Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Details and Q & A about Multidimensional Leadership Classes

To download my conversation with Lauren Galey about our 
Invitations to Become a Multidimensional Leader
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A Multidimensional Invitation

Q and A about the Multidimensional Leadership Classes

Please see the details about the class at:

Please check out the above link to get the details of the class. Then you ask me any questions you may have by emailing me at:

Q.  Will you send us videos and all the documentation by email or just the link that connects us to you?

A.  You will all personally receive a recording of the Webinars via your email. However, the Webinars are too long to send that in an email, so you will receive the link to download it to your computer.

If you cannot attend any of the Webinars you will receive it later as a recording. You will also receive a transcript of the Webinar. Therefore, you can read the Webinar AND hear it.

Q.  If I miss a lesson, is it available later?

Anyone who pays for the program will get the recordings and the transcripts, whether or not they can attend the Webinar.

However, in order to get the certificate, they will have to attend ALL the 15-minute private meetings with me, as well as ALL the group workshops.

However, for the privates and the workshop, I will offer different times for different areas to make sure that everyone who wants to attend them will be accommodated.

There will likely be many people who only want to attend the Webinar and less who wish to attend the individual meetings and workshops.

In fact, I likely can only have 15 to 20 people in the certification program, but others can attend the Webinar to see if they are interested in the certification at a later date.

You can choose what version you want to experience, and the price is the same either way. Everything will be done online. In fact, you can have your meeting with me via phone or email and you can call into the Worship Webinar.  

I will be channeling the Arcturians for much of the time, as it is under their instruction that I am doing this program.

Therefore, I will be in the NOW of whatever specific information they will share, but they will follow the format I have presented in the above link.

Blessings to you all and I hope you can attend.

Releasing All Darkness From Gaia

We are the ONES we are waiting for!

Offered by Suzanne Lie PhD, as guided by the Arcturians

What is Multidimensional Leadership?

Each module will have four classes to be offered one module at a time.
The classes in the first course are:
·      CLASS 1 – Understanding your Multidimensional SELF
September 26, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time
·      CLASS 2 – Regaining your Multidimensional Consciousness
September 27, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

During 2 weeks after Classes 1 and 2:
Personal email or 15 minute conversations for each person
Followed by a group workshop for Classes I and 2

·      CLASS 3 – Remembering Multidimensional Communications
October 10, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time
·      CLASS 4 – Learning to Channel your own Higher SELF
October 11, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

During the 2 week after Classes 3 and 4:
Personal email or 15 minute conversation
Followed by a group workshop for Classes 3 and 4

Personal conversations are to determine what is understood and what unclear.
Workshops to assure personal and groups mastery of information
And to make appropriate life changes to become a Multidimensional Leader

1.     After each class there is a test/survey* to determine areas of clarity or confusion.
2.     Then there is a personal 15 min meeting with Dr. Lie to ask questions.
3.     Then there is a Workshop for everyone in the group that is based on the areas that were unclear for each participant.
*(the test/survey is to indicate areas of clarity or confusion)

The Purpose Of This Format is to:
Get the information
Understand the information
Integrate the information
Use the information
Share the information

Major Premise for these Courses:

1.     Our Multidimensional SELF exists within the NOW of the ONE. WE are an expression of our Multidimensional SELF.

In this manner, we exist in the NOW of the ONE.

2.     We are the “Creators of Our Reality.” Our every decision is a creation, and each of our creations builds the foundation for our next creation. Every time we make a decision/creation our energy field shifts to create a new foundation for our next decision/creation.

In this manner, we remember how to LIVE within the NOW.

3.     What we BELIEVE we PERCEIVE. And, the reality we PERCEIVE is the reality we LIVE. By changing/expanding our beliefs, we can change/expand our perceptions.
In this manner, we create our reality.

4.     We chose to serve Gaia by taking an earth vessel to create Unity Consciousness: With our Multidimensional SELF  (Multidimensional Consciousness)
      With all the members of our group  (Group Consciousness)
With Gaia’s planet Earth  (Planetary Consciousness)
With Gaia’s human, non-human and galactic members  (Galactic Consciousness)

In this manner we create the NOW of living as ONE with Gaia

Mission Statement For Students:

“I AM NOW becoming ONE with my Multidimensional SELF
to better serve the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension.”

There will be three or four more modules of our four classes. Our Next Module of four classes will be based on the NOW of the energy field we have created with our multidimensional, group, planetary and galactic consciousness.