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Creating Your Own Reality #5, YouTube and Transcript


Creating Your Own Reality #5
Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone
July 1, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back.  I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie for our continuing conversations on Creating Your Own Reality.

Hello Sue and how are you today. 

Sue Lie:          The energies are taking me on a wild ride.  I go up into the euphoria and then crash down into crawling around in the third dimension as I’ve said before.  So it feels wonderful when I can capture this feeling and it feels desperately lonely with I lose the connection to it.

MP:                 Yes, desperately lonely and I’ve had those feelings of loneliness and emptiness.  It’s a falling away of that third/fourth-dimensional consciousness.  We realize that we really don’t want it back but we’re waiting for our next step.  In my opinion and what I’ve been experiencing is that it feels like I’m bouncing off the walls and there is a continuous need to anchor, anchor, anchor and re-anchor as often as I can.

I’ve had the experience of literally bumping into the walls but it’s a bit more intense right now.  It seems that that the energy has washed over us and then it has fallen back and left some debris on the beach.  The debris is on the beach and we are walking through it and looking at it and there are still things that trigger us.

SL:                  Yes that’s great and thank you for saying that.  It helps me because I’m also feeling a lot of those things and I also know that the key word is “let go”.  I know that as this higher Light is going into deeper levels of our unconsciousness and our sub, subconscious self.  These are old portions of our beingness, of our myriad incarnations that we have taken on this dear beloved Gaia in order to assist her so that she can also return home.

All of those memories are coming up and this is our chance as we walk along the beach, so to speak – and see all of these remnants.  This is our opportunity to really Love all of these components of ourselves.  And I know that that is not my first reaction.  Then I have to love the fact that my first reaction is not to love myself.  So it is a wonderful and totally confusing and a completely crazy making experience.  And, we are so happy that all of you that are hearing this program are joining us on this adventure and a lot more people who aren’t going to hear this.

There are actually a lot more people like us than we can even imagine.  I for one am so happily awaiting the time we can go up to a stranger and say:  “hi how are you, my name is Sue Lie and how are you doing with your Ascension?  This is really an exciting and challenging time.” 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do that – just with a complete stranger?   Because there are no strangers – everyone is a component of our selves.

MP:     I had some news today that a dear friend made his transition and he and his family were not only friends but also teachers.  So I sent an email to another friend to let her know that he had passed on and I mentioned that with his passing, it was the closing of an era.  I received an email back from my friend that said:  “yes, there are many eras closing at the same time.”

I was surprised at the response but I totally agreed with it.  Ordinarily I would not have thought that she would respond in that way.  So there is an opening and people are becoming more awake and sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences and sharing in a way they might not have not done before.  It is just coming out of them.  That’s really wonderful.

SL:      Yes that is wonderful.  I think it comes from our awakening to our Unity Consciousness because we don’t feel that sense of separation and think maybe they will judge us, or maybe they will say something that will make us sad.  Now, as we are in Unity Consciousness, we are realizing that we are all experiencing the same things; we are just experiencing it in different ways.

MP:     Yes, we are embracing our expansion.  We are expanding and embracing it whether we know it or not.  We’re changing – our thoughts are changing, our feelings are changing and when that happens, doesn’t our perception change.

SL:      Absolutely.

MP:     Don’t we see things from a different perspective?

SL:      Absolutely.

MP:     We are less in duality.  It’s not always either or – sometimes it has to be “and” – either and.

SL:      Well the Arcturians tell me that either/or is a third-dimensional concept.  Even in our fourth-dimensional dreams we see people morph back and forth into each other all of the time.  So they say that – in fact there was an issue that I was having – I could do this or I could do that.  So it was either this or either that.  I actually was driving in the car and I wasn’t even in a meditative state and I asked the Arcturians:  “which one”.  And the Arcturians said:  either/or is a third dimensional thought.  The answer is “both”.  Then I realized – why didn’t I think of both?

It was actually very easy to do both, but I was so in that either/or third dimensional construct that I didn’t consider that I could do both and I actually forgot about that until I was just sitting here and remembered to tell you this story.

And I’m really going to put a mark on my forehead to always do both.  We are free of limitations.  We don’t have to make these choices of should I do this or that or the other.  We can do everything.  And I think that’s part of that.  When I’m able to and I can’t do it when I’m talking to people or driving the car.  But I’m increasingly slipping in to feeling that I want to go to sleep and for a second I think that I am going to sleep but then I wake up and think – well I didn’t fall asleep, but something definitely happened.

I think we’re all getting closer and more aware of that and the Arcturians have said, and I’m changing my life to have a much calmer, stiller life because they’ve said that in order to actually live a multi-dimensional consciousness, I have to have a stiller, slower, calmer life.

MP:     Yes, and isn’t that completely logical.  About two miles from my home there is a very large farm and it has been there for generations and they have farm market from the early spring until late fall.  In the growing season I try to go there twice a week.  So I was there on Saturday and I looked over into the field and saw people picking something.  I knew they were customers just like me.  So I went inside and asked what the folks were picking.  The lady behind the counter said that they were picking blackberries.  Wow, blackberry bushes. 

She said to come back Monday or Wednesday and there will be a lot that will be ripe for picking.  Well, Monday morning I was awakened at O-dark thirty and all I could think of was, pick blackberries, pick blackberries.  Well, I’d never picked blackberries and I’d never made a blackberry anything.  So they opened at 9:00 am and I was there at 9:05 am. 

Now I’m laughing at myself for being there to begin with and so I went out into the field.  These bushes were so beautiful and about five and a-half feet high.  You are not bending over as you are picking.  You just walk along reaching into the bush picking these huge, luscious, dark, dark blackberries – and there are also the red unripened berries on the bushes.

You can tell that I know almost nothing about berries but they are phenomenal.  So I’m picking the blackberries and I picked much more than I needed to.  But as I’m walking along the row, I was saying:  thank you Gaia, thank you Gaia.  Look at this beauty; look at this bounty. 

So I took my blackberries home and because I had more than I needed I put them into Baggies and shared them with the neighbors.  I kept some for my family, but it was way more than we could use.  So for me, on Monday morning, to be out the door at 9 am to go and pick blackberries was very unusual.  But what a gift that was.

SL:      Yes we are remembering as we awaken and as we expand our consciousness back into our higher frequencies we are remembering that the planet is a being exactly like us.  We are a being.  The planet is a being.  And I’d like to ask you now Mary if you could share that story that you had about the meditation about being in the core of the planet.

MP:     Yes.  I think this occurred back in January/February.  Sue and I came together to have a meditation with another friend.  Our friend opened the meditation and did a centering exercise.  All of a sudden, as happens during meditation, I went deeper.  It was deeper perhaps than I had ever been before.

I found myself and knew that I was in the Core of Gaia.  There were tunnels and the Earth was around me and I was walking down a tunnel and I could see an opening ahead.  There was a beautiful and vibrant Golden Light coming out of the opening.  A being, a very small being walked inside of the opening and then next thing I knew, I was catapulted up thru the Core of Gaia and I was observing a being coming out of the Core of Gaia which was so exquisite I cannot form the words to describe this being.

It was huge coming out of the center of the planet.  It was every color of the rainbow but it kept changing back to a white, silver diamond color and it was sparkling.  I had the feeling that it was Angelic and it was beautiful.  Even though that experience was only a few moments I felt like the experience had lasted what I would call a long time.

So today I was sharing with Sue that in my automatic writing I received and was asked to take on another assignment and to receive information from the Earth Elementals, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether and when I received this, I thought back to that experience in meditation in the Core of Gaia and so perhaps this is a next step.

My theory and if you knew me, I always have a theory about everything.  And my theory is that if this is the next step for me to merge with the higher self and work with the body elementals then perhaps it is the logical next step for all of us who are on this path.

SL:      Well I think that is very interesting because that’s exactly what I have received with my latest chapter of the book.  Actually it’s quite a few chapters but it’s about merging with the elementals because as we move into the highest expression of ourselves – remember it isn’t either/or any more.  Now it’s both.  As we move into the highest expression of our self then we are actually moving into the most minuet expressions with ourselves.

As we merge with the Galaxy, the Multi-verse, the Universe and all the higher worlds of the higher densities of reality then of course it will also merge with the insects and the fish and the animals and the birds and the dirt and the water and the clouds because we are moving into Unity Consciousness.

I remember a story that I read long ago by Manly P. Hall.  If you are an esoteric person like us then you will recognize that name.  I can’t recall the whole story but I remember the end.  He was looking for the face of God.  He was looking for the face of God and he finally looked into a clear pond and he saw his own face intertwined with the face of God.  He was shocked and he looked up and he looked at a rock and there was the face.  He looked at the dirt and there was the face and he looked at the sky and there was the face and he looked at a tree.  Everywhere he looked there was the face of God - of the one – of him – of us all.

This is likely what Ascension is about because Ascension is not that we are going to escape from a place that we are sick of.  Ascension is the transmutation of everything that we perceive into a higher frequency of reality.  Now simultaneously – remember that it’s not either/or.  In the 3D world you would say that we perceive everything that we see or we can expand our consciousness to transmute.  But, this is both.  As we perceive everything as transmuted, as everything as one with us - then we transmute ourselves and everything else.

Along the way there’s going to be that which is of a density that cannot maintain that higher frequency.  That is the rubble on the shore that Mary was talking about.  Those are the components of physicality that are unable to transmute within this now.  So we just lovingly let go of that which is not yet prepared to make that shift within us, within our lives, within our planet and most of all within our perceptions.

I’d like to call in the Arcturians for a moment.


Our beloved ones, we are joyous to be able to speak with all of you through this one being and we want all of you to know that we speak through all beings.  For we don’t speak through either Suzille, or through Mary or through one or more of you, we always speak through everyone within the now of the one.  When we say “we”, we are not speaking of “we” just the Arcturians.  We are speaking of “we” – all life, all of the higher frequencies of reality that are joyously merging with all of the frequencies of the third and fourth-dimension. 

And we are celebrating the vision that occurs as we merge and within that merging there is a beautiful transmutation, which is an expansion into a higher frequency.  That does not mean that the lower frequency disappears.  And for many of you who have volunteered to assist Gaia, you will maintain your physical self for as long as Gaia needs your assistance.

Gaia also assists you by grounding your wonderful multi-dimensional Light that would likely burn out your minute physical form if you did not have the wonderful body of Gaia who is sharing this process with you.  We ask all of you now to feel yourself ground your essence deep into the Core of Gaia. 

As you ground your essence deep into the Core of Gaia allow that small being to come up through that core all the way through the planet and all the way through you into you beyond you so that you too become that beautiful being of Light that you have always been but you just forgot.

MP:     Thank you to the Arcturians for that expansion of this conversation and the validation of the importance of working with the elementals.  As the Arcturians were speaking I wrote done:  It is a process of transmuting our concepts and beliefs into an expanded or higher perception – of the same thing, of the same issue.  It’s just an expanded perception into either one – either one. 

It’s all good.

SL:      It’s all good.  And, the reality that we perceive is the reality that we live.  And that is not an easy thing to do.  And I’m speaking from my good old 3D self here.  It is very easy to get pulled into the dramas of physical life.  Please do not judge yourself if that occurs.  I wouldn’t even be able to count all of the times that I get pulled into physical drama.  That’s okay because as we all get pulled into the dramas of the physical plane to those lower frequencies and then remember to transmute them; we transmute ourselves by transmuting our elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.

These elementals – we breathe them in and they move through our body and then we breathe them out.  So every time we transmute our self, our thoughts, our emotions and our body, we transmute these elementals.  And as we exhale, these newly transmuted elementals go out into the world to be inhaled by other people and to go into the core of the earth and to go up into the atmosphere.

So what you transmute within yourself you contribute to all of your reality.

MP:     The transformation happens simultaneously within each person and therefore within each person on the planet. 

This is a good place to end our conversation for today.   Our time has just sped by again Sue.  Thank you.

SL:      Well there is no time. So

MP:     (laughter) Well that is true.

SL:      So if any of you feel yourself leaving time while you are listening to this and then come back and it’s been an hour later but you’re still only two minutes from the end of the program – then you know that you went on a wonderful adventure --- and isn’t that validating.

MP:     That’s great!   Thank you everyone for listening and we’ll see you again real soon.

SL:      Yes, thank you everyone and blessings be to every one of you and Happy Transmutation.

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