Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Had A Dream

I had a dream that I need to ask the Arcturians about, but there is a bit more to the story than that. I am away on a short trip with my husband and teenaged grandson. They are night owls and I operate with the Sun, or even before--meaning I am useless after 10pm and awake by 5:30 or 6:00. Those early hours are my favorite time as they are "ME" time. I get my hot tea and go into my office to light candles and incense, listen to music, read (usually spiritual stuff I got off the net), write and, most important, meditate. Well this is more challenging when it is pitch black in the early morning and i am trying not to wake up the males.

I made it into the bathroom to make my tea, pondering the dream, which i will explain shortly, when i reached across the tea pot to unplug it. It my sleepy self i put my bare arm right across the flow of steam and burned myself. At that point, i remembered some horrid story, which i will spare you, that i read in a book, probable 25 years ago. I then realized how many negative images, memories, stories and thoughts that are still buried deep in my subconscious. Since, i have been in health care and counseling for over 30 years, and worked with deprived children before that, there are many stories of pain inside my memory--not to mention my own memories.

Anyway, when i realized what is still stored in my memory banks, i remembered something the Arcturians have said to me, as well as to many others, which is, "Please give us your fear and pain. It is a speck to us and a wall to you. We can easily transmute it and return it to light." It was then that i thought to call upon them to take them myriad memories that i no longer need to carry. Of course, the room was still dark and i had to administer to my burn, so i sort of "lost the moment."

Finally, i set down, put on my ipod for some Beethoven and drank my tea as i drifted off with the piano, allowing the memories to leave--I think. Then, i decided to share this process with you, which i am now endeavoring to do. A small ray of light is coming through the slit in the heavy hotel curtain, which makes it easier to write this. I will begin with the dream, then allow the Arcturians to guide me in more releasing.

In the dream i lived in a huge house which was full of people, plants and animals. It was almost like a microcosm of Earth. I think i was in the kitchen, cooking and laughing with a good friend when i heard that a very important client was coming to my house for a session. However, this important person couldn't have anyone, person or animal, in the house during the appointment. Therefore, for some unknown reason, i went through this huge house and yard expelling all people and animals. I remember looking at the big yard filled with people and animals of all kinds, patiently waiting outside until they could re-enter their home. It was interesting because all the different kinds of people--from kitchen help (which, of course, i don't have) to best friends intermingled with the many different kinds of animals, also intermingling--predator and prey together.

At last, the moment came when the "very important person" arrived. She was a very neurotic and frightened women. Her entourage entered first, inspecting the house and making me change things. Then i woke up, wondering why i had put up with the demands of those people. Dear Arcturians, please assist me in understanding the meaning of the dream, as well as the experiences right after I had it.

Dearest Suzille,
We happily assist you. You are correct in that your "house" was representative of the planet. How long have the many been "put out" because of the needs of the "important" few? That situation is in the process of changing. Since your dream is not just about you, which is why you were led to make it public in this fashion, we will translate it with the reference point of "you" meaning "the many who took orders from the few." When you "took orders" to clear out your house, you did so without thought of whether or not it was fair or just. You were operating from a blind ambition of getting an important client, maybe more money, fame etc. etc.

However, you didn't even realize that was the motivation for your actions. It was this fact that disturbed you so when you awoke. In order for the members of Gaia, animal and human, to return to their true SELF, they will need to release the myriad lifetimes of blind obedience to the few who have been the rulers. (This goes for animal, as well as people.) All of the awakened ones are the rulers of their own lives, for they are the creators of their own lives. Not only did you follow orders without question, so did all your guests and animals. In New Earth no "orders" will be given, for the few who desire to rule the many will no longer exist. Each of you will be united and ONE with the many--human, animal, land, sea, sky, fire, planet, Solar System and Galaxy.

This dream, and what happened after, shows how you, that is all the awakening ones, will need to release ALL the old memories of pain, fear and blind suffering that was so prevalent in the Piscean Age. It is the Aquarian Age of unity with all life the ushers in New Earth. Therefore, we welcome ALL of you to release your many hidden memories of pain, fear, suffering and injustice to us, the Arcturians. All you need DO is set the intention of this release. You do NOT need to view these feelings and experiences to release them. You have locked them in the archives of your deep subconscious so that you would not have to ever experience them again.

To release them again, it is as simple as calling upon us t0 "delete" that file in your biological computer/brain. We will then scan your aura and earth vessel to clear the scar tissue created by those memories, all while you relax. If you wish, you may also come aboard our fifth dimensional Starship that is in the atmosphere of Earth, but a higher frequency. See yourself being "beamed up" and sitting in a chair in our healing center. Again, all you need do is relax and surrender this darkness to our unconditional love.

If you wish, you may also take a tour of our Ship. Just trust your imagination. If your experience is filled with our unconditional love, you are there. If not, then re-calibrate your consciousness until you feel our love. Then you can just relax into the experience. Many of you have been here in your dream body but don't remember. In fact, many of you actually serve on this Ship in a fifth dimensional vessel. Remember, our ones, you are a multidimensional beings and have myriad expression of your Soul/SELF.

We are ready for your call and hoping to receive you on our Ship.
The Arcturians


  1. Dear Suzanne

    Thank you so much for sharing your dream and the response from the Arcturians.

    It could not have come at a better time.


  2. Lovely to read this Sue. I'll try some releasing in the healing room later on today. Rock on Arcturians.
    with light Jax

  3. Dear Sue,

    I really appreciate you sharing your dream with us, and the wonderful reply back from the Arcturians. Allowing them to "delete" all of my hidden issues is going to be a daily affirmation for me! They are such incredible, loving beings.
    I go on board their ship many times in my imagination...maybe I'm really doing it, who knows?

    In any event, thank you so much for allowing us to participate in your wonderful conversations with them.

    Many blessings,