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Planetary Ascension--Transcript to YouTube


Dear Readers,

There was so much information in this YouTube that I posted it again with the transcript.
Thank you for all your interest. We are coming into very important times now. Are you ready?

Planetary Ascension    

We the Arcturians as well as our many friends within the Galactic Federation of Light are here to speak with you today to remind you that you are in the daily process of personal and planetary ascension.

We say personal and planetary with the emphasis on Planetary.  All of you are already having myriad incarnations and experiences on the fifth-dimension and beyond.  For, you are all multi-dimensional beings who have volunteered to lower your frequencies and to bi-locate an element of your multi-dimensional consciousness into the physical presence that you now perceive as your Earth vessel.

We are here to remind you that you are not your earth vessel; you are wearing your earth vessel.  You are the beautiful and expanded multi-dimensional consciousness that is implanted within that which appears to be “just a third-dimensional form.”

We want you to know that this third-dimensional form is merely the manner in which you can log into the third/fourth-dimensional grid of Gaia’s multidimensional, holographic grid.

Within this holographic program, which you might perceive much like a video game, you have put your consciousness into an Earth vessel.  Much as one would log into a video game and would choose an avatar self, YOU are the avatar for your Higher SELF. 

The avatar self is the one who plays within that video game.  However, you are not in the video game, you are the one who is directing your avatar self how to play and hopefully win this video game.

We wish to remind you today that you are not the avatar self -- that is the human that you are wearing.  You are your multi-dimensional self who is assisting you.

Many of your problems occurred because Gaia’s frequency was so greatly lowered after the fall of Atlantis. After that, there were some peak experiences, as well as some lower experiences to be completed with the last 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga. This last 2,000 years of the Great Cycle has been very difficult for Gaia’s body and for her humans, plants and animals.  For the Kali Yuga is the darkest hour before dawn.

That dawn is NOW.  You are dawning to your fifth-dimensional expressions of your self.  Thus, you have logged in to the holographic version of third-dimensional earth.  Now as you awaken to your true, multi-dimensional self, you are beginning to feel how your third-dimensional vessel is not adequate to safely contain your great energy fields. 

Therefore, you are realizing that you need to connect first to your multi-dimensional mind, which can fully understand and compute what is occurring within your NOW. Then, through that portal of your multi-dimensional mind you can return to your higher perspectives of reality.

You ARE the ONE outside of the video game who is assisting your avatar self to win that video game.  Now that of course is a metaphor for the human you are not experiencing your third-dimensional life as a video game.  However more and more of you are realizing that there is much more than just a third-dimensional life. 

Of course there are many more around you who are not at all awake to this experience.  So, some of you are feeling very isolated and alone because you are having direct contacts with your Pleiadian self, your Arcturian self, your Andromedan self, your Antarian self, or any other Galactic self.

You are having direct experiences with Ascended Masters and with other Ascended beings. Through these direct experiences you are getting the validation that you need so that you know that you are not crazy, you are not schizophrenic, and no you are not making up your experiences.  But yes, you are different than most of the people you will see around you. 

You are the great pioneers.  You are the great multi-dimensional pioneers who have taken a vessel to awaken to your true Multidimensional SELF while still holding that Earth vessel. Furthermore, you are called on to remember the mission, which you volunteered to take before you took this Earth vessel.

No, there are many different versions of mission as there are different versions of people.  So do not be concerned about what your mission is.  Because as you surrender more and more into the higher dimensional expressions of yourself –more and more of you are allowing yourself to know that your dreams are reality. 

The flash that you saw through the edge of your vision is an alternate reality is a portal to a parallel reality through which your multi-dimensional self is able to perceive. Conversely, your third dimensional self says, “No that’s not real. Am I crazy?" 

Then you shut down those perceptions.  We are saying to you now, it is your Now.  Now it is the NOW to believe that your dreams, your aspirations, your imaginations, your meditations, the quick flashes that move through your mind for they are ALL real.

The third-dimensional reality is a holograph projection, which you have logged into.  Can your third-dimensional earth vessel become harmed by this third-dimensional holographic projection?  Absolutely. Therefore, you must be living within at least two realities for we need you to remain logged in to third-dimensional Earth. 

We need you to work with Gaia, with her core, with her core crystal, with the Lemurians and simultaneously work with the celestial beings and with the Ascended Masters and with the Galactic Federation of Light. You see, dear ones, YOU are in between. You are in between the core of Gaia where the video game is projected from and the reality to which Gaia is longing to return.  

Gaia and more and more of her humans are remembering that they are multi-dimensional beings. 

You do not need to change.  You do not need to get better.  You only need to remember that right now you are, so to speak, the tip of the iceberg – the very tiny point of your multi-dimensional self that is logged in to this third-dimensional holographic projection.

You are not this tip; you are the avatar that is holding the inter-connection to this video game of third-dimensional earth.  YOU are the beautiful multi-dimensional being that has volunteered to log in to this version of earth.  This version of Earth is ready to close down the old game of separation, limitation and power over others.

We, meaning we the higher beings of your reality, have discovered that the degree of darkness that you, our dear ones, have suffered on third-dimensional earth is not a very fair video game.  We have decided that this video game needs to come to a conclusion. 
Now, we also ask that you do not go into fear as we say these things.  For you are the controller, the creator, and the core of your life and of your reality.

This transition must be made via Unity Consciousness, and that unity must first begin first with your self. You need to unite with all the versions of your multidimensional self that are accessible while you are still holding your third dimensional vessel.

We realize that from the perspective of your 3D vessel it is difficult to move beyond perhaps even your seventh dimensional self.  And for many, many – in fact most of you – it is very difficult to move into your awareness of your fifth-dimensional light body, is so helpful and so vitally important. 
Also remember that the extent, the version of your higher dimensional self that you will find yourself being able to recall and step into and to live is what you have volunteered to move into.

Some of you have volunteered to maintain your entire life within your third and fourth-dimensional vessel because you determined before your were born that that is where your greatest service would be. Some of you have volunteered to move into a full awareness of your fifth-dimensional light body.  Hence, it is from your fifth-dimensional light body that you will give your greatest service.

Some of you will move into your sixth and seventh-dimensional versions that are not of any form of a physical acknowledgement.  It is from that component of your multidimensional self that you will give your service. Each of you will connect with your expressions of self. 

You will connect with your fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic selves,
You will connect with your sixth dimensional and beyond Celestial selves,
You will connect with your seventh-dimensional Oversoul. 

You will connect not because your ego self thinks – wow - I can connect to this higher self.  No, this is not a race.  You determined this experience before you took this body.  So do not think, “Oh how come I can only go this far with my connection?

The is answer to that question is,  “Because this is what you volunteered to do.  This frequency, even if it appears to be only the third and fourth dimensional frequency is where you volunteered to project your service in to the body of Gaia. 

Now we are saying into the body of Gaia – yes.  Most of you will be working with humanity because humanity is what is in the way of Gaia’s expansion.  The elemental kingdom is ready to move.  The element kingdom is ready to move, the plant kingdom is ready to move, the animal kingdom is ready to move, the atmosphere, the ocean are all ready to move and expand into the fifth-dimension.

It is humanity, the ones who have been trapped in individual consciousness, the ones who have suffered greatly at the hands of other humans. Those are the ones who need the greatest assistance.  However, do not waste your precious “time” within this hologram on your personal ascension. 

You are already ascended.  Therefore, we remind you again and again, you have taken a form to assist with planetary ascension.  And, in doing so you may well find yourself working with the most wounded component of Earth -- the human’s of the planet.

Blessings to all of you! We, your Galactic Family, can see more bright lights opening, awakening, and connecting more and more every day, every hour, every minute.  Hence, we ask in your meditations that you go up beyond the holographic version of Earth. Then you can see the amazing vision of all the lights of humans as they return to their multi-dimensional self.

Blessings and we are here.
In fact, all of your expressions are here with you NOW.
The Arcturians


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  3. Thank you so much, Sue! This is precisely what I needed to remember today. Much love and light to all of us on our journey in Oneness!

  4. Thank you, Sue and the Arcturians. Definitely makes sense to me. Things are a wee bit wobbly, but we'll sort it out and those of us who wish to go home will do so. No more linear time in 3D, just the Now. Kind of a neat way to live in this Earthen Vessel. Love to you and thanks again.

  5. Is there any more on this from the Arcturians: "We have decided that this video game needs to come to a conclusion.
    Now, we also ask that you do not go into fear as we say these things." ? do they give more details? Thank you

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