Friday, November 16, 2018

The Flow of Fifth Dimensional Light--The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

November 16, 2018



The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Earth Friends and Fellow Shipmates now holding an earthen vessel,

We, your Pleiadian friends and family on your Starship are very pleased when you, the Earthlings, as we call you on the Ship, wish to communicate with us. We are also pleased when you tell others what you have learned from your nightly visits to our Ships. 

Of course, some of your visits occur in YOUR daytime, but only when you have expanded your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth-dimensional frequency of brainwaves. Yes, the brainwaves of many humans are limited to the third and fourth dimensions, as those frequencies of reality still have the element of time. 

Therefore, most of you cannot remember what is occurring within your fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, as that state of consciousness is not bound by the time and space of your third-dimensional perceptual field. 

Allow us to explain what the term “perceptual field” means to us, your Galactic Family, which includes your own Galactic SELF. We know that most of you are not, yet, familiar with your Galactic SELF on the Ship, as that information would make it quite uncomfortable to live via all the limitations of the third dimension.

However, we must commend the many members of our Pleiadian Starships that have volunteered to take an “Away Mission” to Gaia’s third/ fourth-dimensional planet. Gaia, the consciousness and Soul of planet Earth, is very pleased to feel the higher energy fields of our fifth-dimensional galactic, essence on Her planetary body.

Once humanities consciousness expands into the fifth-dimensional frequency of resonance, you will begin to remember your experiences on the Star Ships, as well as the many friends on your Ship and on your Homeworld.

Of course, these memories are “stored” in the higher frequencies of your brain and within your multidimensional consciousness. In fact, these memories are stored within the fifth dimensional NOW in which you had these experiences.

It is for this reason that you have forgotten many of your inter-dimensional visits to the fifth dimension and beyond. The memories are stored in your human brain, but you will not be able to consciously perceive these memories until your brainwaves are resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, you will remember your experiences while you are in deep meditation, having an Interdimensional dream, and/or having a “peak experience” in your daily life. 

It is important that only those who have access to these higher states of consciousness, as it is important that those who still resonate to the lower third/ fourth-dimensional need to have “power over others.”

The need to have power over others is specific to the lower frequencies of the third dimension. These people are much like children who “break their toys” or “have fights with their friends” because they have not yet learned and/or remembered their true fifth-dimensional expression of consciousness.

It is only through mastering one’s state of “Heart/Mind fifth-dimensional consciousness,” can one begin to remember their higher dimensional expressions of SELF, and the higher dimensional experiences of their own Higher SELF. 

Yes, EVERY one of you on Earth DOES have a higher dimensional expression of self. However, far too many of our volunteers to take an Earth Body on Gaia, become lost in the lies, emotions, fear, and anger of life on third dimensional Earth. 

Third dimensional Earth is exceptionally challenged within this NOW as old karma from other ages is needing to be cleansed from Gaia. Therefore, some of the humans, and all the humans who are “Galactics in Disguise” have volunteered to take an incarnation on one of Gaia’s very darkest, “DARK NIGHT of Her Planetary SOUL”  

Yes, just as humans have a Soul, the planet Gaia has a Soul! Also, just as the “ascending ones” have to face many challenges because of the “dark ones” who come like vultures to have “power over others,” so does Gaia have to face these challenges.

You have seen the many weather problems, fires, and other “natural disasters” that seem to be occurring more frequently and creating more damage to Gaia than before. 

Of course, this is not the only time that Gaia has been greatly wounded. There were two world wars and the horrors of Chernobyl in which great parts of Gaia planet was poisoned and made uninhabitable for humans.  

So many humans have forgotten that great disaster. They have pushed it away from their minds, their hearts and from their responsibility. If humanity is to ascend into the higher dimensions with Gaia, they will need to take full responsibility for the harm they have caused in so many different ways.

Fortunately, there are also many humans who deeply LOVE Gaia and do everything they can to assist Her. These humans realize that if Gaia dies, they will not have a place to live. 

Therefore, many of these “destroyers” believe that they can leave the places they have destroyed, and go to other places, that has not YET been destroyed. In fact, that is what humanity is doing NOW to Earth and to Mars. It is for this reason that Venus has decided to keep Her Planet uninhabitable to humanity.

We are aware that some of you cannot believe that Planets are living beings. Mostly they believe that Gaia is a “thing” so that they can damage Her all they want as She is “just a thing.” If humanity cannot find a way to change the selfish mind and heartless hart of the lost, Gaia will have a VERY difficult time healing Her Planetary SELF.

Long ago, when humans were “primitive,” humanity believed that Earth was a living being, and all the plants, animals, water, sky, and components of the world they perceived was ALIVE!

In fact, they even believed that it was their responsibility to take care of Planet Earth. Unfortunately, this “primitive thinking” has been replaced with the “modern thinking” that Gaia/Earth is just a THING. 

In fact, they even believe that humans have more power than the being of Earth. They have not thought to wonder where they would live if they (or even when) they destroyed Earth. 

(Please see just ONE of the many sites that discuss this issue)
What have humans done to the Earth? 

In our “few seconds” of recorded history, we have managed to destroy the environment both directly and indirectly.

Directly, we are responsible for environmental disasters including causing ecological trauma in the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, the Tennessee Coal Ash Spill in 2008, the Al-Mishraq Fire in 2003 and the ecocide in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s.

The list could continue how our mistakes and intentional decisions have hurt the environment. Indirectly (using the word ‘indirectly’ is generous in this context), we have been responsible for far worse.

According to a study, led by climate scientist Jonny Day at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, the loss of Arctic sea ice is at the very least, 70 percent man-made.

And that’s just the low ball estimate — the study shares that:
 climate change could be up to 95 percent due to human-induced climate change!

This research, published online in the journal Environmental Research Letters, stands apart from previous research which only attributes half the loss to man-made climate change and the other half to nature taking its course.

What’s more, another study, which appeared in the journal Ploss ONE, found that Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, which once was known for its biodiversity, is currently the poster child of extinction.

The biologists found that numbers to be shocking — for instance, only 767 populations of mammals of 3,528 still existed.

How can we confine the massive damage humanity has done in one half of a page. Please click the links and learn more. Humanity is destroying Earth and ONLY humanity can stop it!

However, we Pleiadians, will not allow Gaia to be completely destroyed by humanity. Therefore, If humanity cannot heal the damage they have done, they will be moved to the Lower Astral Planes, in which all the energy fields that they have sent out, will return to them.

Fortunately, there are still MANY humans who love and serve Gaia, who will continue to fight for Gaia’s planetary rights!! Fortunately, there are still many humans who deeply love and fight for Gaia. 

Because these humans are able to perceive Earth as a living being and fight for Gaia’s PLANETARY RIGHTS, these humans are being taken to the Ships in their night bodies where they can meet, and intermingle with the fifth-dimensional expression of their Multidimensional SELF. In fact, we are sending down more and more “fifth dimensional” beings to assist Earth. 

Some of these fifth dimensional take the form of Angels, Ascended Beings, Elohim. However, these ones are only recognizable to those humans who have expanded their personal consciousness into the fifth dimensional and beyond resonance. 

These beings are only perceivable to those who can expand their consciousness into the resonance of the fifth dimension. And, they can only perceive them while their consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension. These are the humans who will serve to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

Just like all the ascensions of all the Ascended Masters, humans can only perceive, and/or communicate with these beings when their consciousness resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension.

However, there is a manner in which more and more awakened humans are learning/remembering how to calibrate, and re-calibrate, their consciousness as many times as it takes to be able to receive the “inter-dimensional messages,” which are actually their “orders from their fifth dimensional Homeworld and/or fifth dimensional Starship.

Fortunately, more and more of our “volunteers to take a human form to assist Gaia” are beginning to AWAKEN to the CORE of their true SELF. As more and more of these “awakened ones” are able to remember the manner in which they promised to assist Gaia in the NOW of great transition, Gaia ascension into Her innate fifth-dimensional SELF will begin.

Of course, those who live for selfish, dark needs, will try to stop those who are based on LOVE  and LIGHT. However, the darkness cannot see the Light, whereas those of the Light can identify those who resonate to the darkness. 

The last thing that, we the Galactic, wish is to start is a war, as that would harm Gaia much more than heal Her. However, as our “fifth-dimensional warriors in third-dimensional bodies” remember that they are MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS who resonate to and are guided the Flow of Fifth Dimensional Light, you


Will begin to awaken to your true Multidimensional SELF who resonates higher frequencies of Light within your physical core. As you begin to remember this higher frequency of the earth vessel you are wearing, you will begin to remember life on your Star Ships and in your higher dimensional realities.

Remember dear ones, you do not need to change or heal. 
You only need to

Once you have awakened to your Fifth Dimensional Essence, the healing and the transmuting into your fifth-dimensional SELF will follow the format that YOU chose before you took this embodiment. However, it is important to remember that ALL that you do comes THROUGH YOU NOT FROM YOU!

It is in the manner that you will be able to release the burden of your third-dimensional ego into the Heart and Mind of your Multidimensional SELF!

We are the members of your Pleiadian Family. Call on us and we WILL Answer!

Message through Suzanne Lie

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