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Questions for the Arcturians--by Suzanne Lie and Free Arcturian MP3


Questions for the Arcturians

By Suzanne Lie

When my computer crashed, because of my mistake, I was talking to my friend, Shawnna, about the higher purpose of this “mistake.” We pondered that question because one the myriad “realizations” of our ascension process is that “there are NO mistakes or accidents.” We are the creators of our reality, whether that creation arises from our conscious or unconscious mind.

Therefore, we decided to ask the Arcturians about why “I dropped my computer,” which set into motion a huge challenge for me. I was in the middle of a big project, which I had to do via my iPhone and pad. I could never see the “big picture,” so I had to just “carry on” the best I could. I wish I could say that I was always calm and collected, but that was NOT true. I guess I needed to perceive my self in full drama mode.

Below is what the Arcturians said, as Shawnna recorded and transcribed their message…

Message from Arcturians on May 5, 2015

Sue: “Dear Arcturians, help me to understand why all of my technology has died.”

Arcturians: “During the time of "The Event," most technology will go down. Because everything will reboot into a higher frequency so all that you have held as security, ease, communication, necessary, and important will need to be released temporarily because you need to recalibrate to a higher perception of reality.

Within that interim, you will need to draw upon all that you have learned in your myriad incarnations on Earth, as well as in your ascension ride that is culminating into the higher frequencies of reality. You will be building the foundation for a new way of life.

Chaos always precedes change. To welcome the change you will need to also welcome the chaos. At the moment of “in between”, you will all step into that moment of being “in between.” In between is a 3D illusion, but it is a very powerful illusion and one that will be difficult for many of our grounded ones to release.

For all of your incarnations on physical Earth, you have lived in some degree of separation. There has always been an “in between.” You are one person, there is another person and “in between”, there is air, space, time, etc. As you transmute into your 5D Lightbody, there is no “in between”. All is one.

You will feel each “other” person, place, situation, or thing as ONE with you as you unite and intertwine in purpose, intention, and most important, in unconditional love. There will be no enemies that you can blame for your difficulties. There will be no bosses who can make you do what you do not want to do. 

There will be “we” who are sharing, intermingling, intertwining, and communing with all life within that NOW. This extreme shift in perceptions is what we/you, your Galactic family and your Celestial family is/are endeavoring to share, communicate, and educate you.

The “event” will be a complete shift in your perception of yourself, your perception of others, and in your perception of reality. From your third dimensional perception, you are thinking that your environment will change. That is actually incorrect.

Your environment is already multidimensional.
What will change will be your perception of your environment.

If you lived in a reality where it was always dark as night, and then one day a sun came up, that is much how you will experience this shift. The darkness, fear, and illusion that have hampered your perceptions for eons, especially since the fall of Atlantis, will be transmuted into light.

Then you will perceive reality, YOUR reality, on Earth, in the same manner that we, your Galactic and Celestial family, perceive your reality within our NOW.

I also want to add a long conversation that I had with the Arcturians the other day. What they said to me, the meant for every ONE.

Dear Arcturians,
Will I live to see the Dawn of this New Age?

A—Oh our dearest Suzille, you and all our emissaries of light are living it NOW! Many of you have been serving us for many decades. You have all fulfilled ALL of our wishes to the best of your ability without help, without out money and without fear.

NOW, many of you are ready to begin your process of remembering your lives on our Starships. This memory can complicate your 3D life even more. However, for those who wrote in their pre-birth contract to live in two, or more, realities at once, that opportunity is arising.

Do you remember when “multidimensional” was an unknown concept? It will be the same for those who first remember their higher dimensional realities while still wearing an earth vessel. Are you ready for that shift in reality?

S—Yes, yes, yes. The only issue is that we all carry the burden of having to make 3D money.

A—Dear ones, when your multidimensional life begins, there will no longer be MONEY, much less bills. Hence, the vast wasteland between the rich and the poor will be forever closed. With NO issues of money, your reality will vastly change, as money has always been the “great divider.”

S—Dear Arcturians, what will happen with the Cabal? I know I have asked this before, but it seems that something has recently changed.

A—That depends greatly on the ascending ones. If you, the members of ascension, can release ALL your fear and FEEL the protection of your Multidimensional SELF, you will be able to fully BE unconditionally loving and totally forgiving of the Cabal. They chose, or had karmic restraints, to be born into their reality.

If you remember to send the Cabal Unconditional Love and Violet Fire on a regular basis, they will begin to awaken from within their own ranks. Are you willing to do that?

S—Yes. I am willing and dedicate my self to recognizing all fearful judgmental and angry thoughts and emotions that I have towards the cabal. Then I will erase those thoughts and feelings by sending them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

A—Are you sure?

S—Let me look inside to see…
Oh, dear Arcturians, I can’t stop crying. I cannot see anything. I cannot feel anything All I can I is cry OUT my myriad upon myriad lives of victim and victimizer. How could I judge them, when I have been “them” in many incarnations?

As I go inside again, the inner screen pans back to see a time-map of the many eras on which I incarnated on Gaia. I see that often I took two simultaneous lives in which I was both the victim and the victimizer.  I see these lives as “two sides of the same penny,” the “head” AND the “tail” of the penny.

I cannot forgive the darkness without being the Light or BE the Light without with out simultaneously being the darkness.

A—Has your latest initiations prepared you for this vision?

S—Yes, I am having a peak experience in the same NOW that I am/was needing to let go of everything I ever did.

A—Congratulations. It is this realization that is the turning point between living in “time” and living in the NOW. In time there are many past memories and future goals. In the NOW there is NO past to remember and NO future to hope for. Therefore, you can only Flow within the NOW.

Within that flow there are myriad “light streams” of various frequencies and dimensions. The light streams are portals that you choose to enter. However, if there is even a second of doubt, decision-making and/or questioning, you will fall back into the “time” of that second and OUT of the Flow of the NOW.

While in time, your perceptions are limited to the third/fourth dimensions. Therefore, the light streams to the higher dimensions are no longer perceivable. The process of totally releasing the doubt, which pushes you back into “time,” requires total faith in your SELF!

This total faith in your own Multidimensional SELF can only occur when you live in the NOW of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of your self.

Blessings to all who may receive this message.
Please remember that within the NOW of SELF we are ALL ONE.
The Arcturians
The Arcturians have been telling me to send out free recordings from them on a regular basis. They know that we are needed a "pep-talk." Now if have have completed my person drama/initiation, I will be putting these free recording onto the Blog and/or the YouTube.

PS, dramas and initiations are often the same :-)



  1. Thank you for this wonderful message. Just to let you know, that free download is not working.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Barbara, I fixed it now

  3. A—Dear ones, when your multidimensional life begins, there will no longer be MONEY, much less bills.

    I'm perplex about this quote because it seems that we have a very loooong way to go before we no longer need/use money, so from the standpoint of the quote there is a very long delay before my multidimensional life begins, the quote is contradictory with what the arcturians say that multidimensional life is NOW.

    Can you clarify this for me Sue, Thank's

    1. Multidimension means there are several timelines happening at the SAME moment. In higher dimensions, there is NO time and space. What they perceive time is an ocean which past, present, and future all flow into at the SAME moment. Cobra has also explained this several times that time in higher dimensions does NOT proceed in a linear fashion as we are taught. All possible timelines are happening at the same moment. So far, modern science has discovered there could be parallel and alternative worlds besides the current timeline we are in.

    2. And yes, it will take many years before the humanity can adapt to a society where money is no longer needed. That's what the new gold-backed financial system is for: to serve as a transition into the new society. How long it will take before the complete transition depends on us: the humanity.

    3. All my life I’ve been a warrior. An activist. I bought Ms. Magazine when I was fourteen and raged over the injustices being done to the feminine. I grew up to be involved in all kinds of activist groups. I organized rallies and I carried signs. When I received my Spiritual CALL TO ACTION during 911 in 2001, I thought I was being prepared to go to war against the cabal. And I was ready. I’ve never run away from justified revolt. I was born for it.

      Now that I have been shown WHO I REALLY AM and have been given my actual Mission Directives, I realize I am here to offer the PEACEFUL ALTERNATIVE to going to war against our oppressors. I see now that raging against the machine is a waste of time and the act of a spiritual child. Our freedom will not be won by screaming, “Take better care of us!” to those who are currently holding power over us. It will be won by taking care of ourselves and each other. We have everything we need to solve every single problem we are facing. We just need to grow up and stop looking to civil and government “authorities” to fix things for us. Those “authorities” are the ones creating the problems. No matter what rhetoric they spew about “Hope” and “Yes we can!”, they have NO intention to do anything to make things better. Their plan is destruction, exploitation, and enslavement. Period.

      To claim our freedom, we must STEP UP and claim our responsibility to set things right for ourselves. Now that may sound boring and grown up or overwhelming and impossible, but Creator has shown me how to make it One Big Party. And that’s what I’m inviting you to with my plan, which you can read about here:

      Taken to its highest potential, this simple, unassuming shared crowdfunding platform “just happens” to give us the way to turn our backs on all the meager, poisoned hand-outs we are fighting bitterly over and EASILY and JOYFULLY create a world of love, truth, sharing, mutual support, and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL. I notice you ask for donations all the time. You'll never have to do that again with this plan.

      In fact, it scared uber-spy Facebook so much they took my page down the day after I posted it. I'd say I'm onto something. ;) I'd love for you to take a look. I've created a petition to kick it off, and I could really use your help with it. Here is the link: Please let me know what you think!

      Thank you for your tireless efforts to create a revolution and a New Earth Society that serves the Highest Good of ALL. I am with you every step of the way.



  4. Dear Suzille,

    Could you ask the Arcturians for a bit more detail about 'The Event' and more on how to handle it when it comes.

    Personal comment: Something has arisen in me and several others on a dedicated spiritual path that seems validated by this article and others of late. We are just done with healing our karma, with digging for what is 'wrong' with us, with humanity, with the world, etc.

    In the last few days, this new attitude has led to a releasing of judgement, and the shame, guilt, anger, frustration, defensiveness, fear, etc, the contracted low frequency emotions that keeps us trapped in the game.

    There is nothing wrong with me or anyone else - even the cabal. We are all 'lab rats' in this cosmic evolutionary 'game.' The only way to be free is to focus on what is 'right' about the moment we are in - even if our programming says it’s wrong, leading to judgement, fear, anger, etc. Any old stuff coming up can be processed in the moment by breathing into the emotions, observing them passing through, and blessing them as they fade away.

    Natalie Glasson recently channeled a message, 'The Real Earth' that expresses it well.

    Butterfly Moon: "The Fairy Kingdom wish to remind you that the way you perceive the Earth and your reality has a large impact upon your experience of the Earth. To perceive the downfalls of the Earth and humanity will only create the same again.

    The Earth you exist upon has never been harmed or damaged. You and humanity are experiencing an energy template of the Earth which you can mold and manipulate to your heart’s desire. ...

    In many ways, it is like a puzzle or a door requiring to be unlocked. When you allow yourself to access the true vibration of the Earth; where the Earth is healthy … then the Earth will be healed.

    It will not be that Mother Earth is healed, she has always been healthy. It will be that your perspective of Mother Earth, which is immensely powerful and completely real to you, will have aligned with the truth of the Creator, therefore the truth of the Earth.

    The Fairy Kingdom wish you to know that the true Mother Earth soul and physical Earth exist within your heart chakra and soul. This Earth is far more truthful than the Earth you recognise outside of you.

    It is time to truly place your faith and trust within your being, even if your reality outside of you portrays something different. …

    Be prepared for everything to feel as if it is healing, when you connect with the true vision of the Earth within… Everything is already healed; it is simply that you and humanity do not yet remember or recognise this, …”

    Butterfly Moon goes on to give simple suggestions for aligning with ‘The Real Earth.’ This is the time for freedom - it comes from within, of course.

    1. thank you so for your post, More posts about "the Event" will occur in the NOW

  5. Thank you, Sue and the Arcturians. The "Weather Reports" and this Q and A session confirms so much. When I was 40 years old (25 years ago in non-Now time), I got rid of all of my photographs, all of my writings, anything that had to do with what I called 'the old me' and set out on the adventure to find 'the new me'. Little did I realize that this was the beginning of my search for my Arcturian Home and that my reason for being here in 3D was the mission, Gaia's mission. As I continued on my journey, I continued to get rid of anything that might indicate I had been here at all. Somehow I knew I wasn't coming back and to leave anything behind was not part of my particular mission. I understand that Gaia is safe and healthy on another timeline and that we may join her. That being said, I am quite prepared to stay here in 3D for as long as it takes (linear time is such a drag when I'm trying to express my Now!) but I feel 'the Event' is a fait accompli and it's now up to us to show the way to that healthy and happy Planet. And I, for one, don't need any more experiences of pain, lack, or cruelty. Can I send the cabal forgiveness and unconditional love? If my Arcturian counterparts wish me to do so, I will be put into situations where that is necessary. For now I sit in between. Love, A.

    1. When we send love and forgiveness, we send that energy field out into our reality to assist in creating a reality based on love and forgiveness.
      We are healing our world with the great power of unconditional love, greater light and forgiveness.
      What if every one did that,
      thanks for your comments

  6. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for sharing these cutting-edge thoughts/experiences. Interestingly enough, yesterday when you had posted it, I had finished a very intense 21-day-process of my own shadow work. Here a short summary of my latest 'dark nights of the soul':
    Being fed up with again all kinds of conjuring tricks of getting my bills paid in time I consulted a psychic person who confirmed a 'serious traumatic issue' of a deficit-consciousness dating back to former incarnations: (1) By the law of attraction deficit energy cannot attract abundance but only more deficit energy. (2) Over centuries and centuries traumas are passed on from generation to generation until they are released.
    Being familiar with regression work, I started on my own - only to become aware soon that I went far back eon after eon until the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. That means instead of going into any situation of the myriad lifetimes, and then the next and the next, I started clearing the basic emotional energy.
    This opened a portal and one negative emotion, one symbol and one encounter after the other showed up. Yes, I also healed my reptilian heritage…
    During this process strangely enough lots of absolutely matching articles reached me. Even Part 4 of your Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books, "It Is The Now", which I was reading at that time seemed to respond in the NOW to any of my experiences culminating in the chapter I read exactly when I reached the end of my process: "Meanwhile on Ascending Earth Part 4: Portal of the High Heart" . The description of releasing negative emotions beautifully summarized my own process…
    Yes, I also was strongly dissenting with the Arcturians over their statement of "money always being the great divider" - what if they would be taking over my negotiations with the bank in between?! But they were fair enough to admit in the last chapters of the book that in between in 3D on earth we need money.
    My result of the process? - In my diary I wrote. I DON'T CARE any longer. And as if this needs a further clarification your Arcturian said: "In the NOW there is NO past to remember and NO future to hope for."

  7. om blessings ITAL TRANSL and interplanetary cooperation
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  8. Hi Suzanne, Could you please tell me if there are any Arcturian portals that are still to remain a secret? Arcturus is in the Greater Void of Bootes, so like any void order may eventually arise from the chaos. Thanks, Cynthia from Oz

  9. Available soon in spanish version .

    With Love, Shanti

  10. Available soon in spanish version .

    With Love, Shanti