Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stepping Into Tomorrow and a Message from the Pleiadians--Sue Lie

Sue Lie and the Pleiadians
Within this now, we feel a glowing.
It has no heat, but it has a knowing

What could it be, could it be me
Within the NOW in which we see?

For what we see, please do not ask
For first, we must complete our task

Please don’t ask just what we see,
Or even if it might be me

For the answer is, we just don’t know
Exactly what this glow will show

But, the glow is growing day-by-day
As we seem to change in every way

The message from this glow is true
But we can’t quite catch what we’re to do

We must relax to help us see
Just who it is we need to be

Is there a message within this glow
But we don’t know, how to “let it show?”

Why can’t we see what is right there
Perhaps we are afraid to dare

What if we saw another “me”
A me who is completely free?

Free from fear and free from sorrow
Is that the “me” we’ll be tomorrow?

Tomorrow and forever more
Could we live within our core?

Inside our core we feel this “me”
The one we know that we can be

We feel our heart and hear our mind
Telling us to, “Just be kind!”

But what is kind in a world of fear?
What should we say, what can we hear?

Can we hear the call of those who suffer?
Can love and light create a buffer?

A buffer that will show the way
To guide us to a brand new day

Can we find this day inside our heart?
At least that is a place to start!

Within our heart, inside our mind
We must look, so we can find

Find our heart, inside our mind
To know that love is always kind

This kindness is the key to love
That flows inside from up above

Above the strife and past the sorrow
Awaits the birth of a new tomorrow

But this tomorrow, we must create
And do it now, and not too late

If we can remember our truest source
We will recall our chosen course

Before we entered this earthly land
We had to learn and understand

That many from the third dimension
Live their life in fear and tension

Therefore, we chose to come to Earth
To help Her with Her new rebirth

Then, many of us lost our way
And it became too hard to stay

But, when we returned back to our Star
We realized then how strong you are

To come to Earth within this NOW
And teach the ones who can learn HOW

To remember WHO you’ve always been
That you are our family, you are our kin

In fact, you’ve come to us each night
To remember you are made of light

The light you had to hide on Earth
Is there to help you with rebirth

Rebirth into your truest Being
Of higher thoughts and higher seeing

This Higher SELF, you are today
In every minute and every way

If you can remember what you have learned
And take the LIGHT that you have earned

To remember NOW, your own true LIGHT
That guides your way and clears your fright

Once you have found your Light within
Your “Higher Life” will soon begin

You will remember you came to Earth
To assist Dear Gaia with Her RE-BRITH

And how the being that you really are
did guide you there from your distant star

You came to Gaia for “Her Ascension”
That is your honor, and your intension

Remember now, your Higher Life
With freedom from all fear and strife

Within that memory, you’ll release ALL sorrow
                                              AND step into your NEW TOMORROW!

We the Pleiadians realize that "tomorrow" is a third dimensional concept, as we, your Galactic Family primarily reside in the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension runs under a different Operating System than the third dimensional "Time and Space" system. We, the members of your Galactic Family, are no longer under the Earthly restrictions of the physical and astral planes, which both are bound by their own version of "time."

However, since so many of us have visited your third/fourth dimensional world, we are very aware of the many challenges that you face, especially within this particular NOW. It is for this reason that so many of us have volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel. And, YES, our volunteers are all very ready to step int the "New Tomorrow." 

We have largely come to your "transmutational society" to be of assistance to the many who are awakening to their true SELF more and more each day. It is also, for this reason, that we have allowed our Ships to fly a bit too low, to just happen to be above a large gathering of people on Earth, or to meet you in sleeping Astral Body to take to "home to the ship" for a bit of the "NO TIME" of our fifth dimensional reality.

Because our reality is fifth dimensional, we can enjoy both our own world as well as your increasingly awakening physical world. You may have some new friends that do not invite you to their house, as they live on their Starship. Or, you may wonder where that very tall blond beings seem to know so much and love to laugh.

Yes, we Pleiadians, love to love and to have fun. We greatly enjoy visiting our brothers and sisters from our Ship, or our Home worlds, who have volunteered to "wear" a third dimensional earth vessel so that they can "blend into" your reality. When they look like humans, then humans will trust them more easily. 

We are so sorry that your transition from being in a third/fourth dimensional reality of Time and Space reality while your friends and family are all on their Ship or Home World. Now, we deeply understand why so many of our volunteers to 3D Earth have forgotten their true, Multidimensional SELF. 

However, TOMORROW is closer than you may think. In fact, "tomorrow" is a third dimensional term that does not even exist in our world which is based on the NOW of the ONE. We invite you all
to join us in your night bodies, in fact, many of you do so every night. And, when they do so, TOMORROW merges with NOW!

Therefore we close our brief message by saying, "WE are HERE with you NOW"
Blessings within this NOW from your beloved Pleiadian Family!
Tomorrow is HERE NOW


  1. Love ad Gratitude, what a beautiful poetic text. It contains all that IS. If we could capture the energy that we are and pass through...

  2. Thank you so for this comment.
    I really appreciate it