Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Interdimensional Healing - The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie


The Pleiadians 
Through Suzanne Lie

(The beings who look a bit like horses are 
said to be an embodiment of the Arcturians)

Greetings! We are the Pleiadians speaking to you from our Starship. It is difficult to explain time on our Starships because time is something that is part of living on a turning planet that stays in the same orbit. 

However, once you are on a moving Starship, time is something that we create on the Ship to make it easier for each person to have their work shift, join the meeting, and share their daily life. 

Here, on our Starship home, everything is very different from your homes on Earth. For one thing, everyone here is loving and kind. Within this society, there is none of the bickering, jealousy, and/or other third dimensional behaviors that we had witnessed from the viewpoint on our Ship. 

Also, there is also very little disease here on the Ship. Disease, as well as injuries, are instantly repaired with our fifth-dimensional technology. However, when you visit us on our Ship, as we call it, you will first be taken to one of the many “Healing Rooms” that are on all of our Ships. 

When you relax in our Healing Rooms, your consciousness will expand into the fifth dimension. Then you will experience the wonderful manner in which fifth-dimensional healing occurs. Once on the Ship, you will remember your Pleiadian SELF and the “services,” you give.

“Services” is a term that we use rather than of “work,” as “work” is a third/ fourth-dimensional term that we do not use on the Ship. Instead of work, we use the term service, as being of service is one of our greatest contributions to humanity that we greatly love sharing. 

In fact, it is quite interesting that we Pleiadians have no word for what you would call “work.” Instead, we experience that “we are giving service to our friends and family who are on an “away mission” to Earth." 

When we do visit Earth, which we do quite often, we send out our “healing energies” whenever we see that you are ready to accept this “inter-dimensional healing.” We also assist with human birthing as we can look the inside of the womb of a pregnant woman and make a connection with the “unborn child.” 

We put the term “unborn child” because we can perceive that a birth is imminent and send Unconditional Love to the one who will soon be released out into the challenging life on third dimensional Earth.  Life on Earth was not always as challenging as it is in your NOW, but “the darkest night is just before dawn.”

In other words, before those who have chosen to take a third-dimensional earth vessel can fully awaken to the reason for their “mission to Earth,” they most go into the lower frequencies of the human form to transmute any “darkness” into “light.”

By “darkness” we mean the effluvia that surround all that is third dimensional, which appears to be very dark from our fifth-dimensional perspective. Then, before our volunteer to assist Gaia is “born into a third dimensional Earth form” we send Unconditional Love into the consciousness of the one who is to be “born to Earth.”

We also send a great deal of Violet Fire to surround the one who is to take a third-dimensional earth vessel to transmute as much inner darkness/fear that the birthing one has decided to carry in their human earth vessel. Transmutation means to send as much Unconditional Love into the “soon to be born one” as they can contain. 

The amount of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire that a “volunteer to take an earth vessel” retains, is determined by that volunteer. If the volunteer has studied in one of our many Pleiadian Light Temples, they will be able to embody more “power of transmutation” than those of us who have not completed our “Interdimensional Training.”

This “Interdimensional Training” is chosen by the one who is ready to accept a “tour of duty” as a grounded human. The more advanced Pleiadians can take on a more difficult incarnation, as they have learned how to stay connected with their true fifth-dimensional expression.

However, sometimes our volunteers to Earth underestimate how difficult life can be on a third-dimensional planet. Then, they can become lost, ill, or even turn to the dark side. However, if they can remember their Interdimensional Connection to their true fifth dimensional Self, they will be much more prepared to face the challenges of assisting Gaia to ascend during the NOW of Gaia’s great challenge.

Gaia is experiencing the VERY great challenge of transmuting Her third/fourth dimensional Planetary Body back into Her innate fifth-dimensional Planetary SELF. Dear Gaia has had to face many forms of planetary upheaval and destruction within this NOW in order to release the darkness from Her planetary form. 

Releasing the darkness is just the first step of transmutation, as the lower frequencies of darkness that have taken hold on Gaia must be Unconditionally Loved, even though that darkness has caused Her much pain. 

We, the members of your Pleiadian Family, tell you this now because the release of darkness has been quite extensive on Gaia’s planet within your NOW. Many of the members of humanity have not been able to understand that, they volunteered to enter an earth vessel so that they could best assist Gaia.

The reason why wearing an earth vessel assists Gaia so greatly is because you, our brave volunteers to assist Gaia, have taken a human vessel with the same frequency of the elemental structures of Earth, known as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

When you take on the same frequency as Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, when you heal, transmute, expand and embed your elementals with Unconditional Love, you—the members of humanity who have taken this challenge—will transmute your own inner elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 

Then, when you walk through Gaia’s reality, whether your third-dimensional vessel is aware or not,  your own higher dimensional elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, will automatically send Unconditional Love to heal the wounded elementals that you have consciously, or unconsciously, blessed.

In fact, it is often safer for the grounded “humans” to NOT know of their blessings, as the burden of that responsibility can seem too much for a third-dimensional human. On the other hand, if that human has a conscious, or even unconscious, a partnership with Gaia’s Planetary SELF, the huge being known as planet Earth can protect and heal YOU, while you (consciously or unconsciously) protect and heal Gaia’s Earth Body.

The advantage of being “unconscious” of your service to Gaia is that you do not know that there are those who wish to work against Gaia’s ascension, as well as against your assistance to ascending Gaia.

The disadvantage of being “unconscious” is that you will not be as aware of how loving, beautiful and committed Gaia is to each and every one of Her Planetary Beings—Earthlings included.

Of course, all the awake human earthlings are aware of what is going on right before their eyes, even though they cannot see it. On the other hand, fully awake humans are able to “experience” the shift in energy fields. We, your Galactic Family, have decided to limit humanity’s perceptions of “an experience” for their own protection.

If a human is NOT aware of their great contribution, they are less likely to fall into the third-dimensional trap of “conceit” or fall into the trap of forgetting that your power only comes THROUGH you and NOT  FROM you. 

If one is not VERY aware of that fact, they fall into the trap of having “power OVER” as opposed to “power WITHIN.”  It is also a safety measure for humanity to think in term of “helping OTHERS” rather than “helping your own SELF.” 

The best way to safeguard against this danger is to stay in connection with your Inner Guidance that is flowing into you from your fifth dimensional, and beyond, Multidimensional SELF.

Your Multidimensional SELF is able to be simultaneously aware of your third, fourth, and fifth dimensionality within the same moment of the NOW. Your Multidimensional SELF is the “whole” of the “components of all the aspects of your true, inter-dimensional SELF.

Your Inter-dimensional SELF is the component of your Multidimensional SELF whose contribution is to keep the lines of communication open between the many different frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. 

Your Multidimensional SELF is the totality of the many frequencies to which you are innately connected. However, this connection is often “unconscious” to your physical body for two main reasons. The first reason is that it is very difficult to know your entire being and to NOT forget your Mission/your reason for incarnation.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, have sadly observed how many of our volunteers to take a third-dimensional earth body get lost in the polarities of good/bad, here/there, 3D self/5D self.  When we say “polarities” in this context, we mean the illusions that something is “good or better” and/or “remembering SELF/forgetting SELF.

In fact, the greatest challenge that our volunteers to Earth have to face is that they must be born as an infant, go through all the human stages and decades of maturation into adulthood without forgetting who they really are and why they chose to take an earth vessel.

It is much like going to an Amusement Park where there are so many things to experience, that you lose track of time until you become so tired that you just want to go home. Also, this “Amusement Park” is not always fun. You may get frightened by one of the rides/experiences, eat too much junk food, have your wallet stolen and lose your money.

In fact, the “loss of your wallet” is not as much about just losing the “thing known as money,” but more about the loss of your own identity. In fact, the loss of their true identity, as a multidimensional Being, is the greatest challenge for our volunteers to assist Earth.

The biggest problem is that in order to deeply experience Earth, our volunteers must be born into an infant body. This body takes a very long time to mature into adulthood, and there are many potholes along the “road to adulthood” in which our dear volunteers to Earth can become trapped. 

It is for this reason that we ask ALL of our awakened and aware of their fifth-dimensional volunteers to Earth, to talk to others about their experience and to share their knowledge. 

If they share their knowledge, they will ground what they know into the third-dimensional versions of reality, which will create a deeper connection between the third/fourth and fifth-dimensional reality of Earth.

We thank you all for attending to our message and ask that you pass our message along to others whom you believe will be able to understand and effectively use this information to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Please remember that “the darkest night is just before dawn!” 

We say this to you as the darkness appears to have a deep hold on Gaia’s body. However, like you, the ones who have awakened to your true “Multidimensional Power Within” share what you have learned and/or remembered, you will serve to awaken more and more of your fellow volunteers to assist with Gaia’s return to Her true Multidimensional Planetary Body.

All of you who can receive, understand and accept our message is on your Path to Ascension. As you walk this Path, you will meet many others who are walking this Path with you. Also, as you share your experiences with others, you allow them the find the inner courage to remember the many multidimensional experiences they have had—but they had forgotten.

We, the Arcturians, are always with you to assist you to remember your TRUE SELF.
Therefore, please call on us for assistance and we will ALWAYS be with you. In fact, we are already “always with your,” even if you do not know that YET, or knew it once and forgot! 

Please remember that Time is an illusion of the third/ fourth-dimensional reality that you perceive through your third-dimensional perceptions. Your memory is still alive within your own thoughts and emotions.  

If you can believe that fact, it will allow you to believe in 
your own Multidimensional SELF!

Blessings, we are the Arcturians 
who are the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF!


  1. I woke up and read this beautiful message from sue, then I felt a calming loving feeling and wondered why the Living Universe(s) or God chose/or IS Love? Unconditional Love must be what Brings the Universe together. Thank you.