Wednesday, July 13, 2022



This can be the Now that you may find your path to the multi-dimensional realms of Higher-dimensional Beings. As you may or may not remember, many of you who find yourselves ready and willing will suddenly or slowly begin to remember your own Higher Self.

At first, most of you may feel that something is calling you, but you likely do not know who or what is calling you to do something that may likely be an opening of your heart and mind in a manner that you may or may not remember. 

Maybe you can now allow yourself to become aware of a possibility that your own third-dimensional human self is on the verge of remembering another reality, or maybe just let yourself begin to recognize it in the distance. 

Maybe it is getting closer like a long-time memory that you had forgotten and that you may just now be starting to remember. Maybe your are beginning to realize that it is actually a true memory. The Higher-dimensional Beings can help guide you in embarking on the path to recognizing the dimensions of Your Self. I can assist you in navigating the path to your higher dimensions in my readings. 


Suzanne Lie, PhD

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  1. Muchas gracias, algo parecido y muy bello me está sucediendo