Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Arcturian Perspectives with Special Guest David Miller

Arcturian Perspectives with Dr. Suzanne Lie and

Special Guest David K. Miller of the Group of Forty

{We are celebrating Arcturian unity among diversity as we serve
as a model for group collaboration that will accelerate humanity’s consciousness expansion and amplify unified efforts to uplift the planet.}
David K. Miller Channels The Arcturians

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom and Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. This is a time of great importance, and it is a time when collaboration has a powerful influence on “The Work.” 

It is true that many of the Star Seeds like your selves have opened up to your Soul Mission and Soul Light. However, it is also true that we need to develop ways of using more powerful group interventions on the planet and within the consciousness of the planet.

This is the time in which the consciousness of man is uniquely intertwined with the development and energy field of the Earth. This is the time when the entire outcome of the planet is dependent upon what humanity does.

If humanity makes the wrong choices, then the whole biosphere with all of the plants and animals can take a very downward turn. We are at a point of awakening, and there are many people eager for your leadership.

There are also many people who are eager for directions on how to proceed. It appears that those who are waiting are eager to hear the right direction, the right outcome, and the right way to shift this planetary energy.

Our mission has been to activate and to direct without interfering in the planetary process, which is the process of raising the spiritual life quotient. Our main task is to answer the question, which we are sure you have asked yourself.

This question is, “What is the best method for manifesting the fifth-dimensional energy and Light into a positive outcome, and into a positive effect on the planetary situation?”

This question is something that we, the Arcturians, have been studying in our galactic travels. Because, as you know, there have been other planets at this point who have struggled with this conflict.

The conflict to which we refer is the conflict of technology vs. spiritual wisdom. It has been observed that this issue is not always favorably resolved. In fact, some planets have collapsed. Some planets have not successfully resolved this conflict and moved on to the next stage of planetary development.

Hence, our mission and our task is to see what gatherings, what group interactions, what strengths a planet has that will ensure that the connections with the fifth-dimension will, in fact, produce the necessary healing and unity within the Earth.

Now, it is true, as you have said, that this planet is multi-diverse, which is a plus in many ways because of the Spiritual Freedom and the Free Will Choices.  

But, the downside of this multi-diversity is that it becomes more complicated, and difficult, to bring humanity together in unity. Look at how many different individual groups there are.  

Look at how many different religions, and how many different languages
there are. This, it is just an indication of the complexity that exists. And,this is also
true  in the spiritual groups and the fifth-dimensional, multi-dimensional groups. 
We have found many different groups who have various nuances and 
various focuses.

And so, we the Arcturians, say, “Why is it that these groups have NOT come together? Is this a reflection of the symptoms of the diversity and polarization that is also present? If so, we would think that with all the diversities, and all of the differentness, that the spiritual groups would be leaders. And why?  

The answer is very simple. This planet has a history of misuse of spiritual leadership and spiritual groups. There have been countless times where the spiritual leadership has been misused for ego purposes and domination.

So, even at this point, which we would consider a “Planetary Crisis,” there is hesitancy and a resistance for groups to unite. Even though it would be for the highest good and the greatest interest for all to find a way of unity, that unity does not occur!!  

Therefore, the issues of resistances must be dealt with, but we repeat, it is of great benefit to work together in Higher Light for the greater purpose of raising the Spiritual Light Quotient on this planet!

I am Juliano. I wish you good day.

Sue Lie Channels the Arcturians:
 Yes, we the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie, would like to add to and fully agree with what David has said through another component of our Arcturian being. We would also like to add that a primary challenge within your NOW is the challenge of unity of diversity.

Once there is unity of diversity there will be more and more solutions. But in order to have unity of diversity, there must be acceptance of diversity. And, in order to fully accept the diversity within each person, you must accept the diversity within your own individual self.

Each of you must be able to go into your own Heart, your own Soul, your own Third Eye, and your own High Heart to gather together the many incarnations, which you have experienced on this wonderful planet Gaia.
In this manner, you can realize that you are a perfect example of unity of diversity.

Just as Suzille was born with the ability to remember other lifetimes, many of you are able to remember your many incarnations. Then, as more and more people allow themselves to remember other incarnations, they, too, can pull together the unity of diversity within themselves.  

In this manner, many of you will discover that some of the people that you may have judged are people that you actually were, and are, within another frequency, or timeline of your self.  

Now, this unity of diversity within all your incarnations is something that is pretty much impossible within the realm of the third dimensional consciousness. Fortunately, your fourth dimensional consciousness allows each of you the ability to have more fluidity within your expression of SELF, as well as to have many dreams, aspirations and visions that remind you of your Greater SELF.

However, it is the fifth-dimensional consciousness, which will allow all of you, our grounded ones, to begin to remember all the incarnations that you have had, or at least the important incarnations that you have had, so that you can pull together all these different lives, different incarnations, different beings, and different people that you were, as well as the different planets on which you lived.

First, you will pull your own unity in diversity into your own self. Then, once each person realizes, understands, believes, knows the many lives that are within their own personal self, it is much easier for you to accept, understand and embrace the collective of all the beings on Earth as well as the collective of all of the beings on the fourth dimensional Astral Plane, that are aligned with your physical being, as well as your fifth dimensional Lightbody being. 

As there is a higher sense of alignment, there is also a greater and greater sense of safety. There is also a greater sense of safety as you feel more free to express who you truly are. You will also have the confidence to allow you fifth-dimensional self to talk to you without the fear of someone else judging you or thinking that something is wrong with you. 

As you remember, you will know, that you are a multidimensional being that has come to earth within this NOW, within this place, whatever place you are in, to assist with the process of Planetary Ascension.

In this manner, you will move beyond the desires and needs of your personal selves, your human selves, or even of your multidimensional self, to fully realize that the planet is a living being. And, that living being needs us. In fact, we have had many incarnations on Gaia’s Earth, and it’s time to pay her back.

Blessings for all of you who are willing to go through this process and to think first of our planetary being that has allowed us the wonderful, and sometimes very challenging experiences, that have awakened us to the person that we have become within this Now. 

Join us for this unique opportunity to attend a collaborative online discussion featuring Arcturian Perspectives that assist us to
Evolve into 5D Readiness and Prepare for Planetary First Contact.

This event celebrates Arcturian unity among diversity and serves as a model for group collaboration that will accelerate humanity’s consciousness expansion and amplify unified efforts to uplift the planet.

This event is co-hosted by the following individuals:

- Co-founders of the Group of Forty, David K. Miller, Author and Channeler, and Gudrun Miller, Visionary Artist and Soul Psychologist

- Dr. Suzanne Lie, Author and Channeler, Awakening with Suzanne Lie and

- Shawnna Donop, Spiritual Emissary and Teacher, Let Earth Rise

See you all there soon


  1. Thank you for 'walking the talk' demonstrating unity among diversity with this combined Arcturian communication.

  2. I just lost the message I wrote.
    Its very important that I get some answer's before I do anything. Very Important.
    I'm Julia and God has shown me many races of aliens. On our planet and on the clouds. Jesus is returning soon, in the clouded, with Michael the Arc Angle. I have the gift of sight and faith. I have questions that I'm sure you The Arcturans can answer. So I have seen proof that out mother planet well die. Please respond.y name is Julia, aka. Ireland Rose
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment and question.
      If you wish to speak with me, please email me.

  3. Thankyou, it is time to unite and assist Gaia

  4. may i ask why David K. Miller, is channelling??

  5. Throughout human history, we look up and ask, how did we come into existence? and What made the conditions for our universe to exist? the fundamental questions of existence. Then we see the diversity of colors, shapes, species of life and so on. And in that same diversity we have many different religions, just as we have many different colors.

    Although we see red, only some realize that Red is dependent on violet and violet is dependent on red. Because the vibration is just another frequency of light on the visible spectrum that we have the ability to observe. If our problem is unity then it is because our religious stories and beliefs (even science)involve a story or belief of separation; All these stories and beliefs say At the beginning their was unity or perfection. Even geography, Earth was first a Pangaea. then it separated into the continents we know today. Religions: god separated the earth from the sky, light from dark. even in physics, all of the fundamental forces were unified and throughout the change of space or distance In the initial start of the universe (big bang), the fundamental forces separated and particles were able to form atoms which make molecules. these molecules make planets that make solar systems which galaxies that make clusters of galaxies and that makes universes. and these fundamental forces that naturally dictate the motions of the planets, the solar systems, the galaxies, the clusters of galaxies , the universe or multiverses, are separated from the forces that dictate the micro; if we go in reverse the planets, the molecules, the atoms, the particles, the sub atomic particles, the quarks, the gluons and leptons, bosons and so on. Everything as we farr as we know is dependent on the others dependency of itself. Like with Red there is Violet, With happiness there is sadness, It is just a spectrum of Light or energy that is already unified or connected. it is us who make theories or beliefs or religions that we consider is separated while they all try to answer the same question. How did we come into existence? We are the ones that categorizes and separate each into its independent emotion.

    Truly, as a person who as studied, who as weaved in and out many times of different beliefs. and with those same passions drove me to discovery were the same passions that tore me apart from them. I put my belief and observations or even the scientific method before all else in many different scenarios and I realized.... they are all correct and they are wrong. It all depends on the season. or the time and the place. which science does cover in the theory of relativity and so does the bible in Ecclesiastes.

    I've come up with my some equations and theories from observations of the hubble telescope. (the same picture you have as your background (pillars of creation)) that cover the interdependence of every force of nature. and it lead me to a path that lead me here in this Now. In this Now I have a past... and I have a future; but like an eye of the storm, things and my own history might change it is only I and my memory that stays the same... my Dreams and awakenings overlap where...even I... am living in an American dream that is a matter of my own reality....

    1. all in all.... I am looking for an answer as well... In this Now I have been focusing on Love... Like you taught me Long ago...

    2. I just started reading a book that explains our seeming seperateness and yet shows in easy to understand quantum physics how we are all connected.
      It's called 'Reality Unveiled' by Ziad Masri.
      By the way I love Suzanne's 5 book series. How it trains our brains/thinking to connect with our multidimensional selves. A few parts are difficult to understand but I just keep reading and have found many gems which I refer to in my conversations with my spiritual friends in Unity church and Spiritualist church.

  6. I think the answer for everything IS "Love"... (In Love there is Unity) thank you for the nice message ! Have a nice day ! Rita from Belgium

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