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Being a Multidimensional BEING The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me and my readers today? 

Yes, we always have a message for anyone who wishes to communicate with their own Higher Expressions of SELF. Yes, you ALL have “higher dimensional expressions of SELF, as well as your third dimensional self, because you are all Multidimensional Beings. 

You, are our dear volunteers who chose to leave your true, fifth dimensional and beyond expression of SELF, in order to wear a third dimensional earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We say “earth vessel” because you are NOW wearing the vessel that allows you to have an incarnation on Gaia’s planet, which is usually known as Earth. However, you made this decision while you were wearing a fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic Vessel. 

Therefore, you brave warriors made the great sacrifice to lower the frequency of your innate fifth dimensional, Lightbody SELF into your present third/fourth dimensional physical self.  Why did you make such a sacrifice? 

Your true Galactic SELF knew that the loving, beautiful, and very old planet of Earth was in grave danger. This danger was coming, not from other Galactic Beings, but from the human inhabitants of Gaia herself.

Fortunately, many Galactic Beings who innately resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, have come to the assistance of the planet known as Earth by the humans. However, she is known as Gaia by Her Galactic Family.  

The reason why Gaia needs assistance is because too many “human beings” are living on Gaia’s Earth body during this NOW who are not aware that they are actually living on an ALIVE Planetary Being. In fact, many, if not most of the humans, have no idea that Planets are alive.

We, your Galactic Family, do not understand why humans, who are living beings, cannot realize that they chose to incarnate on the living planetary being, known as Earth in the third dimension, and known as Gaia in the higher dimensional worlds. 

The higher dimensional worlds such as the Pleiades, Venus, Mars, and other planetary beings are fully aware of, and interact with, the planets in their Solar System. All the planets within any given Solar System are connected, much as a human family may be connected. 

In fact, each planet in your Solar System has its own energy field and specific contribution to their joint Solar System. Because most humans cannot –yet—think of planets as living beings, they do not respect these planets in the manner that they deserve. You can all see the great damage that has been done to dear Gaia by her third dimensional humans. 

Fortunately, the third dimensional humans are beginning to awaken to the higher dimensional abilities that they have had during many incarnations, but seldom attended to or used. It is for this reason that we, the members of Earth’s Galactic Family, are now reaching out to the humans who are awakening, or are fully awake, to their own innate “Galactic SELF.”

Just like a family member who was not able to recognize and embrace other member of their family, humans have largely been unable to recognize that just as they have a human family, the planets are part of their Galactic Family.

Fortunately, as the humans realize more and more that Gaia/Earth is a living being, they will be able to ponder if maybe the different planets within that Solar System are also family members.  We, your Galactic Family, are happy to say that bit-by-bit the humans are beginning to activate and use more and more of innate brain power.

Human brains have many, attributes which most humans are now yet aware. However, as more humans expand their brain power to activate more and more of their innate, fourth and fifth dimensional abilities, some of them (and more each day) are beginning to remember a reality that they forgot about when they entered their third dimensional earth vessel during their physical birth.

Some of the Earth humans have been able to get the attention of, and even communicate with, their own higher dimensional expressions of the SELF. These humans who are remembering, and even communicating with, their own higher dimensional frequencies of SELF are activating more and more of their innate brain power.

“The human brain is complex. Along with performing millions of mundane acts, it composes concertos, issues manifestos and comes up with elegant solutions to equations. It's the wellspring of all human feelings, behaviors, experiences as well as the repository of memory and self-awareness.

“So it's no surprise that the brain remains a mystery. Adding to that mystery is the contention that humans "only" employ 10 percent of their brain. If one could tap that other 90 percent, they too, could become savants who remember to the twenty-thousandth decimal place or perhaps even have telekinetic powers.”

What would happen if humans were able to activate 50% of their brain, or even 80% of their brain? 
Some humans may become VERY uncomfortable and not be able to be so “different” from other humans. In fact, some humans may use their higher dimensional powers to gain “power over others.”

On the other hand, more and more humans are using more and more of their innate brain power to assist with creating a reality based on Higher dimensional thoughts, actions, and desires

In fact, these humans are starting to remember the other components of their innate Multidimensional SELF. Most important, these awakening humans are beginning to remember the higher dimensional frequencies of their own human self. 

There are geniuses and great benefactors who are beginning to be able to realize that many of their third dimensional concepts of separation, power over others, selfishness, negative desires and frightened behaviors do NOT exist in the higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities 

Why isn't there more evolving humans? The answer to that question is that there are more and more of “these evolving.” However, this humans are in a process much like that of a butterfly. It will take a while before the human can remember how to use their "wings."

Of course their innate higher dimensional abilities and actions are within their humans ability, but they have kept it as a secret, not only a secret from others, but often a secret from the human who has that ability.

Also, they often keep their "secrets to themselves," as they fear that the knowing of the higher dimensional components of one's self could be too frightening for too many humans. Some humans are afraid of  sharing any of their information, as it may make things would worse instead of better.

The polarized reality that dear Gaia has had to deal with for eons and eons could also become damaging and/or become even more frightened and more dangerous. Therefore, what is the solution?
Yes, that question is the primary challenge that the evolving humans on Earth will need to confront.

Yes, there are more and more humans, animals, and other areas of reality that seem to be "changing."
There is still a large percentage of humanity who are many incarnations away from expanding their innate Brain Power, or inner innate Heart Power.

However, more and more members of Gaia’s dear Earth that are awakening to an “inner knowing” that is sending them comfort, love and information. It is the comfort and love that assists the receivers of this gift to dare to: "Step into the unknown of the higher dimensional thoughts, emotions, actions, and knowings."  

If each person who feels they have received a higher dimensional message were to share it with others, or even just one person, Gaia would eventually have a “feeling” of safety and love that hopefully would, heal the fear and anger with the antidote of love and courage.

There is something that is very special that is trying to occur. However, we, the human inhabitants of beloved planetary Gaia, will be called upon to “Pass it Forward.” What if every one, or just 10%, or even 1% of humanity “Passed Forward Unconditional Love?” 

How would that influence our reality? Also, what if we began to allow ourselves to remember our own fifth dimensional Galactic Selves? How would that influence our reality? 

It is the NOW for the grounded ones to remember making a vow that they made before they left their higher dimensional life in order  to assist their friends and family wearing an earth vessel on Earth to remember their “true, Multidimensional SELF. Then, once they have remembered their Multidimensional  Self, they can fully  share the Wisdom, Power and Love that is innate to their Multidimensional SELF.

Long ago in the early 1980’s I, Sue Lie, had an inner direction to “make a website.” I did not even know what a “website” was. However, I had been listening, and if possible, following my inner guidance for many years. Therefore, I made the Website.

Recently my Website crashed. Yes, it is still "sort of there," but also a “deeply wounded Website.” I don’t know why I brought that up, but I think the Arcturians (who were the ones who told me to “make a website”) are telling me to not be too attached to what I have done so far. Life in the third dimension is a bit, or a lot, of a roller coaster ride.

Therefore, we need to chill back when things seem too difficult, and find out where the latest adventure is meant to take us. How do we determine what we should continue to do and what is best to “just let go?”  I will leave that as a question for you the reader to ponder, as I do not have an answer. In fact, the Arcturians  are not offering an answer either.

Sometimes we do not know WHY until we have “walked a mile” with that situation. And, sometimes, we need to “just let go” and allow our own Higher Dimensional Self to assist our third dimensional human self to remember.

“To remember what?” you may ask. I do not have the answer, as each person must find their own answer to “remembering what we need to remember.” There is also the flip side of “releasing that which appears to be over.”  

Maybe that something will come back new and happy, or old and forgotten. Maybe that something will not be missed and easily replaced with something better. Maybe the “moving on” will guide us to new and exciting adventures, or even challenging situations. 

However, if we can ALWAYS remember that we are not alone, even if our guidance seems far away or high above. Maybe, just maybe, we can remember that we are Multidimensional Beings who are NOW being called into active duty to assist our dear planet Gaia to transmute Her third dimensional planet into a fifth dimensional, higher dimension of reality. 

Is that why we answered the call to take an incarnation during this NOW?
I do not have the answer. 
Do you?

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