Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Arcturians,
Please help me/us to understand how to better release impatience, fear and insecurity.

Dear One,
Impatience, fear and insecurity are the groundwork of third dimensional life. Our Earth ones must battle their impatience about being bound within the illusion of time. However, this struggle assists them to "crack the egg" and emerge as the Phoenix Bird. Fear in the third dimension is a common as the sky, and our grounded ones are courageous indeed in clearing out their fear with their every breath of unconditional love.

Finally, we address insecurity, which is the remnant of third dimensional thinking. Insecurity is the result of any belief in the illusion of separation and limitation. When our Ones in earthly form are in the consciousness of KNOWING, they are free of all illusion and live within the ONE of Unity with all life. While in this state of consciousness, they can, also, express their full creative powers.

We wish to bless ALL of you who volunteered to take a form during this planetary transition. We are grateful for your sacrifice of leaving the Light of the ONE to assist Gaia in Her time of need. Many of you are among those who answered Her call for help at the fall of Atlantis, when Earth nearly tipped off it's axis and into destruction.

You have incarnated on Earth again and again. Some of these times you were lost to the great darkness, and other times you were a small human trying to survive. Fortunately, sometimes you remembered to connect with the light of your SELF and offered great service to the civilization of that time.

Now, you ALL are awakening to your true Nature. We wish you to know that your Galactic Families have been watching, guiding and protecting you through out your many earthly sojourns. They are now preparing a place for you at their table and await your momentous return.

When you are fearful, impatience or insecure, please call to us or to other members of your Galactic Family. We are of a resonance which can easily withstand your fearful emotions and can easily transmute them back into unconditional love. Just call, and just as you helped Gaia, we shall now help you.

The Arcturians
and other members of your Galactic Family


  1. Thank you, Sue, for sharing that message! I read your Multidimensions site every day, it's wonderful. It's amazing how many people are now waking up. Last year, I searched online for anything about the new earth and the fifth dimension, and there were only a few sites even mentioning it. Google "fifth dimension" now, and the world and his dog are talking about it! : ) There are a lot of people, channelers, intuitives, etc, giving out information, but your sites are the only ones which actually reconnect me with my SELF. If I feel my awareness dropping back down into 3D thinking (of problems, hard work, doubts, etc), I just go and read anything on your sites, and immediately my consciousness goes back up again, as I *remember* who I am.
    That impatience is so real now....I was just thinking about this the other day. You know people say 'The last part's the hardest,'? (In anything, including childbirth! :)). It's strange, because logically it shouldn't be so, but it is. I was thinking, 'This is so ironic, because we're more aware of the NOW, and of there not really being any "time", anyhow - but getting up every day and having to carry on playing the 3D game is becoming more & more insufferable!' Then it occurred to me that this is what happens on any long journey, isn't it? If you're on a plane, ship or train, you can sit slumped in your seat for twelve hours, and tolerate it, even if on the way, there are delays, storms or turbulence. But watch what happens when the destination comes into sight! People leap up and start dragging luggage down from racks, the aisles are packed - everyone wants to get off *NOW*! You can see your friends waving at you from behind the barriers, and you're just in a fever of impatience, aren't you? Ten minutes, which would have been nothing at all halfway through the journey, now seems like a hundred years! : ) As you said in your earlier post, it's so close, yet so far. This impatience is good, because it must mean we are right at the end of the game now! : )


  2. This is such a timely post, thank you! I've almost always considered myself fearless but impatience is about to get the best of me. I will not let it.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I am known for my impatience, so i understand that, and i love the analogy of getting of the plane. I am sure that others will also love you both have to say,

  4. I, m glad I found you.
    An article on the Dutch site Niburu, which I try to read every day.
    Even Your site is fantastic.
    A lot of books to read even.
    I started the path for real about 10 years ago and I recognise a lot in your own story.
    Now I found peace of mind with the Pranic Healers of Master Co.
    But my story is a lot more complicated.
    But I want to follow you for sure.
    Thank you for being there.
    Many lovely greetings from the Netherlands.


  5. I have subscribed to your blog.
    Am looking forward to be inspired, to learn and to be guided on my journey. ;-)
    Thank you - Namaste.