Monday, April 18, 2016

The Portal of Light by YOU and your Higher Voice



By YOU and your Higher Voice

It seems very close now
While it also seems far

When Gaia transmutes

Who lives on a star?
And, how do we do it?

But, because of our life “here”
Our form filled with fear

“Fear of what?” asks our higher voice.
“Did you not remember you have a choice?”

“We’re here to help release your fear.
So it is OUR voice that you must hear.”

“Thank you so much,” We shout in joy.
But, perhaps that voice was just a ploy?

When has life ever been that easy?
When are things so bright and breezy?

“It was always is,” laughs our higher voice.
“What you did not hear is, you have a choice.”

“If you believe my voice is true
Then, you’ll know what YOU can do

“When you listen with your heart
You’ll find a place where you can start

“This place is deep inside your Being
It’s beyond your hearing and your seeing

 “When you listen from inside your heart
You’ll know the ending and the start

“From the YOU who’s regained your Sight
You’ll find your portal filled with light

“Before your vision had been blocked
And your higher mind was also locked

“NOW, the light that still surrounds you
Reveals to you just what you can do

“When you let this higher light in
It shows you how you can begin

“On this journey set before you
You’ll know how much you can do

“If you listen to what we say
You will know that you are on your way

“Into and through your Portal of Light
That shines so strong and very bright

“Your hope is that it is your “NOW”
As you are still not sure about the “How”

“How do you get to where you are going?
And keep your heart engaged and glowing?

“How can you find and show the way
To find and live this “Brand New Day?”

“The night is now ending
While separation is blending

“As the HERE and the NOW
Are showing you how

“To live a new life
Free of burden and strife

“It NOW is your chore
To land on the shore

“Of the dimension above
Where you all live in love.

“But can you release all fear and all sorrow?
Can you enter the light and find your tomorrow?”

You cry out again, “We need your help now.
Please come here and show us, as we still don’t know how.”

“Why have you forgotten?” says the voice from above.
You stop and you listen, for the voice holds such love.

As you see and you listen
Your heart starts to glisten

For at least you are FREE
To remember to SEE

That the voice from above
Is YOUR SELF filled with love!


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  1. om namastè
    kundalini' ki jay
    we are all ONE
    please let's focus on what we have in common not diversity
    now is the time

  2. seems we are on the same page ...poetry..awareness............


  4. so beautiful. Thank you Marie

  5. Oh man this is great-you got it going on Sue-what a ride-thank you for your service-this is lovely...