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A Story of Ascension

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
I just had a dream in which I was guiding all these people somewhere. We were on a dirt pathway, but I could not see much beyond either side of the Pathway.  

Then, we came to an area where there was a small wooden fence with a small wooden gate, which was closed. However, we keep walking, and when we were closer to the gate, it automatically opened by itself. At that moment I awoke.

This dream occurred during an afternoon nap, which was quite short. Nonetheless, the dream somehow seemed very significant, so I am asking you to please assist me to understand the meaning of that dream.

Dear Suzille,
We are happy to assist you. There was an earlier part to the dream that you did not remember in which you were asked to lead. You did not know where you would be leading or why you were chosen. However, you were certain that you were chosen to lead, and you were happy to do so.

At first, there were just a few people, but as you continued to walk across the somewhat parched land, more and more people entered the group by joining in the line of slowing walking people. 

Everyone politely waited for the line to move almost past them and joined at the end of the line. This behavior was somewhat different, as people would usually just join the line. However, in this case, everyone politely waited until the line passed them, and then they joined at the back of the line.

The reason why we state this seemingly unimportant fact is to point out that everyone was patient until it was their NOW to join into the line just before it passed them. However, there were also other people who saw the line of people calmly, and even lovingly, walking towards an unknown destination.

Those who walked at the beginning of the ever-expanding line never looked back, and seemed to appear that there was some form of inner instructions, and/or inner voice, that was guiding them to guide the others. 

When the front of this line met the long, short fence with the small gate, the gate automatically opened. None of the people appeared to be shocked by the gate that seemed to open itself, and calmly, one-by-one walked through the opened gate. 

It was then that something quite unusual happens. As the people walked through the opened gate, the ones who had not yet gone through the gate could no longer see them. Stranger yet, the people behind those who had gone through the gate did not seem upset or shock by the disappearance of those who when through the gate.

In fact, everyone remained calm, and continued their “walk towards the gate.” Then, they all calmly walked through that gate, at which time, they would become invisible to all those who had not yet gone through the gate.

The line appeared to grow longer and longer as more and more people dropped what they were doing and joined the line. In fact, even those who seemed too far away to even see the line was somehow joining the end of the line. 

Eventually, it was seemingly impossible to determine how long the line was, as more and more people dropped what they were doing to join this ever-growing line. However, eventually, the people in the line began to realize that somehow they were changing. 

They seemed to become almost translucent, but everyone could still perceive the members of the line, as well as the new members that were joining the line. Finally, those at the front or back of line could not perceive each other. 

In fact, more and more of the people in the line were losing their physical density and looking more and more like they were not of flesh and bones but appeared to be more of light, which wavered with their movement.

However, it also appeared that, somehow, the beginning of the line was merging with the people of the line. Hence, the line became to look less like a group of individual physical people and more like an ever-extending line of golden light beings. 

It was when each person had that revelation that they looked up into the sky. They did not understand why they looked up into the sky, but as soon as they did so, each person seemed to “lift up” and float upwards towards an unknown destination.

It was amazing that each person was free of all fear. In fact, it gradually became evident that only those who could release ALL fear could even join the line while it still appeared to be physical.

In fact, the release of all fear was actually what allowed the people to even perceive that there was a long line of people, or parched soil, or a distant fence, or a gate that opened to an increasingly stronger golden light.

Gradually, more and more of the people were able to expand their perceptions to include this mysterious even. There were, of course, some that did not see the ever-expanding line of people or the fact that the soil was parched, or that there was a line running through the parched soil.

These people could not see much outside of their “third-dimensional life” and their “third-dimensional chores.” They did not seem to notice that the soil was parched, that many people were gathering into an increasingly long line, that these people seemed to have a destination, and especially that the people in the line seemed to be transformed into some form of a “golden being.” 

Of course, these Lost Ones did not even see the “something different happened.” They just kept “their nose to the grindstone” and carried on about their daily tasked like they had always done. They saw NO difference, therefore, they experienced NO difference.

These ones did not notice that the members of the line began to look upwards toward a huge sphere of light that seemed to be totally still in far distant skies. In fact, these lost ones did not often look into the sky, as they had to keep their “nose to the grindstone” and work hard to survive.

Therefore, these Lost Ones never saw that another, higher, lighter, even golden, the reality was called them to remember. However, those in the every growing “Line of Light” were looking up. And, as they looked up, they saw something or was it, someone, in the faraway circle of golden light.

Yes, it was a “something” that seemed to be as alive as if it were a “someone.” This something/someone was a huge, in fact growing huger and huger, circular orb of immense Golden Light. 

Some of the people in the long line became frightened by that Gold Orb of Light and scattered across the parched land. However, many, many of the people gathered together to form the huge circle of light that now seemed to be the shadow of something far, far away and high, high above. 

Then the people began to realize that nothing was inside the circle of light, but the parched land. Then, slowly, the parched land became greener and greener. Trees sprouted from the once parched land, and reached higher and higher into the sky. 

Birds instantly flew for the once fogging and dense sky to chip on the newly sprouted trees, which were not the size of ancient Redwood Trees. The insects were the first to join the trees, to be followed by the birds. Shortly after that the deer and other land creatures appeared within this ever-expanding “Circle of Life.”

It was then that the people ran to gather all their loved ones, forgetting the many “things” that they once thought of as “important.” Once the people had gathered their beloved people, and non-human family members, they too entered this ever-expanding circle. 

In fact, soon, almost beyond the limitations of time, this “Circle of Life” encircled all that they could see, feel, hear and even imagine. It was then that the Circle became bigger and bigger. 

In fact, the circle was now so large that the humans could not see beyond the circle, nor did they want to. Within this Circle of Life was all they really needed, all that they loved. However, it was NOT all that they loved, for as they settled into “living in the Circle of Life” the feeling of LOVE began to embrace all life.

Yes, even the trees, the water, the sky, the earth, the light, and the darkness was filled with LOVE. It was then that the title of “Circle of Light” was replaced with the knowledge that it was the “Circle of LOVE.” Some people took longer to make this transition because they had not known too much about love.”

Fortunately, their concept of LOVE was quickly re-learned as they walked through, laid down on, laughed with their friends and family within this ever-expanding Circle. Some people began to wonder if this miracle had only happened to their area, or if this Light had encircled the entire planet.

Then, some open-hearted ones said, “All the world must know of this great change. Also, we must discover if others are also experiencing this miracle or if it is just our area.” Therefore, many people volunteered to travel through their world to tell every living being that a great change had come to Earth.

It was then that the “Lost Ones” said “NO!” If we tell others about our change, then they will come here to try to take over our land. Then, something very strange began to occur. All the people who wanted to hide this beautiful Earth from others began to disappear. At first, no one knew what happened to these “lost ones” as they were called. 

However, those who lovingly welcomed more and more people to join their new world discovered that this “new world” seemed to grow larger and larger in order to provide adequately for ALL the people that could calibrate their consciousness to the frequency of that reality.

Gradually, the people began to realize that this world, which was indeed very real, was also a frequency of reality. They also learned that only those who could align their consciousness with that frequency of reality could even perceive that that reality existed. 

At first, almost as if it was a form of introduction, everyone could perceive this higher frequency of reality. 

However, only those who could maintain that frequency of consciousness could perceive that frequency of reality. This was NOT that ones had to be “good enough” to enter this reality. What was happening was that only those who could perceive the reality could experience reality.

What the people finally discovered, is that “PERCEPTION IS DEPENDING ON ONE's STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.” Therefore, those could expand their personal consciousness into what they had discovered was the frequency of the fifth dimension, could consciously perceive this “New Earth,” as they began to call it.

New Earth was not actually a place. New Earth was actually a frequency of reality! The concept of “frequency of reality” was baffling to many people. Therefore, these people tended to slip in to and out of this “New Earth,” as many were calling it.

Eventually, the people began to learn and/or remember their other fifth dimensional realities, which were usually on the Galactic Starships that had once looked like huge orbs of light in the sky. 

Unfortunately, those who could not remember their other, higher dimensional realities and lifetimes, had great difficulty holding on to the memory of that long line through the parched land that eventually let them to the moment of decision in which they had to choose to listen to their third dimensional fearful self OR their fifth dimensional Being of LIGHT.

Those who had chosen to “choose to remember” that which had always been “impossible” in their third life, had great difficulty fully accepting, loving, communicating with and believing in their true, fifth-dimensional SELF.

Slowly, and sometimes quickly, the planetary frequencies of the first through the third dimension began to separate from the planetary frequency of the fifth dimension. Some of the humans openly and constantly embraced the “operating system” of the fifth dimension, which was based on Love and Light for ALL life.

These humans not only flourished but more and more began to interact with and even visit the fifth dimension and beyond realities. These open-minded and open-hearted people began to remember more and more about their own Multidimensional SELF that resonated to MANY different realities on many different planets and Star Ships.

Many of these people were among the first ones to fully awaken to their Higher SELVES, as well as their first, and repeated visits to third dimensional Gaia to assist Her Planetary SELF to ascend from the resonance of the third/fourth resonance of expression into the fifth/and beyond resonance of expression.

Unfortunately, many, many people forgot the NOW in which they could remember they are their true SELF. It is for this reason that we, the members of the many Galactic Nations, will return again and again to speed the awakening of humanity. 

We do want you all to know, that we, the members of the Milky Way Rescue team, will NOT allow humanity to destroy our beloved planetary friend Gaia. We say this, not as a treat to those who care more for themselves than they care for all the life forms on beloved Gaia.

We know that these beings cannot be healed and will eventually need to be relocated to one of the lower dimensional “learning planets” (which much like a Kindergarten) to take these lost ones back to their beginnings in hope that they will be able to be healed.

When they are relocated, they will no longer be able to harm Gaia. Unfortunately, according to our calculations, Gaia will not be able to ascend until these “laggards” as they are called are returned to their own homeworlds, where they will need to be “educated to remember their SELF.”

We Galactics know that the ascending humans are very anxious for these dark ones in human clothing to be taken from their planet. However, there are so many of these Laggards in high positions on your planet, that their removal will NOT be easy.

In the meantime, we ask that ALL the awakened humans on Gaia send “Unconditional Love and Violet Fire” to the Laggards. We know that to send love and light to beings that are destroying your world is VERY challenging. 

However, if you look at your history books, most if not all, of your Ascended Masters had to directly interface with a “being of the darkness,” and many of them ended up with very difficult lives and challenging deaths. 

We, your Galactic Family, look forward to the NOW in which the humans of your world learn how to heal the Lost Ones, rather than fighting with them. Fighting can create a low energy field for the one who is “fighting” for the Light. 

Blessings, we will return. In fact, WE, your Galactic Family never will, and never have left you.

Blessings to you, the brave, fifth-dimensional beings of LIGHT who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia. 

We are the Galactic Members of your Galactic Home Worlds

We are always with you as WE ARE YOU!!

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  1. Thank you for the love, guidance,help, and encouragement Galactic family.Sending you so much love.

  2. Thank you for this encouraging message. I wonder sometimes if I am one of the ones who are being left behind, to eventually forget and be relocated to a learning planet. I seem to be the only person in my personal experience who fully embraces these concepts. I have many friends who love hearing my "beliefs ", but don't really believe as a possible reality. I feel alone at times. Watching loved ones who constantly debate the news and the current political climate while growing more fearful and angry. I've decided to just let that go and anchor light to Gia and my personal experience. I wonder if I'm one of those who might soon forget about the light because I'm afraid to let go of the darkness that my loved ones are seemingly happy to exist in. I've started at the beginning of these blogs "July" and are going backwards. Thanks Suzanne!!!!