Saturday, February 9, 2019


Activating Multidimensional Portals

Recognize, Activate and Open our Multidimensional Portal
Join the Quantum Leap in your consciousness as you OPEN 
your Multidimensional Portal to the ever-changing reality 
which is shifting, expanding and enriching your consciousness.

Align with the intelligence and guidance of 
YOUR personal Galactic Intelligence 

Activate your personal portal to the higher frequencies of reality.

Understand how to work with your opened Multidimensional Portals.

Open your personal portal to bring JOY and vibrant leaving in your daily life.

Discover and connect with your own expanded Multidimensional Field.

Recognize and activate your higher states of consciousness and innate abilities.

Expand the frequency of your consciousness to better manifest positive life outcomes

Discover the vibrant mysteries of portals in Gaia and at the ancient lands

Enrich your consciousness from nature, cosmic and inner resources

Activate your Higher Heart Portal

Find your most suitable way to engage with multidimensional energies and

Learn experientially how to anchor higher dimensional energies into your physical body

The Goals will assist you to:

Open your awareness to new and greater life possibilities
Increase your consciousness communications with your Higher SELF
Activate your personal portal of JOY for more vibrant living
Enjoy your conscious communication with your higher dimensional realities
Expand your consciousness and vibration

With the expansion of your consciousness, you will be better able to increase your personal vibration of balance, joy, and love, as you reach out and accept greater peace, creativity, inner growth and a better understanding of how to embrace your higher dimensional skills and greater peace within your SELF. 


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