't know, but I hope it is soon!"

 "I hope this ends soon!" is likely the answer from most people will think of."




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