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The Elementals Power of Transmutation -- YouTube and Transcription


The Elementals Power of Transmutation

Gnomes - Earth Elementals

We calibrate ourselves to the frequency of ascension by remaining conscious of our inner and outer life. We can only retain this conscious connection when our thoughts and emotions are balanced and centered. Now this is not an easy task. 

It’s not so difficult to be conscious when we are having a good time or when we are in meditation, laughing with a friend or something loving and joyful happening.  Then we want to be conscious.  These happy situations draw to be conscious.

But what happens is when our resonance drops or when we’re hit with a challenge that ignites an emotional trigger? When we’re in third dimensional consciousness, all we can do is action and/or react. However in the fifth-dimension we don’t want to react.  Reaction is something that is a very third-dimension action and it puts us into a more unconscious state. 

What we want to do is to respond to the resonance of the situation.  And we respond by taking a breath, by allowing ourselves to feel it and to feel it with our body.  We are accustomed, especially in the west, to lead with our brains, and we often forget to engage our heart. 

Our bodies are resonators that interact with the lower and the higher frequencies. However, we are not often conscious of that fact.  Our aura is fourth dimensional and it interacts with fourth dimensional life. Our aura can identify and interact with fourth dimensional energy fields that our physical self cannot even perceive.

As we begin our transmutation into our fifth dimensional Lightbody, that “body” can perceive and interact with fifth dimensional energy fields that even our aura cannot perceive. Our body, as well as our entire environment, is expanding into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We cannot perceive this shift with our 3D perceptions, but it feels unidentifiably different then our third or fourth dimensional realities. When we move into allowing our bodies to feel that resonance, and then go into a third-dimensional situation, it feels like hitting a brick wall.

Now that’s not always bad but it definitely different. Also, there are times when the third-dimension is really good and we want to engage with it. However, that desire to engage often comes from the “feeling” of the higher dimensional worlds.

The other day I was meditating in my yard. When I opened my eyes and looked around everything looked and felt different.  The trees had a different resonance, the flowers were brighter and the grass had a soft glow.  I was sitting there thinking,  “Oh, this is just like New Earth.” I think that this king of expanded perception is going to be happening more and more.

Today we are talking about the elementals. The reason that I wanted to talk about the elementals is that in writing my Pleiadian Perspective books and coming to the end of the whole series, one of the things that happened at the end is that the hero and heroine are beginning their process of transmuting into Lightbody. This process begins by tuning into and communing with the elementals.

I’m going to take a moment and explain elementals.  The main four elementals are:  earth, air, fire and water.  Elementals resonate to the fourth and into the fifth dimension. Elements only resonate to the third dimension. We see the Earth, we see the ground, we see the air, we see the fire in the fireplace, and we see the water. 

When we merge our consciousness with our fourth dimensional aura then we can move into our beginnings of our perceiving the elementals because the elementals are more of the fourth/fifth dimension. 

The elementals is also the way that we bond with Gaia because elementals are everywhere in our environment. Since they are fifth dimensional they are not bound by time and space. The most immediate way that we interact with these elementals, especially at first, is that we breathe them in when we inhale and breathe them out as we exhale. 

Our earth vessel is primarily third/fourth dimensional. As we expand our consciousness which also expands our heart space and raises the resonance of our aura and eventually raises the resonance of our body, we are able to begin a conscious or unconscious communication with the elementals.

Earth Elemental – Meditation

We will start with the Earth because that is very important and we want to get grounded. Imagine your physical self sitting on physical ground.  Someplace in nature would be nice. In your mind, imagine a place – in your yard on a beach on in the mountains or someplace that you really feel at one with Mother Planet.  Feel yourself sitting right on the grass, or the rocks.

The spine of your body is connected to the physical Earth and the physical Earth matter of the planet Gaia.  As you experience that deep connection, feel how the energy comes from the Sun and comes in through your Crown Chakra and all the way down your spine, past your throat, past your heart, past your waist, down to the base of your spine and down all the way into the core of Gaia. 

Feel yourself completely plugged in. You are plugged in to the source of Light – the Sun – which rejuvenates and allows Life on this Planet.  You are also plugged into the Core of the Planet to deeply ground your experience. 

As you feel yourself plugged in, close your physical eyes and blink your Third Eye.  Just imagine that there is an eye on your forehead and you are blinking it.  As you blink your third eye you look out at the ground.  Look at the ground around you and you can see that there is dirt, grass, rocks or whatever you see there.  With your Third Eye, you see the Earth Elementals, which are known as gnomes. 

We know from fairy tales that Gnomes are the little people with the red suits and the pointed hats.  A lot of fairy tales are actually from the world of Faerie, which is a fourth dimensional world. A lot of the people who channeled these fairy tales were experiencing that realm.  So when we hear: “Oh that’s just a fairy tale. It actually is real.  It’s just not real in this world.  It’s real in the fourth-dimension.

Now the elementals are that transition from the fourth to the fifth.  As you feel yourself firmly grounded, feel that physical earth underneath you. You might want to imagine reaching out your hands and touching the ground to feel the physical earth you are touching. Attune your attention to that physical ground. 

Use your Third Eye, as well as your entire Aura, to look out through your imagination.  Remember that imagination is fifth-dimensional thought.  Use your imagination to see the gnomes and see these beings. 

They don’t have to have red hats, and I actually perceive them as if they are peeking out from behind a branch or rock.  They peek out and wonder if it’s safe to reveal them selves because many humans do not appreciate them.  So when you see a gnome, tell it that it is safe.

Tell them, “It is so safe for you to come to my house because I live in Light and love and I am in the process of ascension. I would like to breathe you into my body so that you can help transmute all the physical matter of my body. You can hear the gnomes say that they are happy to do that and it is their job.

Now, inhale in thru your nose and feel that Earth elemental as it comes into your body and feel, imagine, experience its presence.  Move your shoulders and move your spine and undulate your body as you feel these elementals moving inside of your body.

Feel how their fifth dimensional resonance transmutes which is still stuck in the physical world into its fifth-dimensional expression.

Remember that New Earth is not “out there.”  The fifth-dimension is not “out there”.  Our portal to the fifth-dimension is not “out there.”  Everything is inside.  Out there is the holographic projection of the third and fourth dimension.  Inside is the reality of our unity with all life. 

Take a long slow deep breath and inhale. As you inhale, you feel all of these fifth dimensional Earth elementals moving into your body—transmuting and transmuting your lower frequencies of your form. 

As you exhale, you feel all of that waste material, the 3D waste that you don’t need anymore.  It is just released.  And along with that, everything that you have learned, everything that you have gained, everything that you have remembered goes in to the hearts and minds of these elementals.

As you breathe out these elementals, go back to the Earth and down into the Core of Gaia and say, “We want to share this light with you Gaia.” Then the elementals take a package of love into the Core of Gaia. As you inhale the Earth Elementals share all that you have learned with Gaia.

Then as you exhale you send that gift back out to the greater Earth.  We will do this for each of the elementals.  This is why the elementals are so important.  The elementals are how we begin to deeply and truly experience Unity Consciousness with all Life.

The other part of the elementals is that they are healers.  As you breathe in elemental’s energy field, you pull it in to your consciousness. When you breathe out, you are breathing out this fifth-dimensional transmutational power.

You could breathe the energy on to any part of you that has an injury or any one that you know is not well. You can also breathe it onto your animals. Take a moment and feel the transmutation that is in you.

Breathe in and feel the shift in all the matter within your body, all of your Earth, your matter and hold it.  Allow whatever healing is necessary. As you breathe out, you release the waste materials first and then out comes the earth elementals that you have shared with Gaia.


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