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Return to SELF


Return to SELF

Return to SELF 
Dr. Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone
July 30, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back.  I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie to continue our ongoing conversations that we began several months ago under the topic  - The Arcturian/Pleiadian Alliance.  And those conversations expanded into a series - Creating Your Reality.  Today we’re going expand further and begin a conversation with the Arcturian’s on Return to Self.  Sue had a wonderful article on her blog on Sunday, July 27th called Returning to Your Multi-dimensional Self.  If you haven’t had a change to read that article you might want to because today’s conversation is going to be based on that article.  And we are also going to have a Q&A with the Arcturians.

Hi Sue how you today.

SL:      I’m good today.

MP:     Good – would you like to comment about the blog article?  It really was very comprehensive and spoke at a new level about levels of multi-dimensional reality.

SL:      Yes, I would like to talk about it because that was one of those experiences where I was getting the message in my sleep.  I was in this twilight place where I wasn’t asleep and I wasn’t awake and I was trying to really pay attention so that I could bring it forward and bring at least the first part forward so that when I began writing I could get the rest of the message.  So it’s one of those things that when it came in I had to rush to the computer and put my fingers on the keyboard and ask:  okay what did you just say?

So then I just went to the closest room and sat there trying to get everything down that I had gotten in that other frequency of my consciousness.  I love when that happens.  And I wanted to mention that I am going to be running some Ascension classes in the fall and so therefore I am waiting for whenever there is more Arcturian guidance.  Whenever it comes in like it did that morning I know that my ego is well out of the picture.  So it hasn’t come back again but usually there is a digestion period in between.

MP:     So when you’re ready it will come through.

SL:      Yes.

MP:     Thank you for jumping out of bed because this really is a wonderful article on the blog.  You and I had a couple of conversations about it and so much of it really resonates with me.  And I couldn’t help thinking that the Arcturians were really commenting on the previous conversations that we have had and really pulling those conversations forward, or deeper or back into the center of the spiral at a whole new level.

One of the things that the Arcturians said in the article that really touched my heart was that they were thanking the Light worker community.  They said:  “we wish to thank you All for your great courage and endurance, we are coming to you today to tell you that it is the Now for those of you who have united with your multi-dimensional self to unite with each other, to unite with one another in one consciousness.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

SL:      Yes and they also said to unite with all human and non-human beings who are ready to release all the illusions of separation and limitation from their vessel. 

MP:     Yes, the third-dimensional vessel.

SL:      Yes, and that is similar to being in a hot air balloon and you want to go higher and you have a bunch of stuff in the hot air balloon – you just have to surrender it because the basket’s too heavy.  The balloon is like us and the basket is our 3D self.  And if we want to go higher and higher with the balloon self – our multi-dimensional self – we have to start clearing out a lot of old waste material from the basket.

MP:     Yes exactly.  I heard an example/analogy of that many years ago and that is:  as we release we clear out and create a void and that void is filled light and an expanded perception.  I have personally found that when I look back I realize that I really didn’t give anything up.  I’m still the same person, I live in the same place, I still have the same friends and family, but my perception has changed. 

That seems to be a key with fear.  If I let go of this belief will I lose my life?  I think the answer is yes you will lose your life but it may not be quite in the way you think.

SL:      Yes we will definitely lose those higher perceptions of our life and then we will be trapped again.  I don’t know about those who will be listening to this conversation but I was very trapped.  I was one of those people who was never totally asleep.  I was always awake and I always saw beings around and I always had messages coming in.  Likely I was crazy.  So I had to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology to prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy. 

I remember that in one of my classes a Psychiatrist came in and named all the symptoms of schizophrenia -- and I had every symptom.  So okay, all right – I even believed I was God.  And I have had schizophrenic clients and I have been able to see that some of those “delusions” – it’s not so much that the delusions are wrong – it’s how they get to those delusions – how they get to that place within themselves.  These are usually people who have had intense trauma in their lives. 

What is important for me and for others that have come through this long dark night is that I came in in 1946 after WWII and there was an immense amount of darkness in our world.  I could always tell when the news was a made-up story and the news was covering something and they tried to put a happy face on it.  I always knew.  So, I had to fight not being bitter and not being judgmental.  I would wonder how people could believe the story. 

Back then there were not that many of us.  We were few and far in between.  Now there are so many people who have awakened and some are people like us who were awakened when we were very young and had to go through that dark, dark night knowing that we had better protect our Light.  But we have that protection innately now.  Now we are able to connect and that true protection really comes through having that connection with your multi-dimensional self.

When you are connected to this higher component of yourself it is almost like it can pull you up when you are in need.  They are not going to pull up your physical self but it will pull up your consciousness.  When your consciousness goes into a higher frequency your perceptions go into a higher frequency and then you find solutions and reasons that are not fear based and are part of the bigger picture about how certain things had to occur in certain ways for certain reasons.  That really is of great assistance to keep us out of judgment and fear and releasing fear and releasing that doubt that – maybe I’m crazy, maybe I made it all up.

I know a lot of people still suffer with this because we are the new beings.  We’re the first ones through.

MP:     Yes, and doesn’t the doubt come from the programming and the patterning.  So within this change, yes there is the doubt but does it become less, does it become diluted?  But it is like walking through mud to open that portal to transmute the doubt and go deeper, deeper, in to a state of knowing as we’ve known in many lives, as that portal opens.

So how about if we ask the Arcturians about this?  Obviously we started talking about this and I feel like they will have something to say to expand our understanding of this topic of perception and reality.

SL:   So let me call them into a more conscious connection.  I know now that the connection is always present because that is a component of my higher self.  And let me repeat what I’ve said many times in case someone has not heard it before – when people channel through beings, they’re channeling through a higher expression of their multi-dimensional self.

Even if it is a being like Archangel Michael or St. Germain or the Arcturians – that shows how vast our multi-dimensional self is.  Beings of a very high resonance have sent out and down in frequency many, many expressions of themselves especially within this Now of planetary and personal Ascension.

So we can remember that we are connected with this being and as the Antarians have said there is a vibratory thread that goes from that higher expression of our self all the way down to our grounding point.  Our physical bodies are that which connects us to Gaia so we can help with the Planetary Ascension.

So, I’m going to bring in the Arcturians now.


Blessings to all of you, we are so joyous that you are able to join us in this conversation.  Mary, did you wish to ask us some questions about our last message to Suzelle?

MP:     Yes and thank you.  I read this message several times and the key part of it has to do with perception and reality and as we release, our perception expands.  Suzelle just mentioned that when we channel and we receive messages we are receiving them from within ourselves.  I wonder if the word aspect would be the correct word to use?  Or perhaps the term:  we are over lighted by the multi-dimensionality of ourselves.  Can you comment on that?


All of you are indeed over lighted which means that wherever you are we, your higher expressions, or higher aspects are always with you.  For example:  if you are taking a walk you bring your arms.  Now you only need your legs and feet to walk but you still bring your arms because you’re connected to your arms.  Now maybe you don’t need to have a connection with us, your higher expressions in certain situations, however we are attached.  So therefore we are always with you.

MP:     How do we function on a multi-dimensional level?  If I am a multi-dimensional being are there other aspects of myself in other dimensions, in other realities right now – functioning and living a life?  How does that work?  Can that be explained?


Yes there are other aspects of your higher dimensional self as you said.  We are saying, yes of course with everyone these higher expressions are outside of the third-dimensional time space.  Therefore they are not subject to any rules of separation or illusion or time.  Therefore they can be simultaneously attached to four hundred different expressions of themselves in four hundred totally different frequencies and dimensions of reality without any concern whatsoever.  Just as your body can walk and talk and scratch your head and take a drink and look out at the world and hear other noises coming into your head - all these different components of your physical nature that simultaneously go on.  You’re digesting, you’re breathing, your blood is circulating, and you’re adjusting to the heat.

Now if you had to consciously make all of these decisions of all the things that you have to do to operate your body it would be unthinkable and impossible.  Now it’s very much the same way for all of your higher frequencies of self.  They attend to everyone and everything in the same manner as your physical body does.  Because if it is a higher expression of what you have in the physical form would it not be similar to the physical form?  It would be much more advanced and much more complicated.

We remember when Suzelle first began to get messages from the higher realms she was so confused.  Whenever or wherever she would ask that being for information and advice it was always there.  She wondered if people were standing in line and if they had to take a ticket.  What does this mean? This was very confusing for her for quite a while.  Eventually she began to understand that limitation is only in the third-dimension.  Even in your fourth-dimensional dream world there is not that limitation.  You can be in one area as one person and then instantly you’re in another area as a different person.

Now in reality all of those different people and realities are happening simultaneously but when it comes through your consciousness and into your third-dimensional waking self to remember the dream it is too difficult to have these overlays.  So therefore you choose whichever one was predominant within your awareness in that time.

So, just as you take a walk through the woods, there are myriad stimuli that you can attune to.  But the third-dimensional brain is quite limited.  So you may decide to look at the trees right now or look at the trail right now or see if there are any birds right now.   But the third dimensional self has to make a choice – an either/or choice.  However once you move into the higher fourth and fifth dimension and beyond, those either/or choices become all that is.  And your filter of perception is limitless.

MP:     And, when you were speaking the words came to me:   “you are all that is” and of course you just finished your last sentence by saying that you experience “all that is” because you are in fact “all that is”. 

So I don’t know how much of a leap I’m taking with this next question, but what also comes to me is the concept and understanding of non-duality.  We’ve heard many times that in the fifth-dimension there is no language, we communicate telepathically, there is no judgment, there’s a unity consciousness.  Would that be akin to what we have read and studied called non-duality?


Non-duality is a third-dimensional concept because it has the word “non” in it.  Within our higher frequencies we do not conceive of “non”.  So we would not conceive of non-duality - however we would resonate to the “oneness of all”.  So in response to your statement, this oneness of all, oneness with all, oneness for all – this beingness that there is awareness that I am encapsulating a small component of my beingness within the one of the now - to have a focal point through which I can connect with other beings who will only be able to attend to what I am sharing if I take on an appearance that is familiar and comfortable to them.

Now if we were to come to someone that said they really wanted to talk to their higher self and if we were to suddenly come to them in a blaze of light, which is what we are – they would likely fall to the ground and feel like they needed to worship us.  Therefore we do not do that.  We do not want anyone worshipping us because that is us.  We are them and we would not want to have that component of themselves/of ourselves be lost in themselves and think that they have to worship this being within myself.  That would put them back deeply, deeply into third-dimensional thinking.

For worshipping is a third-dimensional concept as well.  There is something bigger than, more sacred than, outside of me, high above me - and in every religion that person had to go through horrible initiations and terrible lifetimes and martyr themselves.  This is not what we wish to share, for this is not what is necessary.  Now that the Kali Yuga is complete, that type of evolutionary cycle is also complete.

MP:     Thank you for that wonderful explanation.  The new paradigm then would include the awareness of the self, the return to the self through the expansion of perception that I am all that is.  And, if I am all that is then you are also all that is.  So there is a connection in the heart of the one of every entity, every being, every human being both plant and animal and human and mineral and elemental within this planet.


Yes and we would like to remind Suzelle who may have spoken initially about returning to the multi-dimensional self that this is very much a third-dimensional concept.  For us to perceive of a returning there would have to be a leaving and we have never perceived any form of leaving.  All of our brave ones have chosen to bilocate our energy fields into an Earth vessel so that they can better assist the Earth vessel, the planetary vessel, within Gaia’s Ascension process of making that constant connection.

For if there is a constant connection that can never, will never, has never been severed from that lowest frequency of third-dimensional physicality and even what you have called second or first-dimensional physicality – for we also see no difference between the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom or the human kingdom. 

All of you are us, are us in higher frequencies who have chosen to express different dimensional expressions of Gaia so that the entire planet – every rock, every grain of sand, every mountain, every tree, the atmosphere, every being – earth, air, fire, water, all elementals – every component of beautiful sister Gaia will be filled in a constant unwavering, unbroken flow with the higher expressions of her planetary self and all that inhabit her planetary self.

MP:     Thank you, thank you for that beautiful explanation.

Well it’s amazing that the time has gone by so quickly in the “no-time” and I’d like to thank all of you for listening.  And let’s ask Sue to come back with us for any closing comments.

SL:      Well, I have one closing comment – Thank you Arcturians that was great information.  Blessings be to everyone.


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