Sunday, February 14, 2016

Unconditional Love for Our Self ~ Chakra Six


Dear Readers, 
We have moved beyond our personal self, who is represented by our first Five chakras and into our Multidimensional Self, who is represented by our Sixth and Seventh Chakras. Therefore, the meditations for unconditionally loving these chakras will be less about our personal self and more about discovering, releasing and living the Unconditional Love, Multidimensional Power and Infinite Wisdom of our TRUE Multidimensional SELF. Thank you all for continuing this process through your childhood, adulthood and into your true Multidimensional SELF. 

Unconditional Love for Our Self


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Chakra 6 Meditation Transcript

I’m experiencing recognition of something inside of me that I know has always been there, but I can’t quite explain it.  I am not sure what I am explaining, but I think it is a feeling.  How does one explain a feeling...and this feeling does not feel human?  At least it does not feel like a third-dimensional human with all of those limitations.

Maybe, hopefully, it is a “me” that is in a transitional frequency between the third-dimensional and the fifth dimension. Yes, that is it.  It is as if I am remembering something that I had tried to forget.  I don’t know why I had tried to forget this reality because the glimmer of it is so very special. 

However, I can’t say that I am sure about this feeling.  In fact, the more I know about this feeling – the more I know I don’t know.

I’ve had instructions, intuitions and transmissions – whatever I call it now, that there is something forming inside of me.  This inside of me merely means that I am finally owning that everyone I hear, everyone I channel, everyone I write, everyone I experience is a version of “me.” 

What if all these versions, all of these lifetimes, all of these possible realities came into the now?  What if all the things that we have separated with time started to flow into each other?  How would they feel? 

We have been able to separate the challenges of the third-dimension by separating them into bite size pieces.  However, that tactic has just created more illusions as unity is the key that will open the door to the puzzle of us becoming our true multi-dimensional self in our daily lives. 

By design, we all chose separate, individual lives and interests so that each of us has our own piece of a greater puzzle.  But now, our puzzle pieces are being called to join into the whole of Gaia’s sentient being.

When we started this puzzle, uncountable lives ago, we only thought about humans that look like us, spoke our language if we had one because we all lived in one small cave.  Even then, we had separate caves from separate tribes.  Now we must realize that we must now release that habit because none of us are different inside of our self. 

We are the same being wearing very different costumes that we think of as our physical body.  Some of these costumes aren’t even humanoid.  Some of these costumes are cetaceans; some of these costumes are feline.  Some of these costumes are canines.  Some of these costumes are reptilian or insectoid.  The list goes on and on. 

It is the Now to take off these costumes and see All as pure consciousness, as pure Light and as pure Spirit. Why is it socially acceptable to be scared, depressed, anxious or sick when it appears to be socially unacceptable to be a member of our own Multidimensional SELF?

What if we were to be totally honest and said something like, “Hi, my name is Sue Lie, and I am human, Arcturian, Pleiadian with some Sirian and a bit of Draconian and also Zeta.  I also have a strong strain of Antarian, a dash of Andromedan.  And, oh yes I am currently wearing a third-dimensional humanoid form on a small planet called Earth.”

It seems that Earth is all abuzz because the members of that planet are starting to consider the possibility of personal and planetary Ascension.  Of course, that is just a small percentage of those humans because many others think that they are only human. 

I hope that they do not become too upset when they find out differently.  For those who are afraid to change a job that they hate, I can only imagine how terrifying it would be for them to accept that their entire reality is changing.

I realize now what is changing inside of me.  I just can’t hide anymore.  As much as I can say very unusual things on the blog, I usually hold back—just a bit.  I try to step it down a bit so people don’t get frightened, don’t get scared.  But the people who have been afraid of change will be much more afraid if they do not realize that something is different.

No, it is not physical.  It is, however, psychological and spiritual.  But at the same Now, it is all for these things at once.  It is as if we are going through a reset just as they, wherever and whoever they are – are talking about a financial reset – some of us are more engaged in a consciousness reset.  Instead of trying to get what we always wanted in the third-dimension, we are wanting to follow that feeling that is deep inside and all around us.

When we are tired, sick, emotional, sleepy or hungry – in other words, when our Earth vessels need our attention, we forget about this new feeling.  Yes it is a new feeling.  However, for us who have been on this path of recognizing our fifth-dimensional perceptions – this feeling feels like it is very old.  It feels like it has always been there, but it is just Now that we are just recognizing it.

We don’t always know how or why or even what is different.  But inside we feel something in our core that we have never felt before not in any of our myriad realities and myriad timelines have we felt this experience unless we have been honored enough to personally experience a human Ascension. 

Of course, we were not any more just human then we are NOW.  But we were wearing a human Earth vessel.  Therefore, we believed that we were just human.  And what we believe we perceive.

It takes a great deal of courage to see the full multi-dimensional perspective of life while we are still wearing an Earth vessel.  However, we must come to that degree of conscious awareness of our true selves if we are going to make this transmutation into our true fifth-dimensional Light body.

So here we are in this Now – in this state of consciousness in which we know that something is very different, and we are here to realize that each of us knows just what we know.  We are puzzle pieces that we need to unite with each other in order to take all of our puzzle pieces and put them together to get this full picture of what is actually occurring within our reality.

One more thing to remember is that our reality is changing so fast that we cannot become attached to any given version of our personal and even our possible reality or we might “miss the bus” of this new reality that we are creating inside our self. 

We are all of the same degree of importance.  We are all the pebbles that create the beach of the millions of stars that fill the sky.  We are all Earth and we are all Spirit.  We are all the Spirit of Gaia. And the Spirit of Gaia is all of Us.

We are the persons who Unconditionally Love this Planet that is our Home.   And when we return to our starships that we so desperately miss, we will meet each other in the holosuite of third-dimensional Earth to discuss with each other what a fantastic job Gaia did of being a planet. 

We will laugh and talk about how we humans were meant to be the keepers of the land and how some of us humans were able to remember that Gaia was our Earth mother.

Yes, of course anyone interested in this transmission loves Mother Gaia and does their very best to fulfill the contract to Gaia that they, that you, that we are now in this process of fulfilling as we transmute our beloved third-dimensional Gaia into her fourth-dimensional expression and her fifth-dimensional expression. 

We remember that we have come into our current Earth vessels to assist Gaia in any we know because we have joined the Unity consciousness of “I came for Gaia.” 
And I, We, All of us are here Now for Gaia.

A circle surrounds the symbols for the first five chakras. This is not the case with the sixth and seventh chakras because these two chakras represent the expansion of our consciousness beyond the confining “circle” of our third dimensional self.
LOCATION: The location of the sixth chakra, also known as the Brow Chakra, is between the eyes in the center of the forehead.
PETALS: There are ninety-six petals in this chakra. These turning petals accelerate into a swirling vortex when the Third Eye is opened.
NOTES AND MANTRA: The note for this chakra is high A, and the mantra is “aum”, “om”, or “mmm”. The mantra “om” is used by many traditions to achieve theta wave consciousness.
COLOR: The color for the brow chakra is indigo. The children being born now are called the “Indigo Children” because they are born with their Third Eye fully opened. It will be our challenge to protect these children from our dangerous world until they are old enough to become our leaders.
RULES: The sixth chakra rules our intuition and imagination and is associated with the parts of our consciousness concerned with a spiritual view of life. This chakra is sometimes known as the Home of Spirit, as it has the ability to inform us of the motivation behind actions. Through the sixth chakra we can observe the outer theater of life from an inner point of view. Inner vision is also ruled by this chakra. Through meditation upon our brow chakra, we can gain great inspiration and the vision of our purpose and destiny.
This brow chakra rules our sleeping dreams. There are three kinds of dreams:
1 Our unconscious dreams, which bring old issues up from our subconscious so that we can gain a clearer understanding of how we really feel instead of how we “should” feel. We can perceive these dreams as nightmares or as opportunities to be conscious of our own darkness so that it can be healed and released.
2 Our conscious dreams, which are often dress rehearsals for what we are doing or trying to do in our waking life. After having these dreams we may feel tired, as if we have been working all night, and in a sense, we have been.
3 Our superconscious dreams, which allow us to have actual waking journeys through the inner planes. It is important to write out these dreams and integrate them into our everyday lives for they are actual, spiritual guidance.
Even if a dream is not remembered, it still releases psychic tension. Research has show that people who have received adequate sleep, yet have been deprived of dreaming, become disoriented and psychologically disturbed. It is even more beneficial if we learn to remember our important dreams, because they give us important information about our SELF.
There are two effective ways to remember our dreams. One, we tell ourselves upon falling asleep, “I will remember my dreams”. Two, before we open our eyes in the morning, we tell ourselves what our dream was. This activity transfers the dreams from our imagistic right brain to the language areas of our left brain. Then we can often remember the dream long enough to write it down. Some dreams are not difficult to remember and, in fact, haunt us until we process them until we fully understand their meaning.
SENSE: The last two chakras rule our higher senses. The sixth chakra rules our higher sense of telepathy, empathy, ESP, and all the other abilities that are latent within the 85% of our brain which we do not normally use.
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: The holistic thought and realization of inner correlations of Sagittarius/Jupiter, the divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge, and flashes of intuition of Aquarius/Uranus, and the imagination, intuition, and access to inner truths through devotion of Pisces/Neptune rule this chakra.
ELEMENT: The elements for the last two chakras are also metaphysical, or beyond the physical. The sixth chakra rules spiritual vision and inner sound.
CONSCIOUSNESS: This chakra rules the expansion of our third dimensional consciousness to encompass our conscious perception of the fourth dimension. This conscious perception of the fourth dimension means that we remember our inner travels, whether they are through sleep or meditation. It also means that we learn how to integrate the inspiration, illumination and knowledge we have gained into our everyday physical lives.
PERSONAL TIMELINE: The brow chakra represents the stage of life where we are self-realized adults and have learned to live in harmony with our expanded SELF and with others. Since we live in the third dimension, this does not mean that we never have problems but rather that we don’t see them as “problems”. Instead, we experience life’s difficulties as initiations through which we can grow and expand our consciousness. We realize that our true self is a multidimensional being who has spun a hologram of its essence into the lower dimensions to gather experiences. Our self-realized adult feels in unity with All That Is and is aware of the responsibilities of that unity.
SOCIAL TIMELINE: The time era best represented by the brow chakra is the hopeful near future. If we can survive the challenges of today and connect to the consciousness of Earth, Lady Gaia, we shall experience the profound union of Planetary Civilization. At this time, that possibility looks a bit grim, but we must remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn.
We have been informed for many decades now that we are moving into a Golden Age where we shall live in constant connection with our multidimensional self. There are many of us who have that experience in this year of 2001, but there are many more who do not. If we can consciously merge with God/Goddess/All That Is, and surrender to that Oneness, we shall be free of the fear of this hologram and choose the reality where we knowingly move onto fourth and fifth dimensional Earth.
ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine gland for the sixth chakra is the pituitary gland. This gland is discussed in depth in “Opening the Third Eye.”
NERVE PLEXUS: The nerve plexus for this chakra is the carotid plexus, which rules the nerves of face, sinuses, vision and hearing.
CLEAR: When this chakra is clear there are enhanced intellectual and psychic abilities. Our memory is good and our perceptions are accurate. Through our ability to consciously travel into the higher dimensions of our inner reality, our ability to visualize is amplified, our imagination is expanded and we are able to project our visions and imaginations into our outer world. Our sinuses are clear and our hearing and vision is amplified by our ability to use our innate inner senses to amplify the information gained by our five physical senses.
UNCLEAR: When the sixth chakra is unclear we have difficult focusing in life, we can have mental health problems, we may be detached and distant from others and we suffer from intellectual stagnation. We may suffer headaches and fuzzy thinking as well as sinus problems, headaches, and vision and hearing problems.
EARTH CHAKRA: It is fitting that the earth’s sixth chakra is located in the Himalayas, Tibet, as this is an area that has always cherished consciousness expansion and travel into the inner, higher planes of reality.
DIMENSIONS: The brow chakra rules the theta waves of our expanded awareness as well as intellectual and psychic excellence. This chakra represents our conscious exploration of the higher dimensions found within our SELF. Through meditation upon the sixth chakra we can open our awareness to encompass the fourth dimension up to the threshold of the fifth dimension.
SUMMARY: The sixth chakra represents the first step towards our journey Home. Once this chakra is opened, our higher senses are activated and our perceptions of life expand. We are no longer able to limit ourselves to the physical rules of separation from others and from SELF. We will never again experience physical life in the same way because we cannot limit ourselves to the “boxes” of mundane life.
Our journey has begun and Divine Discontent will overtake us if we try to turn away from our greater life. Fortunately, the reward is that our creativity is greatly enhanced as we tap into our inner storehouse of inspiration and illumination. We now seek within for our answers, and we use outer resources for validation rather than as our only source of information. The door to the fifth dimension stands ajar and we are tempted to enter.
Mundane life calls to us to continue as we did before, but we CANNOT. We are different and this difference must be expressed in our outer world in order for us to find peace. We search, inside and out, to find a life that fits this new resonance we have found within. Jobs change, friends change and relationships change. Eventually, we find new jobs, friends and relationships that can accept and appreciate our greater self, and happily, there are those who remain our true companions. With our expanded resources we find others to help us as we, in turn, help others.
We have stepped upon our Path to Soul, and we are going Home—Home inside our SELF.
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How do you experience unconditionally loving your self through your sixth chakra?
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  1. Wow, the synchronicity and expansion and entrainment just keeps flowing and rolling along. I am so grateful that you’ve begun to express the concept that we are all the “same” and a deeper call for unity and acceptance of oneness instead of separation -- and that diversity on its highest level is acceptance of oneness. Sounds like an oxymoron. But that oxymoron is creating the space to allow our questions to be answered and our “fear” to be transmuted. Oh my! How cool is that?


  2. ombliss
    i'd say very cool !!yes while flowing thru' chaos and some issues-rollercoaster contemporarily entrainment expansion syncs manifest more and more i'd say more than ever before in this Spyral-orbit...of a 3/4 D
    loop ...
    oxymoron yes :it is abridge beyond duality-opposites to Oness

    effectiveness all Kreation is PURE :ALL__
    i to feel like a living salad of so many and shifting aspects of/in the ONE at the moment
    i feel more some components: real self .Infinite spirit,this Sun,Venus,Alcyone,Altair,Antares,Arcturus,Andromeda ..
    in these days my spirit is selfdownloading into my 3D vessel: i must explain actually in this way my 3D body would explode .. what is really happening ? my spirit is merging my 3D ve4ssel into ITSELF : this is safe way ,possible way ,best way..
    this merging interaction is amazingly and globally (multiD) healthy inthe cosmic-infinite sense of this word .
    i appreciate the purity innocence opening-of-her-heart
    in Dr sue's
    sharing ..and i find it very impersonal i mean it seems a voice from a unity consciousness ..
    i myself feel like i am experiencing some new energies
    :we are relesing forgetfulness ,separation,falsehood
    we are integrating manifesting truth,oness ,remembering
    it is like if we are reconnecting to our real identity :the INFINITE
    WHICH is now bombing this sektor with ULTRA LIFEWAVES

    ok in this local 3/4D there's a mess around,chaos and so on (i too sometimes crawl among issues ..)
    but i can witness we have infinite power to accomplish any task also cause when egopersonal resources and powers appear like collapsing
    then always LIFE comes in our help in infinite forms ways ..these days beings from subtler primary-frequencies are very active and it seems always more ..(both Lightnd dark....)

    so we must be more sensitive accurate openminede open to change
    analize reprogram reset open our eye etc you know what i mean
    but i now mean it DEEPLY WITHIN

    i have been strongly recommended to live and to advice others to live
    in absolute
    honesty truth sensitivity purity
    sincerity objectivity'
    and to be aware that within us live and steal/waste energies :
    too many conscious and uncoscious(without wanting it ..)INTERNAL and EXTERNAL false data ,attachments,implants,devices,false guides in all dimensions ...
    yes some say we chose the most difficult last level of this local videogame ,to become more dependable for us for all ..

    see you soon
    we exist
    weare aware of existence
    existence's essence may
    described as infinite BLISS

    if we are on that station /channel otherwise we can have infinite more experiencies of the same
    in which of which we are now here too
    thank you

    1. please forgive writing errors
      light language embedded is more accurate
      3D hologram collapsing
      light comin in

  3. Truly beautiful, Sue, thank you. I'm here for Gaia and I know that the more I open my chakras and my heart, Gaia does, too. The puzzle pieces of the dimensions and of each being, human and otherwise, fit.

  4. "What if we were to be totally honest and said something like, “Hi, my name is Sue Lie, and I am human, Arcturian, Pleiadian with some Sirian and a bit of Draconian and also Zeta. I also have a strong strain of Antarian, a dash of Andromedan. And, oh yes I am currently wearing a third-dimensional humanoid form on a small planet called Earth.”

    I say that kind of thing ALL THE TIME.

    "As much as I can say very unusual things on the blog, I usually hold back—just a bit."

    I NEVER hold back. Not even a bit.

    Shit, what was I going to ask you again.....oh yes --- PLEASE, for Source's sake (which is my own) PLEASE STOP saying the word, "myriad"!

    I've tried, so many years now....been so tolerant...tried to not see it even....the 100 billion times you've used it....just can't do it anymore....

    Here ~ I give you a really great word as a substitute:


    1. "There are many of us who have that experience in this year of 2001, but there are many more who do not. "

      Note the date, Raven, were you saying 'that kind of thing' and 'never holding back' in 2001? B.

  5. I''m catching up with my listening and I know I am clearly on the right path to my Ascension into my multi-dimensional reality with all the work I'm doing with the 7-7 listening. I am Blessed with these recordings from the Arcturians, my home planet, through you, Suzanne. Thank you. Helen

    "All what our hearts long for is already existing on certain levels
    and is fully coming into being as we proceed."


  6. Dear Suzanne,
    I am very lucky to find certain similarities with whatever I am doing Meditations on daily basis...
    The seat of our Spirit or Atma is the third Eye and we have to connect our Soul or Spirit with the Source which is far above beyond Sun & Moon and it.s The Supreme Soul which has connection with each & Every soul on our planet Earth so one can very well say Father God ..For our Return Journey to that Supreme soul where our Home is we have to be Pure at heart with Clean & Clear Mind & Intellect with Pure Diet, Good Thoughts, wishing well of Each & Every soul ,helping each one to become like Devi and Devta of the Gloden Age we will enter the New World becoming Godlike....
    So We have to make our connection with the Supreme soul and if possible do your duties making your connection by remembering our Our Father is Ocean of Peace, Knowledge, Happiness, Bliss, Prosperity, Light and All the Powerful....And we will bereceiving all such energies making a continuous Strong connection with that Supreme Power...getting all the virtues which he is a Ocean of .....We ill have then Blessings of all Powerful, Knowledgeful, Peaceful, Blissful, Full of Energies of Love & Light and all Happiness in our life and we can share all such virtues with other souls who have complete faith in such Super powers...
    And all these can be possible when we have our Open Third Eye Chakra....making it's connection with the Supreme Soul our Father who is waiting for us to welcome us at our Original HOME...
    Dr. Sohini Shukla.

  7. Dear Suzanne,
    I like the Article of " Wings Of Light " and I have published separately at certain places....
    Very perfect and very good explanations from you for easy Ascension...
    Thanks a lot for Every thing you have shared ...
    You have enter into my life as an Angel....
    Sending you lots of Love, Light & peace with prosperity.
    SohiniBen....Dr. Sohini Shukla...

  8. The throat chakra meditation has been very beneficial and insightful, thank you. You did a wonderful job.

    I've been recently guided to purchase an old aboriginal star rock, through a series of unexpected events. I have a strong aborignal past life connection and this deep inner desire to connect with aboriginal people.

    The star rock is very powerful something I've never experienced before. Just looking at a photo of the rock, I feel very connected and I've had two flash backs one of being in ceremony and being aboriginal. I think the rock allows me access a part of my higher self the aboriginal energy stream. I think the stone has downloads and possibly Pleiadian downloads as well. I've always been connected to crystals and rocks, but this is definitely a new level for me. Just connecting to the rock by a photograph I connect deeply with myself and have strong enery waves. I think the rock could be a portal as well. I haven't as yet asked the rock a question...that just came to me...perhaps I need to communicate with the rock.

    I got a little worried because the rock is arriving in a few days and I thought to myself what would happen when it arrives! I plan to send an email to people in Australia for some guidance and I thought you might find this of interest. My intention is to pass on the rock to aboriginal elders. I could send you a photo of the rock tomorrow. .on my mobile phone at the moment. It's exciting, interesting, very powerful and I got a little intimated by the power. I think it's a very old rock thousands of years old and I feel very connected to this rock. I got a little fearful as well.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. It's a new level of connection for me and I got a little worried.

    This all hapenned quite suddenly, and was really unexpected.

    I look forward to your next meditation which I will do very soon.


  9. Dear Sue,
    The feeling that I have is that this meditation is the easiest one of all, so far. What I mean by that is that it flows in my mind so easily... No need for too much concentration to understand and FEEL IT.

    The other interesting thing I have noticed is that that Feeling you talk about is so real within me. I have the impression, the sensation of living within that dimension, may be slightly above.

    I have, for instance, noticed recently that I sometimes hear voices about all kinds of subjects. Yes, I truly hear them inside my head (is it really my head !), and clearly. The first impression is ... hey, why do I hear, for instance, about people having a political conversation? It is as if my mind is in tune with that SOMETHING I still need to clearly identify (fascinating process...).

    Thank you for these meditations
    Rudy from Pointe-Noire (Congo)


  11. Very hard work to ground our multidimensionality but what an astonishing gift to live that step by step, simply letting everything be in our daily life! Now I am ready to fully embrace my real nature! Always high gratitude to you, Sue, and the Arcturians!

  12. Oh my God, such a resonance insight and the deep knowing of "knowing". wow. kisses

  13. My love and gratitude.

    It's so magic, blessings, blessings to we all.

  14. Am living much more in the NOW. Feel much more grounded in the NOW. I like living this way. It feels richer, more flowing and easier! Thank you Suzanne for this process. And thank you for my Arcturian connection that I have remembered.

  15. Recently, as I was in a higher state of consciousness, almost in the dream state, a gentle whisper of awareness arrived in my mind, and it asked, "Do you feel loved?" The question brought an immediate smile to my face with an overwhelming sense of joy and appreciation - for myself, for this process, for Gaia, and for each of you. What a gift it has been to be part of this beautiful, collective intent. Thank you Sue and the Arcturians!

  16. I stept a bit back from the I into the WE. And that feels good. Inside of US WE are the same unity. Also every single ONE is unique.

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