Friday, August 6, 2010

The Process

Our dearest ONE,

We, the Arcturians wish to bless our grounded ones this day. We are joyous that you could tune into our blessing, as we know how difficult these times are for our dear ones who have volunteered to take a body to assist Gaia in Her great moment of ascension.

We primarily wish to tell you, each and every ONE, that YOU have a very special purpose that you have volunteered to fulfill in this time of the NOW of Gaia’s ascension. We apologize for our “confusing” referrals to “time.” We find it extremely limiting to speak in Earthly language, as it is linear and sequential.

In our true language, Light Language, the flow of ideas moves in a circle of light, which is revealed to the listener in pictures, emotions, ideas and sensations. To us, language is like a soft breeze that gently caresses our light body. When we feel this caress, it is like what you would experience as a word, as telephone ring, a call from another.

Since we all resonate within the ONE, we need not look outside of us into a “different” location, as our grounded ones must do. Instead, we focus inside of our being to “take the call,” or “give our answer.” Of course, since we do not resonate to a time/space reality, the “inner” call and our answer happen simultaneously.

Because our Light Language is free of time/space, our channels need to fully relax into the awareness our presence in order to translate our message into their Earth language. As you read this message, we ask you to release your habit of time and space, so that you can imagine that you are in the NOW with us.

Please take a moment to do so…

Can you feel how your earth vessel begins to blur into its environment? This blurring sensation is your Light Body peeking past its former limitations of your clay vessel. Take a moment now to feel how your earth vessel is like a cave. Your consciousness had to hide in this “cave” in order to find protections from your hostile world. Take a moment to remember a lifetime in which you lived in a cave to find protection. Feel how that body was primitive and dense.

Now, we ask you to imagine that you are finding the courage to step out of that cave, and as you do so, you find that your primitive body begins to evolve. First, you stand up straight, and then you begin to “think” about your reality instead of seeing everything as food or danger. As you think about reality, your curiosity and imagination begin to expand, and you start to have ideas of what you can do and who you can be.

You are all coming out of your cave of separation NOW. As you step out of your cave, your body begins to change. As your body changes, you begin to perceive reality in a new way. The hostile planet that once surrounded you, is less hostile, for you are seeing with new eyes. You are no longer a victim to the whims of others, because your connection to your SELF reminds you constantly that YOU are the creator of your reality.

In the same way, YOU are the creator of your body. Just as your world changes as your perceptions changes, your earth vessel changes when your idea of your SELF changes. When you are “just a human,” your body is one of clay that quickly grows older and is vulnerable to harm and illness.

On the other hand, when you think of your SELF as the Light of Spirit, your concept of body moves beyond the limits of your clay vessel and out into your ever-expanding aura. When you perceive your “self” as your aura, YOU are suddenly much bigger. Furthermore, your size changes with your state of consciousness.

When you are in an expanded state of consciousness, YOU fill the room. Hence, you are united with everything and everyone in that room. YOU feel everyone and everything as your SELF. In other words, you are experiencing reality the way it is in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Take a moment now to experience your self as the entire room in which you are reading this message…

How does it feel to be a chair, a desk, a plant, the ceiling, the computer or paper you are reading?

In our channel’s room there are lit candles, a fountain and music. Try this exercise in this type of environment so you can experience being a flame, being water, being music…

Try it outside so that you can BE a tree, a flower, the sky…

Try it in a room with others, so that you can experience BEING the other people in that room…

In this manner, you are experiencing being Fifth Dimensional. In reality, you will REMEMBER being fifth dimensional. Since you are naturally, and have ALWAYS been multidimensional, your expanded perception of SELF is an innate ability. However, you lost that ability when you began to perceive Earth as a “hostile planet,” for fear diminishes.

Fear separates you from your environment and from others. Fear makes you want to hide. Our dear grounded ones have found it necessary to hide their true expanded SELF for millennia in order to survive “life on a hostile planet.” However, our beloveds, NOW you are remembering that YOU are the Planet.

As more and more of your awaken to your true Multidimensional SELF, you will remember that you that all limitation and separation is just an illusion of the third dimension. Wonderfully, as you remember and become your Multidimensional SELF, you begin to consciously experience your fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

In the fifth dimension, unconditional love is the constant light message that forever caresses your great being of light. It is this unconditional love that guides you, person and planet, HOME. 2012 is not a “time.” 2012 is a “process of returning HOME.”

That process is beginning NOW!


  1. Beautifull.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for this and for our session today. I really enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you Suzanne, at one point, when I read to feel how the body is like a cave I closed my eyes and felt a feeling like everything is shifting, like I'm in a boat and it sways in space, it lasted a few seconds. It does feel like consciousness is expanding.

    Love and Light

  4. now if i could just stand up straight....

  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Thank you Suzanne for sharing your experiences with us - it confirms my experiences. We are not Crazy!!! yeah!!!!! :)

    You are such a beautiful soul - Thank you.

    And if you'll allow a shameful plug to my blog, which I hope you'll read as well