Sunday, January 4, 2015

Floating Thoughtforms by the Arcturians (Part 2 of brainwaves and consciousness)

January 4, 2015
Floating Thoughtforms
By The Arcturians

Night before last I stayed up late writing the blog about Consciousness and Brainwaves. Then, in the middle of that night, I awoke with the message:

Nothing in Nature travels alone. All Life is intertwined.

This message was so strong in my mind that it woke me up and demanded that I write it down, so I did.

Then early in the next morning I received:

We all work on an elemental level. In this way we create the New Year. The elementals are the foundation of all matter. The elementals create the frequency of matter,
Which is the frequency of our thoughtforms,
Which is the frequency of our brainwaves,
Which is the frequency of our consciousness.

(I am not sure what the “New Year” part means. However, I have been feeling that 2015 would be a special year.)

I will NOW post the Floating Thoughtforms article that I wrote a while ago (who knows time these days?) I did not post it then, as I felt it needed to be preceded with some information. The above messages seem to be telling me that it is the NOW to present that message.

Floating Thoughtforms
By the Arcturians

Floating thoughtforms flow through the air, float on the water, dance in the fire and settle on the earth. These thoughtforms are trying to enter the 3D Game. There are the thoughtforms from the lost ones that saturate your world with indoctrinations of anger and fear. Fortunately, there is an ever-increasing amount of loving, multidimensional thoughtforms that you, our volunteer away team, have created while being grounded members of planet Earth.

In order to shift Earth’s 3D Matrix, a certain percentage of Earth inhabitants must be willing to create the ‘antidote’ to the thoughtforms filled with anger and fear. Sending out multidimensional thoughtforms that are filled with unconditional love and multidimensional light create that antidote.

It is, of course, tempting to meet darkness with anger and fear. However, that reaction only “feeds the beast.” Also, all fearful thoughtforms can easily manipulate your third dimensional brain. Hence, it is vital that you connect with your multidimensional mind. Your multidimensional mind can easily expand your consciousness beyond the reach of the negative thoughtforms that can only survive in the third and lowest fourth dimensions.

Unfortunately, many brainwashed humans are like children sitting in front of their computer, television and/or newspaper ready to soak in the daily reports from the dark ones. These fear-filled messages invade their consciousness and cast them into fear, anger and revenge.

You, our dear ascending ones, have the responsibility to focus your unconditional love and Violet Fire onto the lower frequency thoughtforms to love them free and transmute them into light. Unconditional love and the Violet Fire are your tools for the transformation of life on planet Earth.

Unconditional love is NOT like conditional love. Conditional love is easily influenced by darkness because it wants to get something. On the other hand, unconditional love only seeks to give something. Conditional love creates a thoughtform of fear wrapped in the illusion of love. On the other hand, unconditional love creates a thoughtform of selfless love wrapped in multidimensional light.

Those who have only received conditional love don’t even know that unconditional love exists. In fact, many humans have even had the experience that spiritual love is filled with fear, anger and revenge. Fortunately, many members of our Galactic and Celestial Family have bi-located into human forms to re-direct humanity back to the message of true, unconditional love and multidimensional light.

Because conditional love often is manipulative, and seeks to GET something, that thoughtform may “look” like love, but if feels like anger or fear. On the other hand, unconditional love is free of all manipulation because the giver only wants to GIVE something. Thus that thoughtform makes you feel confident and empowered.

You, our ascending ones, have returned to wear an earth vessel to play out the 3D video game for each lesson that is still uncompleted within your personal earth matrix. There are also many of you who have volunteered to take an earth vessel so that you assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

It is the NOW to finally “win” this video game. As you begin to win your personal video game, you realize that this is a unity game because an entire planet is ready to transmute beyond the 3D Game of conditional love and into the fifth dimensional reality of unconditional love.

This 3D video game has been playing too long and it has become corrupted with conditional love, which has made many humans very easy to manipulate. It is for this reason that we, your galactic and celestial family, have sent the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF to login to the 3D game.

Your human self is the video’s “avatar,” and YOU are you in a higher frequency of reality guiding your avatar to win the game by transmuting conditional love into unconditional love. As you suddenly, or slowly, download the unconditional love of your Higher SELF into your personal 3D Matrix, you also download that unconditional love into the planetary 3D matrix.

While you move through the process of transmutation from conditional love to unconditional love, you also assist the third dimension planet to transmute into a fifth dimension planet. The key to transmutation is unconditional love because as it fills the 3D Matrix, it transmutes that matrix into its higher expression.

While you are logged into Earth’s 3D Matrix, you are attached to that matrix. Hence, as you transmute your personal energy field into its higher dimensional expression, you also transmute Gaia’s planetary energy field. It is for this reason that we have asked you to, our volunteers, to take a third dimensional earth vessel.

You see, as you expand into your personal higher dimensional SELF, you facilitate Gaia’s ability to expand into Her planetary higher dimensional SELF. Just as the third dimension is too low of a frequency to maintain unconditional love, the fifth dimension is too high a frequency to accept conditional love.

Also, the unconditional love of your fifth dimensional SELF serves as a magnet to those who can contain that multidimensional energy field while still wearing an earth vessel. As this personal and planetary transmutation slowly crosses the threshold of humanities conscious awareness, each of you will have different signs of high frequency overload. It behooves you to identify your personal symptoms.

When your recognize the feeling of the higher dimensions entering your earth vessel, you can more easily identify the components of your third dimensional thought, emotions, actions, habits and indoctrinations that are resisting that download. In this manner, you will discover what component of your third dimensional self is blocking your transmutation by putting you into energetic overload.

Once you recognize your own inner saboteur, you can send unconditional love to any components of your self that has become lost in the third dimension. Sending unconditional love to your wounded ego will expand your consciousness beyond the frequency of those old energy patterns and reset your intentions from third dimensional to multidimensional.

However, somewhere in the flurry of 3D life, your Higher SELF can get lost and your wounded ego can jump back in the drivers seat. That is not bad, bad being a 3D term, but you must keep checking in with your ego. Your third dimensional self is basically your inner child, as it was the first vision of you Multidimensional SELF who entered into the 3D Game/Matrix.

You could not understand as much “language” then, but you could read thoughtforms much more proficiently than you can as an adult. Unfortunately, most of you forgot your innate ability to understand, read and enter thoughtforms because you went to third-dimensional schools.

Fortunately you wrote into your “pre-birth contract” that you are ready to expand beyond the third dimensional frequency of the reality that you initially entered. Because of this “relocation” you will need to remember whom you chose to BE and what you will need to release in order to be that person.

In other earthly incarnations you could just store components of your ego that were too difficult to change while in that reality. Then you could “pick them up” and change them in another incarnation. However, in the NOW of this incarnation you will need to release and/or heal all versions of your ego self, as the entire 3D Matrix is transmuting into the 5D Matrix.

There is a certain amount of “time” that you can ignore this transmutation and release  process, but eventually the process will begin whether or not you are prepared. If you remain attached to your many third dimensional habits, possessions, desires, ambitions and even people, you will not be able to “Let GO” of that which ties you to the illusions of the third dimension.

By ascending you will not lose anything, as all life is multidimensional. Thus you will only be releasing the third dimensional versions of what you need to release so that you can expand your consciousness into the higher dimensional versions of those persons, places, situations or things.

Likely you will begin by visiting the higher dimensional realities while you “live” in the physical world. Then you will incrementally begin to “live” in the higher dimensional versions of reality while you briefly return to the third dimension to assist. You will make these choices by identifying the higher dimensional thoughtforms as they flow into and through your reality.

Then, just as you experience the third dimensional indoctrinations that constantly barrage you with fearful events, you will increasingly experience multidimensional thoughtforms entering the edges of your awareness. Initially, you may not be able to see or hear them, but you will be able to feel the unconditional love in which they are encased. 

However, if your consciousness is restrained to the third dimension, you cannot even perceive the multidimensional thoughtforms. On the other hand, as your consciousness expands to encompass the higher states of consciousness, your perceptions also expand to encompass higher dimensional realities.

Within your Planetary Consciousness there is NO time because the entire planet includes all the possible 3D “timelines.” Once your consciousness resonates to the entire planet, your awareness naturally expands to embrace Planetary Consciousness.  

Furthermore, as you begin to remember your true higher dimensional SELF, your consciousness will expand to embrace your galactic expression of SELF who volunteered to take your current earth vessel. Then your consciousness will easily expand into your innate, Galactic Consciousness,

As you remember your own Multidimensional Self who is a member of the Galaxy in the same way that your earth vessel is a member of Earth, your consciousness will return to your innate Galactic Consciousness. Within your higher dimensional consciousness you can perceive both the collective and the individual expressions that make up your whole.

While resonating to a fifth dimensional, or beyond, reality, you experience the unity of the group while you can simultaneously choose to visit the illusion of separation into an individual. Via this higher consciousness you can see how all polarities merge with that which was once in-between.

When you allow your consciousness to enter this “in-between,” you will discover your voice of unity that is the elixir that calls forth your unity with all collective, planetary and galactic consciousness. If you can sing that voice into your life, you will transmute your perceptions beyond third dimensional separation and into higher dimensional unity of your Multidimensional SELF.

 Your Multidimensional SELF can easily perceive the Multidimensional Matrix that glistens just beyond the illusions of the 3D Matrix.
Can you see, hear, feel and unconditionally love the shinning fifth dimensional thoughtforms into your life?
Can you recognize that more and more changes are occurring within the NOW of your day?

Simultaneously, there are third dimensional thoughtforms that beckon you to return to that which is known and familiar.
Can you reach out into the unfamiliar feel of unconditional love and trust that within that thoughtform there is a higher dimensional reality?

If you make that choice, you will remember how to perceive the multidimensional matrix in which each grid of the matrix is connected via unconditional love. That one decision, that one risk, expands your consciousness beyond the manipulation of fear and expands it into the memory of your innate Multidimensional Matrix of reality.

There are uncountable “rungs” within that matrix, and a version of your SELF exists on many of them. Within that reality YOU are all your expressions in ALL the frequencies of every reality. Therefore, every action and reaction of your 3D Self is echoed into ALL your myriad expressions of SELF to be perceived and lived via differing frequencies of reality.

All of these multidimensional versions of reality are functioning within the same NOW. Every off shoot of every reality is constantly spilling down into the lower dimensions to be perceived by the frequency of consciousness that is the resonating to each reality.

These realities are perceived in the third dimension as “separate” multidimensional thoughtforms. However, your physical self can still feel the resonance of unconditional love and multidimensional light emanating from these multidimensional thoughtforms. But how do you enter these thoughtforms, which are also realities?

You can enter each thoughtform/possible reality by matching your state of consciousness with the resonance of that thoughtform.
In other words:
You live the reality that matches the resonance of your consciousness,
Which is dictated by your brainwaves,
Which are dictated by your conscious,
Which is the result of your thoughts and emotions.

            Your thoughts and emotions generate the resonance of your consciousness
                        Which influences your brainwaves
                                    Which effect your state of consciousness
                                                Which creates the reality in which you live

Remember, all your versions of reality are functioning within the same NOW! But, your third dimensional perception experiences each resonance as a different reality. Fortunately, “different” is just a third dimensional term. 


  1. om
    wonderful ,thank you so much
    true powerful effective
    thank you for this help
    infinite blessings

    thank you

  3. Thank you Suzanne. Love and light to you :)

  4. A.G.C (:Arcturians.Galactics.Celestials) 04 01 2015 A grey boring 3D day , trying to be my realself ,trying to have IT as the captain of this vessel ,often without success ,thought-forms go often wild ,mankind chaos- woundings invade me …I accept it open arms but I am upset and confused too , I fall many times but I keep bombarding me ,mankind ,Gaia ,LIFE life with LOVELIGHT , i feel torn apart into polarities and nonsense..I fight..but no way out.. this time the arena is greater than ever for me-3D…
    .late evening : I am so tired ,so fed up with 3D stuff,: I answer darkness going within, facing it ,transmuting it ,then I feel intense a CALL. to DUTY,to be RESPONSIBLE ,to put light-truth in foremost position and into practice and a urge to immediately reach internet point (difficult task at that time..), a misteriuos force brings me deep inside myself and ………….to the internet point :this point I can access ONLY SOMETIMES ! SURPRISE1:: when on line and I find out of the blue the post:JANUARY 4, 2015 and a wonderful energy opens inside me. surprise2: I happen to be the first on WEB to comment the …post (actually impossible for me here :we have line only sometimes :it has been a telephatic call from arcturians which brought me into contact !)
    Night arrives . i am soon receiving an arcturian transmission I become a blissful multidimensional vortex:
    and I am expanding Within and without I feel the arcturian gift - love for life ,I am shown what they do in the infinite .I feel lightbody Grounded into Gaia (shot down )Breathing into my heart( shot in )Connected to All that is( shot up) I reconnect .My higher mind is connected to 3D brain:a better operating system,from 3D to mUlti D-Os
    I feel clearly the A.G.C .'spresence ,and with their help,I become the presence of my lightbody Helping me also Elohims Crown!!I hear the familiar sounds which inform me that RealSelf, lightbody kundalini A.G.C. Source are interacting with me.all my atoms and quantums start to spin faster and emanate bliss .contemporarily :I see a big hall with some AGC ( Pleiadians of couse incuded…) :the atmosphere is filled with goldenmultiDlight love and it seems a very special moment in this hall..AGC say :‘ Blessings !!’We are honored and joyful to be here now also to remind you your noble origin and your majestic missions ‘’I start feeling so glad so honored so much in tune with the ONE. I am there with AGC and I wear a bright uniform ( it is a consciousness)at same time I am also in my 3D room and in many places too ….as one..
    AGC go on saying:‘’We upgrade some of you officially .we promote you,and strengthen you with more data and POWERWISDOMLOVE ,Yes we also give you some of our Essence ,don’t forget from now on you are more powerful in all fields but you should/must be MORE sensitive,loyal,responsible,aware,connected to the ONE in simple truth And be of SERVICE to LIFE..We are always with you , go now you are reset ..if you choose so .be brave be bold be gentle be the ONE’’ I slowly go back 3D while feeling like an upgraded software or Oper.System .I see I have to leave some things and parts of my 3Dlife ,Anyway the AGC push and pull is intense, Helping me/us. Meanwhile :Some voices-inside say :’’…. no no it is dreams ,…you can’t ,, you aren’t worth,you don’t deserve ,who do you think you are !’!stop dreaming!!’’I recognize :past ghosts of unhealthy holograms trying to self replicate …I firmly heartly bomb them with unc.multi D-lightlove They resist but I can perceive in the NOW their battle Is lost …on the other hand in 3D I am not always consciously connected to the ONE ,Sometimes I fall down again ¾ D ….but my armour of lightlove against illusion is now stronger ..I immediately share this victory with you,with all my selves ,with Gaia and mankind ,with Life as a whole ..Blessings be

  5. Thank you dear Sue, a great help from the Arcturians. I send love to Them and You and All.

  6. Thank you Sue.I received so much love from my Higher Dimensional Self as i was reading this message/download.

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  8. Thank you Sue for your amazing work!
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