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ABOUT HAPPINESS The Arcturians and your Galactic Family



The Arcturians, and your Galactic Family 

Through Suzanne Lie

Happiness is something that you give away, so that you can have it for your self.

It is within the sharing of happiness with others that you can learn more about the happiness within your self.

If you never share happiness with others, it will be difficult to find it within your self.

If you want to understand happiness, allow yourself to feel the happiness that begins from within your own heart and mind.

Happiness cannot be bought, but it can be given away for free. 

The more that you give happiness to others, the more happiness you will find deep inside your self. 

Happiness can cure sadness and sorrow, especially if that happiness is shared with others.

There are times in your daily life that happiness is natural and automatic.

There are also times in your daily life that happiness is very difficult to find within your self, or even from others.

There are times in one’s life in which happiness is easier to receive, remember and give to others.

In fact, the more you give happiness to others, the more happiness you will be able to feel within your self.

Sometimes in your life you is surrounded by happiness. During these times it is easier to find happiness within your self.

However, there are also times when you do not see happiness in those who are around you.

If you are surrounded by unhappiness, it can be very difficult to find your own inner happiness.

However, it is through finding your own inner happiness that you can more easily assist others to feel their own inner happiness.

There are times in your life in which you know that you are happy, and you want to share with others the gift that you found inside your self. 

If those with whom you share your happiness are also happy, you will find joy and fun. 

If you cannot share your happiness with others, it does not seem as important to be happy.

Happiness if best if you can share it with others. Sometimes these others are humans, but sometimes these others could be animals, situations and/or being in Nature. 

Happiness can found in the third through fifth dimensions of your reality.

Happiness in your third dimensional, daily reality is often about something fun, important or loving that has come into you daily life.

Happiness in your fourth dimensional, daily if may come to you through a creative activity, fun with friends, informative dreams and/or meditations, or just a good night’s sleep.

Happiness is best when shared with others who are also happy. 

Your own happiness can assist others who are NOT happy to find their own happiness.

In fact, happiness can expand log rhythmically as more and more happy people, pets, good weather and camaraderie with others all merge into the Oneness of “Shared Happiness!”

There are certain seasons in which happiness can be more easily experienced, such as Holidays with family and friends.

However, if one is alone with no family or friends, they may feel quite unhappy.

What if you could always tell if someone is happy or unhappy?

We know that many of you who will read this have that ability. 

How do we know that? The answer is that we, the members of your Galactic Family, as well as the members of your human family, ALL know each other,

Of course, very often your human self will forget that you are also a higher dimensional being who is simultaneously living as a Higher Dimensional expression of your third dimensional self.

What if you could remember your Higher Dimensional SELF?

Would you remember to communicate with your Higher SELF on a regular basis?

Or, would you get lost in the daily challenges of your third dimensional self that you would totally forget to take a moment, now and again, to tune into your OWN HIGHER DIMENSIONAL SELF?

Would it be to “weird” for you to allow your self to “believe” that which you have always known?

Yes, you have ALL known from within your own Higher SELF that you can remember the YOU who is now wearing a third dimensional body and you are now facing all the many challenges of living on a third dimensional planet that is undergoing immense change?

Of course, many people do not want to know that their third dimensional planet is undergoing vast changes. 

Why don’t they know?  Usually the answer is because it would be far too frightening to know the truth of what is actually happening to the planet on which they live. 

Therefore, they don’t think of the planet Earth as a living being that is in great need of assistance from the very humanity that is also destroying HER!

How could humans not know how much Gaia, their planet Earth, is suffering at the hand of selfish, greedy humans who care only for their own selfish need to get more, more, more!

We, your Galactic Family, are here NOW to remind you again, and again and again that if humanity allows their beloved Mother Earth to become too ill to support the humans that have been destroying Her, all the humans will NOT have a third dimension planet on which they can live out their third dimensional life.

Where will the humans, who can only expand their awareness of realty into the third and lower fourth dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s planetary self live?

The humans who allowed dear Gaia to suffer under the greed, and power over, that not only harmed many of the Pleiadians and other Galactics who came to assist Gaia, but also all the humans who harmed Gaia have deeply been harmed their themselves.

Of course, those who do not think of Gaia as a living BEING who allows them to live on Her Planet Earth, will likely NOT know what they have done until it is almost too late to heal that which they have harmed.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, call on YOU, yes YOU, the one who is reading our message and is READY to assist Gaia to expand Her Planetary Consciousness beyond the third dimension, which is too filled with greed and selfishness, into the fourth, and hopefully, fifth dimension of Gaia’s reality.

But how will humans be able to expand their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimension of reality?

The answer is that they, the humans will need to remember the promise that they made before they took this incarnation. Of course, the Lost Ones did not make this promise, and are busily destroying dear Gaia so that they can have more-more-more and more!

But where will they put their fancy houses if there is NO steady ground?
Where will they hide their huge stash of money if there is nothing left to buy?
How will they breathe if the atmosphere is destroyed by their own selfishness?

“Don’t worry,” we hear some say. “We will fix all that as soon as we get more money, or find a better president, or figure out what to do.” 

But what if they don’t change their ways, or put the planet’s needs above their own, or sell some of their “fancy stuff” so that they can use that money to assist Gaia, the being who is providing them a planetary home?

What if they only talk about what they will do some time in the distant future, when they have a bigger house, or more money, or more influence at work, or taken that great world cruse.

What if they can no longer cruse around the world because the water is too tainted, and there are so many active volcanoes, and the wonderful sunshine is covered with smog, and waters are to toxic to be enjoyed.

Will the selfish, wealthy ones fix the problems and make you happy?

Will the very inept leaders fix your problems and make you happy?

Will YOU wait too long for “them” to fix it, that  even “they” can’t make a difference?

Will humanity wait too long to repair the great damage HUMANITY have done to Gaia?

Will the humans accept the assistance of their Galactic Family, or will they send up bombs that will only cause more problems and more harm to Gaia’s Earth?

The clock is ticking and the time is NOW!


  1. I do not really understand anymore. Era of peace and starchildglobal are talking about new earth and how we are all expanding into this. Getting into galactic vibration. And yet the message here is still about destroying earth? Even abraham hicks is telling about earth is such a miracolous creation we as evolving humans are not comprehending all, let alone grasping earth will exist in eternity and destroying is impossible. I find this very confusing and i considered all of you supportive for many many years even beyond 2012... can this even be explained?

  2. Thank you for this message!!!

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