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Unconditional Love for Our Self ~ Chakra Seven


Hello everyone,

I wish to thank you for your wonderful dedicated participation in our 7 Minutes ~ 7 Chakras ~ 7 Weeks of Unconditional Love project as we reach our final chakra. So far, we have logged over 267,890 minutes of unconditional love throughout these seven weeks! Let's see how many more minutes we can add as we complete this final week and wrap up the process. I invite you to join us for our "Grand Finale Webinar" that we will be offering on Saturday, February 27, 2016, at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time. You will find more details at the bottom of this page. 
Thank you again and again! It has been a joy reading your wonderful comments and seeing the same names again and again. Together WE are "Birthing New Earth," and we are doing so with the Unconditional love we have for our SELF. 
I hope to see you in the webinar. If you sign up, you will receive the recording even if you are not able to join the meeting.
Unconditional Love to you all.
Suzanne Lie

Unconditional Love for Our Self



Transcript for Meditation

Chakra #7

I just discovered something I had written back in September 2012, that had become lost in the midst of all the many things that I had received and I realize that I couldn’t begin to understand it then.  So it just got put away.  But as things do appear to us when it is the Now for them to be shared – this appeared to me.

I will read it now …

My mind swept through reality after reality as if I was searching for something or someone.  It was as if I was in a holocaust running a holographic reality within my own mind.   I knew that I was creating this experience as I could hear the Arcturians reminding that I was the creator of my life.  I was recovering realities that I had created.

I was a Pleiaidan at first, but as my resistance to this experience diminished, I fully surrendered to my process.  I saw realities in which humans, Antarians, Sirians, Tau Centians, Lemurians and Atlanteans were all working in a unity consciousness to assist Gaia.

These great beings were all there, and I know that was what I was searching for.  However, in the reality that I thought I was in, Atlantis had not happened nor had many of the timelines within my third dimensional memory.

Within this realization, I switched into a reality that I’d never heard of called Earth.  However, once the reality came into my imagination mind and consciousness,  I was there within that timeline.  For an instant, I was in a completely different timeline.  Then I began to randomly shift through realities in different timelines which I had never known existed before this vision.

What could be the point of this vision, I thought.  I heard the Arcturians say, “Be careful.”  What was I to be careful about?  And then I found out.  The worlds began to coarse through my mind faster and faster until they all blended into one.  I guess I would have to say – a fountain.  The reality shifted so fast that they formed interconnected circles which moved deeper and deeper into my core. 

My Core – it felt like my core was filled with Light.  But actually it was more Light than I could contain.  I felt a sudden eruption as if a fountain had been turned on and many, many lives joined into one force of energy and rushed up my core like an erupting volcano.  And it flowed up through my crown like a huge fountain of Light.  The Light spray from the core rushed out in all direction.  I could see the higher and higher frequencies of reality as brilliant images, many possible, parallel and alternate worlds began to take a semblance of form.

Then suddenly everything stopped.  The images froze in place, and all the worlds stopped their rotation.  All the images were completely still ~ except for the image of myself.  However, this image was without form.  It was the image of a swirling energy field filled with myriad images.

I moved from image to image observing.  War stopped and bombs in mid-air, parades of marches with one foot on the ground, starships stopped in space with everyone and everything frozen in place.  “What happened?”, I asked.  The invisible Arcturian said, “You have left time.” 

To my surprise, I totally understood that concept.  The world was still because there was no time to move the inhabitants from place to place.  I peeked into many realities and realized that they were moving so slowly to me that I had to observe them for a “long” time to watch one step being taken.  I looked down to see my still body being surrounded by myriad bubbles of reality that floated through the streams of Light flowing from my core.

I decided to enter one of these dreams and found myself inside six-dimensional creatures that preferred to live within the Light network of the mothership.  In fact, they had much to do with the ship being alive for their sixth-dimensional energy field was always moving and enlightening the life force of the ship. 

The sixth-dimensionals are the epitome of collective consciousness.  For a flash of the Now, I experienced the Unity Consciousness of being a sixth-dimensional being.

And then – I was awake or I was awake when I was asleep.  As I slowly awakened, I heard …

 “Listen to the quiet as it floats throughout the air. 

Listen to the quiet, you can hear it everywhere. 

Listen to the quiet, it will take you if you dare. 

Once you listen to the quiet, it’s a message you can share. 

The quiet will remain inside the moment your heart hears it.  It’s fine to do, it’s yours to take - there is no need to fear it. 

The quiet is a force; it is the core of Life and Love.  It is a part of deep inside and comes from far above. 

If you listen to the quiet, you will find there is much to say. 

If you hear the quiet deep inside it will take the stress away.  When the stress is gone, you can hear the “you” – the One who lives inside. 

That One is there each time you laugh and holds you when you cry. 

If you listen to the quiet, you find it is within you. 

The quiet is the Still Small Voice that tells you what you can do.

 It will tell you how to listen and to understand the reason.  All life must have a certain flow and each moment has a season  - the season of your longing for the self you felt you lost when you took the path that was not you and now you feel so lost. 

But as you flow into the nowhere within your heart and mind, you may find that you are happy with the mystery you will find. 

Then, as the Captain of your Life, you will live within the Now to surrender all your questions as you will remember how.  How to be the one you are as you assist dear Gaia to be a Star.

LOCATION: The location of the seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is at the crown of the head, the location of our “soft spot” as an infant.
PETALS: The crown chakra is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus. When it is clear and open, it is our own personal Stargate, or vortex, into the higher dimensions.
NOTES AND MANTRA: The musical note for this chakra is B and the Mantra is “aum” or “ee” as in bee.
COLOR: The color for the seventh chakra is violet. Red, which is the lowest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just above infrared light, rules the root chakra. Conversely, violet, the highest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just below ultra-violet light, rules the crown chakra.
RULES: The crown chakra rules the cerebrum, top of head, entire brain, and nervous system. It is also said to rule the right eye. In Egyptian mythology, the opened Third Eye is called the Eye of Horus. The physical left eye rules the Moon and the feminine, manifest physical world, and the right eye rules the masculine, unmanifest spiritual world. Therefore, the Right Eye of Horus brings the Spirit down into matter and then feeds that Spirit into the Left Eye of Horus. In this manner, the Third Eye remains open, grounded in the physical world, and fully perceptive.
The more we “download” our higher dimensional powers into our physical body, the more it is essential that we are centered and grounded. If we plug in a small fan we do not need a third prong. However, if we are plugging in a powerful air conditioner we must have that third, grounding, prong or we can burn out the electrical system of our house. It is the same with our Soul’s house—our physical earth vessels—we must remain grounded or we can burn out the electrical system (the nervous system) of our physical body.
The crown chakra rules, not only our brain’s control of our entire nervous system, but also our Higher Self’s control of our entire physical incarnation. Once our crown chakra is open, we can become aware of our true “brain” (control mechanism) that exists beyond the limitations of the third and fourth dimensions. Our ability to perceive our physical life from that higher perspective allows us to gain access to our multidimensional consciousness. While in that multidimensional state, we have the ability to see the myriad forms of our existence in the many different planes and realities.
The crown chakra governs Cosmic Consciousness that is our connection to spiritual wisdom, aspirations, and knowledge of the Truth. From this perspective, we see ourselves as a spark of consciousness creating all and, paradoxically, “Being” ALL. From our Cosmic Consciousness, we are the dreamer dreaming a dream and realizing that all that is perceived is an extension of our SELF.
Just as the root chakra represents our connection to Divine Mother or Mother Earth, the crown chakra represents our relations with our Divine Father or Father Sky. Father Sky and Mother Earth join together, Spirit into Matter, to create their Child of Love— consciousness in a physical form. Mother Earth in our first chakra grounds our power and sends it up from the earth to join Father Sky in our seventh chakra. This rising Kundalini connects us with the energy that comes from the higher dimensions while it gives us the power, and responsibility, to, in turn, ground that energy in the physical plane.
Our relationship with our mothers is associated with our first chakra. If our bonding with our mother was not sufficient for our needs, we often feel cut off from our roots, and from our very physical life, and our attitudes toward home, security, and money are negatively influenced. Conversely, our relationship with our human fathers is associated with our seventh chakra. Since the crown chakra represents our unity with all life, we feel a sense of isolation from “God” and humanity if our bonding with our father is insufficient.
SENSE: Our multidimensional and extrasensory senses are ruled by the seventh chakra. Once this chakra is opened, our sense of empathy and unity expands. When we raise our consciousness, we experience another person, place or object as if we are inside of them or as if we are “being” them. It is important, then, that we remember that with this power comes responsibility. We should activate these senses only to provide help or healing— NEVER for mere curiosity or with any malicious intent.
Compassion is the main sense that develops as our crown chakra opens. We have two kinds of compassion: Crown Compassion, which is more about perception and communication, and Heart Compassion, which is more about emotions and empathy.
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: The signs of Capricorn and Pisces rule this chakra; Capricorn rules inner viewing, concentration and the essential perception of matter by Divine Light, and Pisces rules dissolution of limits, devotion, and Oneness with ALL THAT IS.
ELEMENT: The element of this chakra is the Cosmic Energy, which is often experienced as an inner light emanating from the deepest part of our being. This Cosmic Energy, which rules the higher kingdoms and stems from the Source, feels like an ultimate intelligence and a sense of all knowing. When our crown chakra opens we can also experience the complete isolation and blackness of the Great Void.
This Void, which resonates just below the fifth dimension, represents the raw potential for all that can, or will be. The total darkness is representative of the center of a seed before it opens into the light of manifestation. when we can perceive from our crown chakra, we can identify both extremes of all polarities.
The opening of the crown chakra expands our perception into the fifth dimension where there are NO polarities. Therefore, there are many paradoxes associated with this chakra as it represents the “end of all paradox”. As we travel through the higher dimensions, it is important that we release all judgments associated with the polarities of light and dark. We must instead consult our own inner knowing and higher consciousness to navigate us through our inner worlds. Eventually, we will all be aware of our fifth dimensional selves; they know no judgment and hold no fear. For what is judgment, if not a form of fear?
CONSCIOUSNESS: Since our crown chakra represents our multidimensional consciousness, as we open this chakra our reality will no longer be limited to the third and fourth dimension. When our brow chakra, the sixth chakra, opens we begin to travel into the higher sub planes of the fourth dimension. With the opening of our seventh chakra, and the subsequent activation of our Third Eye, our consciousness can now enter the fifth dimension. It is then that the many realities around and within us gradually become consciously apparent to us.
The process of our awakening begins with expanding the consciousness of our physical selves and working to clear our etheric bodies. Then the astral, the mental, the causal and the spiritual I AM consciousness can align themselves in preparation to ascend into the fifth dimension. Until we reach the fifth dimension we can “work” towards enlightenment, but from the fifth dimension on, we must simply “BE”. “Doing” is not important then; consciousness alone is important. And finally, in the sixth and seventh dimensions even consciousness is not important as there is only the “Isness”, the “Nowness” and the “Hereness.”
To experience the worlds beyond the lower fifth dimension, we must release ALL desire, even for “good” or “right,” for there is no polarity. Therefore, there is no good or bad, right or wrong. To travel the higher dimensions, an empty mind is needed, a mind that is not longing for anything, not waiting for anything, even Truth or enlightenment. This “empty mind” just IS. It is without longing, without desire, and without wish. Then, suddenly, you are there, and even the cosmos is gone.
PERSONAL TIME LINE: The crown chakra represents the stage in our life when we are SELF-realized. We no longer need the polarities of male or female, human or divine. We understand that this physical reality is but one small segment of our total SELF, and we realize that we chose to incarnate during this space and time to fulfill our Mission, our reason for embodiment.
Riches and adulation from others is no longer a driving force because we know that completion of our mission may or may not be recognized on the physical plane. We also know that when we stay attuned to our inner guidance, our ego’s needs and fears will be balanced with love, and all will be revealed to us within the proper Time.
This detachment does not mean that we are disassociated from our human self. So long as we wear a physical form, there is a portion of us that remains limited to the rules of the third dimension and separated from our total SELF. However, when the crown chakra is open and our Third Eye is functioning, we can view our reality from the perspective of our Higher Self. Then we can give our often struggling human self the unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness that is ALWAYS needed and deserved.
In this stage of our life, we realize that the third dimension is a hologram of our own illusions set forth so that we can learn and grow. We are aware that the third dimension is now collapsing into the fourth and then the fifth dimension and we are active in the facilitation of this process. In fact, it is likely that we are now in the fourth dimension. How this changes our experience of “life” is for each of us to discover and, hopefully, share with others.
As we each awaken, it is our responsibility to assist in awakening others in the manner that our Soul directs. In this way, the planetary ascension can proceed. We are all One, and every time we help another we help ourselves. Paradoxically, every time we help ourselves, we help others.
SOCIAL TIME LINE: When enough of our Earth’s population opens their crown chakra and activates their Third Eye, Earth’s collective consciousness will reach the fifth dimension. We then will become a Galactic Civilization with full awareness of the life forms on other dimensions, planets, and worlds. We will no longer need to wage war against each other, as we will realize that we are the United Peoples of Earth. We are one family, not only on our planet, but also in our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond.
From this state of consciousness, we no longer need to worship any beings that we consider “higher” than us, because we understand that we, too, have a “higher” portion of our own being that we can constantly, consciously access. Therefore instead of worship we commune and communicate.
ENDOCRINE GLAND: The crown chakra is ruled by the pineal gland. The pineal gland has photoreceptor cells which regulate the secretion of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates our circadian body rhythms, which are our rhythms of waking and sleeping, or consciousness in our outside world and consciousness in our inside world. The pineal gland is also the primary link between our Soul and our brain. It is, therefore, our gateway to multidimensional awareness.
Science and metaphysics agree that the pineal gland functions as a regulator of light and that it also plays a role in our reproductive cycle. Scientific research suggests that the pineal gland may function in converting neural information about light conditions into hormonal output.
In other words, when there is less light, the pineal gland produces more melatonin, and when there is more light, it produces less melatonin. This keeps us awake and functioning in the daylight and facilitates our sleep at night. The pineal gland also plays a significant role in sexual maturation as there is an abundance of melatonin in young children, which is believed to inhibit sexual development. The pineal gland shrinks as we enter our early teens and puberty begins.
Metaphysics teaches us that the pineal gland transduces Cosmic Light down from our fourth dimensional bodies into our physical vessel so that we can “download” it into our third dimensional consciousness. The pineal gland rules our biorhythms of feeling high/light and feeling low/dark.
Because we live in the “land of polarities, the crown chakra and its pineal gland is needed to blend the darkness of the Great Void with the Cosmic Light in order to integrate the entire spectrum of the constantly streaming, higher dimensions into our physical reality. Once the pineal gland has “downloaded” this energy, our pituitary gland can instruct the other endocrine glands to assist us in raising the vibrational patterns of our physical form.
NERVE PLEXUS: The crown chakra connects us to our Unity Consciousness. Therefore, this chakra rules our brain and entire nervous system.
CLEAR: When this chakra is clear we can receive cosmic energy to initiate the development of our Galactic Consciousness. In this state of consciousness we can perceive the Cosmic Love and the All-Knowing of our fifth dimensional SELF. This re- awakens our ability to perceive the patterns of cause and effect, as well, and the light matrixes that create the illusions of our holographic physical reality. This skill, however, is usually not remembered until we are able to release at least 51% of our programmed core beliefs in limitation and separation. The Path to Illumination is paved with patience, so we must be patient with ourselves regarding this issue.
Most of us have worn physical bodies thousands of times over millennia of time. Fortunately, with an opened crown chakra we can again access a sense of well-being, unity with all life, open mindedness and faith in ourselves and in our higher directives.
We then can gain enough peace of mind to listen to our Higher Self more and more frequently. It is our own Higher Self that will assist us in re-programming our minds to the daily acceptance and integration of our own divinity.
When we change our selves, our relationships with others change as well. When two people with clear crown chakras mix their energies, a soft golden light fills their auras as both people experience a deep sense of unity and communion. The three upper chakras of both people join in the communion/communication as the transference of wisdom is carried from third eye to third eye. This mutual communication is understood via the throat chakras and their heart chakras. This mutual language of love communicates in an empathic, telepathic manner.
UNCLEAR: Depression, a feeling of confinement, closed-mindedness, intense worry and anxiety, cerebral tumors, cranial pressure, headaches and migraines, mental disorders, scalp problems, and sleep disorders can result from an unclear seventh chakra. There can also be a fear of religion or spirituality, frustration and unrealized power, little joy in life, fearfulness of things that cannot be understood with the physical senses, and even schizophrenia.
When someone’s crown chakra is blocked, a very unpleasant muddy, dark curry color taints their crown chakra and their entire aura. When communicating with them, we may experience a tingling and prickling sensation in our crown, and we may feel a warning that psychic protection is needed. When two people communicate whose crown chakras are unclear, many misconceptions and misunderstandings are common. Their exchange may become adversarial with no evident means of understanding or effective communication.
EARTH CHAKRA: The seventh chakra of earth is said to be Mt. Fuji in Japan. Just as the crown chakra rules both the sense of isolation and unity, Japan was isolated for many years while the society was unified within itself. Mt. Fuji, or Fujiyama (yama means “mountain” in Japanese) has provided a spiritual basis for Japan since ancient times and pious people endured hardships for days in their quests to climb this sacred mountain. This mountain is a 12,380 foot high dormant volcano which is world-renown for its symmetry and serenity.
Mt. Fuji, as does the crown chakra, welcomes each new season in a beautiful and dramatic way. In spring, cherry blossoms burst into bloom at the foot of the mountain, followed by the flowering vermilion azaleas, which announce the coming of summer, and by July, the Alpine Roses start to bloom. By late August, summer is over and the Fire Festivals of Fujiyoshida celebrate the coming of winter and the end of all treks to Mt. Fuji’s peak.
DIMENSION: All Dimensions are ruled by this chakra, as it represents our full multidimensional consciousness.
SUMMARY: Just as many have climbed our personal Fujiyama to reach the peak, the opening of the crown chakra represents the culmination of Kundalini’s journey from our Root to the thousand-petal lotus in our Crown. This journey represents the completion of one world and the commencement of a new one. That world, of course, was always there, but we have forgotten it. We forgot where we came from, and we forgot the great glory and complexity of our true SELF.
The opening of the crown chakra represents the termination of our ability to live as a victim to the illusions of our physical life. Yes, we are still human. We still live within our corporeal body and are, therefore, subject to fall into the dramas of our separate, limited self. However, we are no longer live in it.
We have kissed the ONE and we are left with our Divine Discontent fully activated. This “discontent” is like a homing beam that pulls us in the direction of our core energy frequencies. Now our Homes in the stars, in other galaxies, and in other dimensions, call us continuously and implore us to return. That is, to return and yet stay; return Home in our awareness and in our consciousness, yet stay in the third dimension where we are actively living our Mission.
Now that we remember who we are, we are beginning to remember why we came here. There is one Mission that we all have in common, that is the mission to ground the vibrations of our Homes in the higher dimensions into our daily lives. Each dimension has a different resonant frequency. Resonant frequency is the base line frequency or center frequency.
Within each dimension or personal consciousness there is a resonant or primary frequency, or vibratory rate. This frequency is higher on days when we are filled with love and lower on days when we are filled with fear. In other words, our third dimensional self will fluctuate in frequency from “survival” to “peak experience”.
Our personal resonant frequency, or frequency signature, is often determined and/or measured by our brainwaves. (Brainwaves are covered in length in the Physical Body Door of the Conscious Section under “States of Consciousness.”) Opening the crown chakra allows us to access our Delta waves while we are still somewhat aware of our physical body. These brainwaves are the “homing beam” that allows us to access our SELVES existing on other stars, galaxies and dimensions.
Once we access these portions of our total SELF, we can develop a relationship with them. These higher SELVES permit us to see our world from their perspective. To perceive the separation and limitation of the physical world from a portion of our SELF that lives beyond just illusion is the beginning of our Galactic Consciousness.
As we communicate more with these higher dimensional portions of our SELF, the veil between the words begins to thin, and our perspective of all life is raised above the third dimension. That is how we become aware of the causes of our problems that have stemmed not from this life’s childhood but from other third and fourth dimensional lives (often known as “past lives”), as well as other parallel realities. Fortunately, by this time we can also access our SELF to assist us in understanding and integrating this multidimensional information.
Our connection to our greater SELF, our Soul, gives us the support and courage to consciously remember the root life in which we first experienced the fear that has echoes through many other lifetimes. This “first time” that we had an extreme negative experience often creates an engram, which is like scar tissue in our Soul.
This engram programs our Soul to recreate that experience over and over until it is resolved. Once we have journeyed in our consciousness into the realities in which these patterns first began, we can call upon our Higher Self to balance that pain and fear with Unconditional Love. Our Soul has recreated these situations in life after life so that we can gain mastery over these emotions and situations.
Once love has balanced fear, our resonate frequency can rise through out ALL our lives in all dimensions, times, and locations. We receive our connection to this Unconditional Love, on a daily basis, once our High Heart is opened. Our physical heart resonates to the color green. This portion of our heart chakra rules our human love. Human love can be courageous and selfless, or fearful and selfish. On the other hand, our High Heart resonates to unconditional love and compassion. Our High Heart is located just above and in front of our physical heart in our fourth dimensional etheric body. Our High Heart resonates to the color pink.
Unconditional love is based on compassion. With this compassion, we can unconditionally love, unconditionally accept and unconditionally forgive all life. All of us, no matter how spiritual or self-realized, have difficult times in our physical lives. It is in these times that we are challenged to accept the unconditional love and compassion of our Higher Selves into our physical awareness so that we may receive its love and comfort. We have been trained that it is divine to suffer. Now we must rewrite that limitation to the truth, which is that we no longer need to suffer because we ARE divine.
It is our open crown chakra that initiates this process of “releasing suffering.” The crown chakra is the center of paradox—light and dark, known and unknown. The great love of the Cosmic Light brings us Unconditional Love and the great darkness of the unknown can bring Enormous Fear. From standing in the absolute center between light and dark, known and unknown, in the center of the open thousand-petal lotus, we can see that they all are merely different extremes in the illusion of physical life.
From the perspective of our opened crown chakra, we are in constant contact with the assistance and understanding of our fifth dimensional selves. Therefore, they can give us understanding, love and compassion to assist us when we become fearful or confused. With their assistance we are able to see the big picture that allows us to remember that we chose to enter our physical life to fulfill a Mission. We will still feel the emotions of fear, anger and sorrow because we are wearing our earth vessel. However, even if no one in our physical reality can help, we can ALWAYS receive what we need to complete our initiation from our own inner guidance.
Multidimensional healing is the process of finding the original cause of all our “life issues”. We have been reliving these issues over and over, in this life and in other lives. These core beliefs in separation and limitation have keep us asleep and battling the worlds around us as well as within in. When we can heal these issues at the core, that is the first life in which they were experienced, we can change many of our realities at the same time.
Once the first experience is healed, then the patterns that have resonated through out many other lives can easily been seen. When we can consciously perceive the patterns of our behavior, then we can begin to “catch our selves in the act” so that we can change. However, even though these patterns will diminish, they will not completely leave because it is these issues that are tied to our Mission. The issues that we have worked on life after life are the core of our service to others, to the planet and to our Higher Self.
It is through healing ourselves that we can learn to heal others. Once we have faced our Dark Side, our fear greatly diminishes. After all, is it not the “enemy within” that causes the greatest threat? This release from fear gives us greater courage to continue our own personal healing and to assist in the healing of others and our planet. We all chose to come here from the higher dimensions to assist in this great time of transformation. Just as we have had lives where we “fell into the darkness”, we have also had lives in which we were Spiritual Initiations. Upon the completion of these spiritual lives we consciously returned Home to a higher dimension.
Through connection, communication, and deep understanding of these “Initiate lives” we can access and remember the innate power that we were born with. These powerful lives will also introduce us to our higher-dimensional, intergalactic selves. Every time that we interact with these higher portions of ourselves we download a bit of their frequency rate. For example, if we have a bowl of ice (our densest physical self) and we subject it to steam (our highest, formless self), the ice will turn to water, which is the pure essence of both the ice and the steam and the midpoint between the two.
In other words, the two polarities working against each other will move us into the center point, the fulcrum point, and the point of balance. This center point is the point of power because it is the point from which we can see both sides. Being able to see both sides, both extremes, allows the detachment that creates compassion. Compassion opens us up to our higher worlds because it frees us from the dramas of our physical self. Compassion lifts us out of the third dimensional matrix and into our multidimensional perspective. Then we can view the third and fourth dimensional polarities around us without getting stuck in them. We are then “in the world, but not of it”.
From this center point, we are free to experience the worlds below us (the ice) and the worlds above us (the steam) while we remain in the center (the water). The center point is the flow, the point of surrender—surrender to our Soul. This is the place without emotional charge, negative or positive, that loosens us from the constraints of our old beliefs in separation and limitation. From this place we can fall into the flow, surrender to the NOW, unite with the Oneness, and allow our Soul to become the Captain of our Earth Vessel.
The more individuals who are able to hold this center point, the more we all will experience the paradigm shift out of materialism into spirituality, out of limitation and separation, and into the Oness, Hereness, and Nowness of our true nature. Each time any one of us communes with our Higher Self and downloads our higher dimensional resonance into our physical bodies, we contribute not only to our personal ascension but to the planetary ascension as well.
TOGETHER we will each discover our own personal puzzle piece, and then connect it to the whole. Then, as a planet, and as a species, we can create Heaven on Earth.
How many minutes will we all spend collectively in unconditional love? As we begin the final week of our 8-week process, we are currently at 267,890!

Help us celebrate on Saturday.

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  1. Thank you Mrs Lee for being in my life. Love from Greece*

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  3. What a surprising ending this 7th Chakra meditation is!! It has been a fabulous journey with growth and understanding at every chakra. I know my beingness much better now. Each chakra was a journey into itself. Loved the interview with Steve as well. I'm blown away as usual with your message, your sense of humor and playfulness, and most of all the wisdom you share with us on behalf of our beloved Gaia. As for the 7th chakra, as we used to say back in the day...FAR OUT!!!

  4. Be the real me is now my daily proposal! Let my multidimensional self guide any adventure I face in all the dimensions I live is my present challenge! Always high gratitude for helping us to reawaken to our real nature!

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    I wanted you to know, that lately your teksts (that I always find transcribed on a Dutch forum) make my computer crash. This never happens....but since two weeks this occurs when i scroll through your information. I think it is weird...and wanted you to know, that this is a happening reality (at my Mac maybe at other computers as well). Just that you are aware of this.
    I see you have the same teksts on diferent socialmedia I will check if a same mysterical bug is here at work too .... hope not, cause i really like to be filled in with your information. ThXs and greetings Hassie Dune (Amsterdam)

  9. Your meditation: What an absolutely fitting (though surprising) final culmination!


  11. would like to thank you so much about these different kind of things what you are doing unselfishly for all of us and mother Gaia. I really appreciate a lot of this work. I have tried to figure out what is my "job" in this process with Gaia. How may I serve?

    I like to tell you that I have listened every day these meditations and sometimes reading them like you gave instructions to do. This journey has been full of different kind of feelings between ups and downs. I have released lot of emotions, pains from my body and mind. Sometimes I feel really confused. After all balance is coming between these two polarities - like you wrote in introduction of seventh chakra.

    Thank you about these words because for me it's difficult to use right words right now when I try explain that for you. This is the first time for me that I really enjoy to follow writings about The Arcturians and all other beings in universe. Your writings are filled with love, hope and compassion. I have tried to read some text before but I feel some kind of fear or mystique feeling behind everything. I hope you understand what I mean. I don't want to be impolite toward anybody. Maybe now it's just right time for me to become more aware of these things. It has been easier for me "understand" angels and unicorns and human kind of ascented masters.

    I just got an information that I'm avatar of Alureo in my human body. I have connection to starship and sometimes I can see little bit how it looks like inside. Not so much yet. Little by little. I feel really thankful and blessed that I have this kind of opportunity to live in this moment, in this now.

    Many blessings from Finland

  12. Oh, the topic of the fountain makes me recall a time within the past couple of years that I received a message from my guidance about actually building a fountain. I wonder if this is what they meant? Wow, this is great! Thank you for sharing this message and for leading us on such a great process.

  13. om
    kundalini ki jay
    om nama om
    ital. transl . on request
    benevolent cooperation always


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