Thursday, April 27, 2023



Are you ready now to follow the Flow into the Higher Frequencies of Reality? - But what is the Flow and what are the Higher Frequencies of Reality?

I have had a deep relationship with the Higher Dimensional Being all my life. 

I make this statement not to boast as to Follow the Flow may be not easy to fully understand and there are many challenges to life with the process of “following the Flow”. 

I am saying this to remember to invite all you readers who have or will have the experience of “following the Flow”.

First off, what is the Flow? The first challenge is getting to the place in our life and in our consciousness in which we are aware that there are many parts of our life and our entire reality that are parts of the Flow. 

One of the most important parts of Following the Flow is allowing ourselves to believe that there is a multidimensional energy field that is constantly guiding us from the Higher Planes of Reality. 

The Arcturians answer us humans’ call for guidance in this with greeting us when we call out. We are so happy that the Arcturians have answers to our calls for assistance. 

Many of us can hear the Arcturians respond and connect when we call, “Dear Arcturians, We, the humans residing so much of the time in this third-dimensional reality, are happy to assist you in guiding us toward remembering how to follow the Flow into Higher Dimensions.”

The Flow is the energy fields in where we choose to join. Therefore, humans who have decided to look beyond the Third Dimension will discover that another version of reality awaits. 

These Higher Planes of Reality are usually unseen and not heard by your third-dimensional self. 

So, one of the biggest challenges to Follow the Flow is to believe what you cannot see. 

In my personal readings, I, with the Arcturians, can help guide you toward Following the Flow and remember the multidimensional reality that your are and always have been a part of. This, to guide you toward greater general happiness and fullfillment in your life! 


Suzanne Lie, PhD


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