Saturday, April 27, 2019

Awakening Your Inner LIGHT--Message from the Consciousness of Earth



                   MESSAGE FROM 

I Gaia, the Consciousness of Earth, am ALWAYS available to assist you. Know that you, my beloveds, are manifestations of my consciousness. Your individual Souls are a portion of The Source, but the physical form that houses your consciousness is my manifestation. 

Your physical body is made of the same elements as those of all my other creatures.  We are all ONE, you see, and as ONE Being we shall transform ourselves into our higher expression. 

The boundaries between dimensions are beginning to blur NOW. For a brief moment, you may begin to perceive the third, fourth and fifth dimensions all at once. Often, your physical senses cannot compute all these stimuli, and your physical eyes will see the world through a dim haze. When this happens, you may also have difficulty in orienting yourself in space, and you may experience dizziness and/or nausea. 

If this happens to you, take a moment to focus solely on your third-dimensional world until you feel grounded and balanced. Take long, slow, deep breaths and keep your eyes open. Eventually, you will regain your equilibrium. The illusions that separate the third dimension from the higher worlds are thinning now, and your inner clock is chiming that it is “time” to BE your SELF in your daily life and see reality through your Eyes of Soul.  

It is this perception that allows you to see the new world that is being unveiled, even as I speak. If your process becomes overwhelming, please take a moment to limit your awareness to one dimension at a time. The dimensions have a hierarchy structure, and you can easily perceive lower dimensions but not the higher ones. However, with the grounding of your multidimensional consciousness in your earth vessel, you are learning to perceive many dimensions at once. 

This multidimensional perception can be very confusing until your brain is re-programmed to organize all this information in an understandable manner.  Please try to breathe into your experience. Then, simply release the dissonance of the lower worlds and embrace the joy and unconditional love of the higher realities. 

You are grounding your SELF in your daily life and learning to function with a new type of perception, which will take some practice to master. When your earth vessel is calibrated to the frequency of the third dimension and below, it is difficult to tolerate the frequencies of the higher dimensions. 

However, as you allow your Multidimensional SELF to Captain your earth vessel, your SELF re-calibrates your vessel to be fully multidimensional. It is this change in operating systems (third dimensional to multidimensional) that is causing your perceptual confusion. 

Just as you are able to perceive the second and first dimensions via your third-dimensional self, when your primary essence or point of focus is in your fifth-dimensional self, you will easily perceive the fifth, fourth, third, second and first dimensions. 

When your multidimensional perceptions are fully activated, you will easily see the “big picture” and know how you are to proceed in your new life. Up until recently, it has been difficult to perceive the higher dimensions, as you had to “shut down” over 90% of your brain capabilities and turn off 97% of your DNA to limit your reality to the third dimension.

This process of shutting down is similar to a space ship closing down all of its operations in order to provide life support that the power to stay within the parameters of the third-dimensional frequency net. 

Now that you are awakening to your SELF, I, Gaia, ask that you ground your higher dimensional experiences into my planetary body. In this manner, you can more easily integrate your experiences into your daily life, as well as share those wondrous experiences with your planet. 

Most of my animals and other creatures have automatically grounded their awakening in my body, but they do not “think” like humanity does. Too much thinking can create much confusion, as well as fear. Please do not judge yourselves for your difficulties with this transition.  You can see that I, too, have had problems. 

My weather patterns have been very erratic and extreme. Just as you might vomit due to stomach problems and pass-out due to damage to your brain, I might have a hurricane in one area of my body and an earthquake in another.  We, persons and planet, must all learn together how to gradually allow our bodies to adapt to more light and a higher frequency of manifest reality then is our familiar keynote.  

This lesson is one that has not been learned before in our time/space quadrant, and we must all cooperate in order to learn it, remember it, again. Allow me to share with you what I, Gaia, have learned through the experience and observation of my inhabitants. 

Our planet is held in a third-dimensional frequency net. Whenever we, myself and/or my inhabitants, have direct communication with each other, or with this frequency net, we stretch the limits of that net to resonate to an expanded spectrum of frequencies. The blurring sensation that many of you have experienced is the gradual expansion of the frequency net to encompass higher and lower dimensional frequencies.

As the keynote frequency of the net escalates, your re-calibrated earth vessels will be able to perceive wider and wider spectrums of light and sound. These expanded perceptions will activate the whole brain thinking and bring many latent abilities online. 

Whole brain thinking is the ability to process simultaneously with both your right and left hemispheres.  This thinking will allow your higher consciousness to access your entire brain, as well “turn on” your 97% of unused DNA. This DNA has been called “Junk DNA,” as your scientists had not yet determined its function.

As each human activates the powers of his or her Multidimensional SELF in their daily life, they will contribute their experiences to the Collective Consciousness. Then, once one has expanded their consciousness enough to connect to the Collective and Planetary Consciousness, they will be able to access that information as easily as logging on to a website.  In fact, this database is already stored on your Internet. 

As each of you shares your experiences of awakening, it makes it easier for all of you to edit out your old, third-dimensional beliefs in limitation and separation. It is those old beliefs that give power to the third-dimensional frequency net.  When the release of those patterns reaches critical mass, the transition will greatly accelerate and your perceptions will begin to easily encompass higher dimensional experiences.  

As each of you Awaken to your SELF, you make it easier for others to Awaken, as well. We, your Galactic Family, will assist you in co-operating with this recalibration.  Then, be sure to “save” your work to the program for this galaxy.  Just as you must save your work before you exit a file on your computer, save the experience of recalibration in your mind/computer before you return to your mundane world.  

If you do not save it, you can forget that it ever happened. Grounding your efforts with a third-dimensional creative action and sharing that creativity with others, can assist you to best accomplish this “saving” process.

The process that your planet is undertaking is beyond language.  As each one of Gaia's inhabitants grounds their experiences through their creative force, it becomes a “normal” component of the third dimension.  Then that encourages other inhabitants to also share their experiences. When they, in turn,  respond by running it through their creative force, the process becomes more familiar and more a part of the ongoing experience of the Planetary Consciousness. 

What is familiar is safe and less likely to initiate fear.  Fear is a virus in your "brain's computer" and can corrupt all your files. Then, all that would be left would be your original programs of limitation and separation. However, hold no fear of that possibility for Gaia perceives ALL of her inhabitants contributing to this frequency shift.  

The first dimensional rocks and minerals are raising their vibration as well as the second-dimensional plant kingdom and the third-dimensional animal kingdom. Also, many of the “extinct” plants and animals have moved into the fourth and fifth dimensions because they could no longer tolerate the lower frequency of the third dimension 

Nevertheless, they send their essence into the third and fourth dimensions to assist humans in their process. Many “dead” humans and other higher mammals are also contributing their higher dimensional essence to the vibratory rate of my third and fourth-dimensional Earth forms. I say third and fourth-dimensional forms, as much of my planet and inhabitants now resonate to the fourth dimension.

Then, together, person and planet can cooperate in creating a slow and safe return to the fifth dimension by grounding your Multidimensional SELF into your daily life. With this grounding, it will be easier to see reality through your fifth-dimensional “Eyes of Soul” who can perceive your ever/expanding multidimensional perceptions. 

In this manner, each of my inhabitants will serve to stretch the frequency net beyond its “limitations.” Then, with every step, the next step becomes easier. The secret is to share your experiences with each other. In fact:
I Gaia, ask you to please Come out from hiding NOW.

You are my Spiritual Warriors, and I thank each and every one of you for battling your own inner darkness and transmuting it into LIGHT.  I invite you now to communicate with my fifth-dimensional form, which has always existed in the NOW of the ONE



  1. Many thanks for this text. It helps a lot to understand and realize.

  2. Now looking out the window of my apartment, I thought about the fifth-dimensional ships, which in order to see it is necessary to raise the vibrations and first see them with my spiritual vision. I wanted to see these ships. And then I noticed something flashed in the sky, I thought it was a ship. And then I saw a multitude of luminous points scurrying across the sky. These were not physical points, and I saw them rather with an inner vision, perhaps with the third eye. I had seen such luminous points before, but they usually flashed for a fraction of a second and disappeared and were single, but now for the first time I saw so many of them at the same time and in motion, and the vision was held for a long time, it did not hide from me, but stayed until I wanted to see them. I thought that this is the fifth dimensional ships. I greeted the aliens and conveyed their greetings and wishes to meet and chat. I believe that they are here and open to those who are ready to accept them.

  3. Thank you Mama Gaia! You are loved so dearly, with our thanks to you, we got this ascension locked - C