Thursday, April 21, 2022

Are there many worlds?


                           ARE THERE MANY WORLDS?   
What if there are many worlds that 
we have may not 

More and more, as we travel into Outer Space, we may be discovering that there are other realities that exist in what we on Earth would call "Outer Space”. 
To those who exist in these "other realities”, it may of course not be called "Outer Space." 

In fact, to those other beings those other realities might be called HOME. 

Also, what if we can "believe in" and therefore, maybe discover, that Gaia is NOT the only Mother Planet that is like Gaia's Earth? 

These other planets may or may not be inhabited. Therefore, when, or if we travel beyond the limitations of Earth and into a new form of reality, or a very different version of what we on Earth may call “Home”, what will we find?

Do we want to know the answer?

Or is it easier to pretend that you will never know the answer!

Or, maybe you had been afraid of finding it, but finally actually found what you always have been searching for?

My books, YouTube videos, and private online readings may help guide you to find IT. 

Suzanne Lie, PhD