Sunday, January 3, 2021

The Beginning of a New Beginning


The Beginning of a New Beginning

Happy New Year

Happy New year to us all !

Happy New Year to us all as we move into a new, more expanded version of our reality. Of course, every one of us must set our own pace for when and where we choose to expand our consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of reality. 

Just as there are different version of how we perceive reality, we are beginning to remember that WE are the creators of our reality! We are the creators of our reality by what we choose to think, what we choose to learn, what we choose to do, and how what choose to remember our dreams, our early childhood memories, our inner communications and that which can only be perceive from within our Soul.

What is within our Soul is the component of our physical self who is actually our own Inner Galactic Being. Our Inner Galactic Being resonates to the many different frequencies of reality that flow through us, what we choose to incorporate as our "SELF," and what frequencies of Light and Love we choose to seek and hold within our physical body and our ever-changing Aura.

Our Aura flows around us all. Some are aware of this flow of energy, and some are NOT aware of this ever-changing frequency of our innate Light Body that is always within, above and grounding below our physical expressions of SELF.

It is these invisible frequencies of our visible, third dimensional body that works within our third dimensional, physical form to assist us to remember that we are much, much more than you have been told, or even remembered. 

These "versions of really  change as our inner life changes, and as we allow our Higher SELF to make contact with our own Physical SELF.  Then, as we begin to allow our higher frequency thoughts, desires, memories and perceptions into our third dimensional consciousness, our physical body, and the outer world around us, begins to change. 

However, in reality, it is not the outer world that has changed, but our own ability to perceive the higher frequencies of reality which exist in the higher frequencies of Light! We often think of Light as something that we turn on when we enter a dark room. We may also turn off the light as we leave that room, or choose to "go to sleep!"

However, only our physical self will actually "go to sleep," as our Higher Self eternally lives within the Light of the higher frequencies of reality. Of course, many people may not be ready YET to remember that they have a Higher Dimensional SELF that resonates to the  frequency of the higher third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension and beyond. 

It is only our Higher SELF who is able to be fully aware of our ability to inter-face with the "knowing" of the higher frequencies of our physical self. In fact, the physical self resonates to a frequency of light that is much lower than the frequency of light that exists within our fourth dimensional self, and especially different from the light in our fifth dimensional self.

Each of the different frequencies of our physical body serve a different duty for the physical body. For example, our third dimensional light represents all the neurological activities that keep our physical body "alive to the third dimension."

Many humans are only aware of their third dimensional body. Therefore, they are not yet aware of the higher frequencies of inner light that live within their bodies. When one is having a bad time, feels sad or victimizes, their body can only "turn on" the lower frequencies of the body's Light. 

On the other hand, when one has expanded their consciousness, their awareness of their own inner abilities, the mission which they chose to fulfill within this incarnation comes into their awareness. Then, Their body is more and more able to perceive more and more of the many "higher frequencies of light" within their physical life and within their own physical form.

Very often this "light" may be thought of as "the mood they are in." For example, if one is in a very downward, even victimized mood, their inner light can become quite dim. On the other hand, if that same person is feeling loving, strong, and even searching for, and/or living within a life that feels good, powerful, happy, purposeful, they can more easily awaken and recognize the FEEL of their own Higher Light.

One of the first things that this "inner higher light" shares with your body, is that your emotions, thoughts and asperations become focused on assisting other beings, as well as the living body of Earth who is often called Gaia.

Back when humans were "primitive" they all believed that there was a strong life-force in the planet, and in many other forms of life. It was the "modern humans" who begin to think of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water as "things that they could use for themselves!"

On the other hand, the "primitive humans" thought of Gaia and all Her planetary elementals as living beings of their daily the life, and the  source the assisted and protected Gaia's living planetary SELF!

How did the "more evolved humans" forget and/or ignore, the Truth that Gaia was, and still is, a LIVING BEING!

How could humans devolve to the point where they could not remember that Gaia is a living breathing being. In fact, Gaia was a living being long, long before humans ever inhabited Gaia's Planetary SELF.

 Can humanity begin to remember their own ancient knowledge that is NOT attached to any pride, ownership or other human limitations?

When will humans evolve enough to remember that they are the visitors to Gaia's planetary body? 

In fact, the humans are NOT the owners, the humans are Gaia's tenants. Fortunately for the humans, the only rent that Gaia charges is that the humans love Her Earth Body as much as the Earth Loves The Humans!

Within this New Year of 2021--AND BEYOND

Can we ALL Pledge to Love, and take care of Gaia, in the same manner that 

Gaia has ALWAYS loved and protected Her humans?


"Yes, Yes" we hear you answer!


  1. Yes definitely their is a beginning of a new beginning.
    Happy new year to you as well.

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  3. Suzanne Lie, MERCI!!!

    Pas facile en effet, de partager cette "Expérience en conscience, de Nature Visible-Invisible".
    De faire prendre conscience que l'humanité, au même titre que les éléments composants le Vivant, ne sont que médiateurs entre Terre et Ciel...
    Corps-Esprit;masse-énergie;dense-volatile;spatial-temporel;actuel-potentiel;hylique-pneumatique...Pfff.. Comment s'y retrouver dans ce sac de nœuds!???)

    Comme l'a chanté J.Brel, "Quand on a que l'Amour", ou encore J.Higelin "La croisade des enfants", Yves Montant "Car je t'aime", Tryo "L'Hymne de nos campagne", et même Yannick Noah "Aux arbres citoyens"...

    Que ce témoignage puisse vous être utile à tous et toutes, et merci au GRAND TOUT en lequel tous et tout sommes UN, "Ensemble".
    => "Minéral, Végétal, Animal" n'est qu'une résonance profonde de l'Univers. Une tresse. En composant la tresse, no stress! Terminé les nœuds! :)

    Prenez le temps de dessiner ce monde en couleur, en conscience, avec Amour. C'est la Vie que l'on transmet.
    Malgrè l'inertie de toute pensée, de toute action, de tout mouvement, ayez confiance sur le chemin, nous y sommes!

    En Pleine Conscience, avec une Volonté indéfectible, Ici et Maintenant:
    ->Ce n'est pas un livre que l'on peut se contenter de lire, non, ce sont des dessins engendrés par une action qui oriente la pensée, et il n'y a qu'à suivre "le fil". Dessiner, prendre conscience et cela engendre un nouveau dessin... Nous sommes médiateurs entre la Matière et l'Esprit, toute action entraîne une pensée "nouvelle". Bienvenu(e) dans le monde réel :)

    UN messager, de l'Existence et de la Lumière.
    -> 44°32'38.56"N,5°50'35.36"E (Hautes-Alpes,FRANCE)

    Comme vous voudrez... ;)

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