Saturday, May 16, 2015

Morning Message from the Arcturians


Dear Readers,
The Arcturians have been telling me to send out "Morning Messages," as often as I can. I will try to do so every day, as I know that my "morning" may not be your "morning."

I will place them in my dropbox, which is the easiest for me and for you so that we can ALL dedicate our self to aligning with our higher expressions of SELF every day. The link to the meditation will be under the picture.

This messages will be short, so they will not take too much of what you perceive as "time."

Blessings to you all. Let the Great Adventure begin!
The Arcturians

Did you notice how the message started out as my the human and morphed into me the Arcturian. I think that is what we are ALL doing NOW. We are morphing into and blending with our higher dimensional expressions of our SELF. We are remembering and becoming the Multidimensional Beings that we have ALWAYS BEEN.

Blessings to you all and thank you for your loyal following and wonderful comments.
See you on the Starship



  2. Now our Solar system is passing through the photon belt, and the Earth is struck by a powerful stream of fast photons. Fast photons cause changes in the energy level of the atom. This in turn leads to rupture of energy links between the molecules. The destruction of the relationship between the molecules leads to the changes in the DNA. All this can eventually lead to the end of the Animal Kingdom on the Earth (including humans).

    I think that fatigue and health problems we are experiencing have a strong connection to this cosmic procrss.

    It appears that the shift from the 3D is associated with this process, which will end the physical life on the Earth.

    Wellcome to the 5D!

  3. Much LOVE to my Brothers & Sisters (crew) of Athena & All My Star Family's , Much Much LOVE & LIGHT !!

  4. Enjoy a morning meditation connecting to Mother Earth, during the day do a relaxation/meditation and connect to higher self and IAM Presence.
    thank you and the Arcturians