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Inter-dimensional Communication--Through Sue Lie


Inter-dimensional Communication

Through Sue Lie

What is it inter-dimensional communication?
Who are you when you use it?
Why do you use it?
Where do you use it?
When do you use it?

Which “YOU” uses it?

Your Higher Dimensional SELF uses it.

In fact,
Your Higher Dimensional SELF
is only one of being with whom you use this language.

Why do you feel an urge NOW to us this form of communication?

If you feel a sense of urgency to learn/remember
Your innate “Inter-dimensional  Communication”
then you are being called from
one of the many members of your Multidimensional SELF.

Component of your SELF are being sent to your
third, fourth and/or fifth dimensional self to remind you
to remember who you truly are within this "NOW of the ONE."

Two major versions who your Multidimensional SELF
are calling you now because:

1)   Your consciousness is expanding enough for you
to recognize and attend to higher dimensional, inner messages.

2)    You are becoming ready, or are fully ready, to expand your experience of realty beyond the third/fourth dimensions because

YOU are aware that every New Year is thought of as a NEW OPPORTUNITY.

You can use “numerology” to assist you to
“read these higher messages that are entering your awareness.”

2017—2+0+1+7 adds up to 10, which in numerology is often reduced to 1, as 1+0 = 1.
Therefore, 2017, in numerology terms, was thought of as a 1 year,
which is a year of New Beginnings.

Therefore, you might wish to take a moment of reflection
to observe how 2017 was a year of new beginnings.

Since it is NOW 2018, we will look at the numerology for this year.
2018—2+0+1+8 adds up to 11. 

The number 11 is what is called a “Master Number,”
which represents a “Master Year” when there is a greater opportunity for enlightenment,
as well as the changes that enlightenment brings into your life.

In that case, you can reduce the 11 year into a 2 year. A 2 year is when you will focus on partnerships. However, with the mystical energy of the 11 year, your “2” may well mean to focus on a creating a deeper partnership with your own Higher SELF.

Therefore, let us look at the below questions that introduced this message from the perspective of forming a deeper relationship with your Higher SELF…

What is your Higher SELF?

The Higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF
who no long wear an earth vessel and resonates to the higher frequencies of reality
is ONE of the many possible answers.

Who IS your Higher SELF?

Awakened, as well as Awakening ones, are learning how to “use”
their own Higher SELF to gain inter-dimensional information,
guidance, unconditional love, and a deep sense of security.

Why do you use your Higher SELF?

Of course, you can't “use” your Higher SELF, but it is very wise,
and of great service, to USE the information you gain from your Higher SELF
to assist others to remember their relationship with their Higher SELF.

Where do you use your Higher SELF?

You will use your Higher SELF whenever  you are assisting others
to understand “Who their Higher SELF” is
and “How their Higher Self can be helpful in their daily life
to assist with the ascension process!

When you deeply bond with your own Higher SELF,
you will remember your True Multidimensional SELF.

How do you use your Higher SELF?
Please be aware that it is actually your Higher SELF that "uses" you.

Therefore the question should change to:
When will you allow your Higher SELF to use YOU as an emissary of Light?

The answer is:
“Please allow your Higher SELF to use you as an emissary of Light
with your EVERY breath and within your EVERY moment of the NOW.

Also, please remember that your Higher SELF is using is the version of your Multidimensional SELF who is experiencing “Being a Human Being.”

Of course, ALL of YOU, whether you know it or not, are Multidimensional Beings
that are having the experience of Being a Human Being!

As a Human Being,
You are the Cause and the Effect
Of the YOU are living

Where you look
 is the you that you see

Can you remember that
The life you make is the life you live, and
How you act is Who you are!

YOU are the creators of your world
Which means:

Whatever you choose to respond to
is the reality that you choose to live!

When you respond, you say, YES!
When you ignore, you say NO!

But what about the parts of our life that
are NOT what you want to live?
Does ignoring this make it go away?
Or does it make it stay in another fashion?

Many different versions of your life have the same feeling,
and many of the same feelings have a different version of life.

Also, many of the same feelings have a different expression.

It is all so confusing for those who wish to

To be our own Master,
you must “look in” when others “look out!”

To be our own Master,
you must say every day in every way


It is only then that you can
Realize what a huge responsibility it is


Being a Human Being is no small task,
especially for those who have not yet learned that


In other words, what you send out
In your thoughts
Your emotions
Your words
And your attention

Are what will come back to you
In some way and some day

YOU are the CREATOR of your life
How you choose to perceive your reality
creates the reality that you will live!

Mistakes and Accidents
Are the return back of what you put out

You all live within a
Circle of Life

You create your love
And create your strife

But, “Who are YOU?”
OR, which you, of the many versions of YOU
are you living within this NOW?

Also, who created this
Now of the NOW?
And, why was this NOW created?

Do you go through your life
As the Victim
OR the Creator?

Some of these choices
Were made before you were born
So that you could complete or cleanse
Choices from other incarnations

But, some of these choices
Are NEW and specific to this NOW

ALL of these choices are
your OWN choices

Your possible life is chosen
Before you were born

Fortunately, before your birth
You can choose to
Experience that which you want to heal

So that you can experience that reality
Once and for all!

You also chose the
Strengths and memories you will
Need for your greatest success

YOU made these choices before you were incarnated
And you lived within the NOW!

If you are a victim,
It is because YOU chose to be a victim
Before you took this incarnation

You made that choice in order to:
And remember
How to create your life

You ARE the creator of your life
You choose your love
And you choose your strife

When you remember why
you made these choices...

You will remember
why you came into this body...

When you remember

Why you came into this body 

You will remember

Where You came from and

 What you came to do

It is then that you will become 
a Human Being who is being your SELF!


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January 12th and 13th 

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You can contact me at: or Lauren at

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