Monday, December 17, 2018

Individuality Within Unity


The Arcturians
Through Suzanne Lie

It was within Gaia’s first core program that She, the planetary being, was called to accept the great challenge of holding the format for “INDIVIDUALITY WITHIN UNITY.”

If She, Gaia, is successful with this challenge, She will be able to serve as the “transitional planet” that She was meant to be, and to complete the transmutation from a third/fourth-dimensional, planetary reality into a fifth-dimensional, planetary reality. 

It is for this reason that the forces of darkness have attacked Gaia again and again. The dark ones have attacked Gaia, not because they thought they were stronger. They attacked Gaia because they knew that Gaia’s planetary body was destined to be the “Initiation Point” for the transmutation of this entire Galaxy. 

The dark ones knew that if they could disrupt Gaia’s planetary energy patterns, they could thwart the inter-dimensional plan to use Earth as the focus of transmutation of the entire Galaxy. 

Yes, many of you have been feeling this shift, and many of you have been sharing the information that you have been channeling. You were among the first humans who were able to receive and document your messages from us, as well as to stay true with your “birth assignment” for your entire adult life. 

We are grateful for all of your dedication, and we wish to commend you all for your dedication. We know that there are many challenges within your NOW. Also, because you are leaders, you are among the first ones to feel “The Chaos before Great Change.” 

Chaos comes before a change to “break up old patterns” of thinking and feeling, as well old behaviors that come from the combination of those thoughts and feelings. 

We are happy to say that, eventually, this chaos will ease, and you will all be able to begin to relax into your new higher frequency of reality, as well as your new relationships that will be based on being your true SELF without concern of judgment or confusion. 

You will be happy to know that as you enter this higher frequency of reality, you will be free of the 3D tasks that you most dislike. This freedom will allow you to move into higher and higher octaves of your chosen birth path.

Do you remember when you felt you needed to “do everything” as no one understood you enough to be able to “share your load.” Many of you were concerned that you would be overtaken by the third-dimensional mundane tasks of daily life. 

That behavior was appropriate at the time because you were among the first “way showers.” However, because your message, behavior, or life choices were unique to many others, you were judged. 

However, you did not allow the opinions of others to stop your deep investigation of a new reality that you had found within your own Higher SELF. NOW, you are able to move into a different relationship with your reality because more and more humans are awakening to a possible reality that was buried deep in their heart and mind. 

More and more, you can look at the aura of others and see that they are ready for a few words, or more, about why they are feeling so different. Even though a higher state of consciousness does make one feel much happier, more loving, and much closer to Nature, it can be threatening to others that have not yet awakened. 

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands more and more, you will find that you have more friends and family with whom you can share your multidimensional reality. Then, once that “possible reality” is shared, these relationships often become more intimate. 

By “intimate,” we do not mean in a sexual manner, however that too will expand. The expanded intimacy we are speaking of is the deep fulfillment of finally being able to be “ALL of you” and no longer needing to “hold back.” 

Can you please forgive yourself for holding back?

We ask that you acknowledge that those who are afraid to change will often scorn those who are the initiators of a higher octave of reality. It is important that you, the awakened and awakening ones, totally understand that there are no mistakes or accidents. 

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, then your Higher Self has created that situation for you so that you can become stronger. Just as an athlete uses weights to become stronger, our leaders will use experiences to become stronger.

While in your fifth-dimensional SELF, you will realize that YOU chose all that has occurred in your past, as well as within your present and in your upcoming future. But, before the teacher can teach, the teacher must learn. 

One thing that we, your Galactic Family, are asking you to learn/remember within this NOW is the process of learning how to maintain your individuality while you are simultaneously fully merged with the collective…

Your fifth-dimensional expression of SELF remembers that individuality can, and does, exist within the collective. Your “individuality” represents the manner in which your Core SELF is expressed through your Collective SELF, as well as within the Collective Society that you have chosen to create and/or experience.

Yes, each and every one of you has a “Collective SELF,” who represents the collection of every incarnation that you have ever experienced on Gaia. Those of you, who have promised to assist with planetary ascension, has been called on to go into every incarnation you ever had on Earth and balance the polarities of light and dark.

You may think that that task is impossible, but that is only because you are thinking in terms of separation and time. As you move more and more into your fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will realize that time is an illusion of the third, and to a lesser extent, of the fourth dimension.

In fact, while you are “home” on your fifth dimensional Star Ship and/or fifth dimensional Homeworld, you are aware that time and space are a construct of a third dimensional reality. Third dimensional realities are still often run in a hierarchal manner in which there are judgments that  certain persons or places are “better” or “worse.”

On the other hand, in a fifth dimensional reality, there is a constant experience of the NOW in which you are conscious of your every experience. However, the NOW does not have a “clock time.” In the fifth dimension, the NOW is not a time. Instead, the NOW is your choice of creation.

Whatever reality you choose to create, and/or participate in, is the NOW that you created. When you feel complete with that NOW, your consciousness is free to flow into another experience of NOW. We could not say that each NOW is different, as the terms of “different” or “the same,” are not considered in a fifth dimensional reality.

Instead, your fifth dimensional consciousness flows into a component of the NOW that you choose to perceive, and an experience which is much like flowing into a portal. Within this portal, there are many thoughts, emotions, experiences, and events into which your consciousness may flow.

Within that flow, it is always NOW. The past is not over and the future is infinitely within you. Imagine that you are within a huge ocean. Within the depths of that water, there is no right, left, up, or down. However, in this case, you are flowing within an “Ocean of Light.”

The Light that creates this ocean is YOUR light, the light that you have collected and created during all your incarnations on Earth, as well as all your incarnations on any other reality. In other words, YOU are the source of the light that shines, and flows, over, under, around, and through you. 

Within that same fifth dimensional and beyond NOW, you are the light of all those who share your journey. Hence, all the “individual lights” from all the “individual beings” intermingle with all the “collective light of every ONE.”

This is how you will experience “being the ONE.” The ONE is NOT separate in any manner. In fact, the ONE it is the great initiator of all realities of Light that are the entireONE.” Fifth dimensional beings, as well as even higher dimensional beings, often visit Gaia to experience the unknown feeling of “separation.”

Just as living within “Unity with ALL Life” is a unique experience for those who resonate primarily to their third dimensional frequency of reality; the experience of “Individuality” is a unique experience for those who primarily resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. 

Therefore, within this NOW of Planetary Ascension, we, the Golden Ones, are offering you the experience of Being within the ONE. We hear you ask, “How do I accept your offer?” Our answer is much like our above description of flowing within the ONE. 

The “ONE” is not a place. The ONE is a state of consciousness. Moving into, and enjoying the experience of the ONE, is a two-way adventure in which you are moving into what you have always known, but being surprised by this experience because you have forgotten that it is your innate, fifth dimensional reality.

As confusing as it sounds, being in the third dimension makes you forget the experience of being the fifth dimensional SELF that you have ALWAYS been. However, in order to remain in touch with your fifth dimensional SELF, and fifth-dimensional reality, you may feel that you need to forget about your third dimensional reality, or believe that your third dimensional experiences are  “just illusions.” 

Therefore, in order to remain connected to your third dimensional reality, you may feel that you need to forget your fifth dimensional reality. Then, if you also want to remain in touch with your “real 5D reality,” you will need to remain connected to our fifth dimensional reality.

You may have believed that you have never had fifth dimensional experiences because you have been “unconscious” of that experience. Fortunately, within this NOW, many of you are on the cusp of realizing, and hence perceiving, your realities in the fifth dimension and beyond. 

These experience has informed you that there is a reality that is more loving, feels better, and appears to be higher dimensional. Simultaneously, you are experiencing a third dimensional reality that is challenging, based on time and work, and you see every person, place, situation, and thing, as outside of your personal vessel. 

Fortunately, more and more of you are also experiencing the “ONE” You, who is actually multidimensional. This multidimensional YOU is coming into your dreams, your meditations, your sleep, your creativity, and your daily life. 

How do you experience this YOU? In fact, more and more of you are beginning to remember a reality in which you experienced “being within the ONE of the fifth dimensional NOW.”

“Would it be possible for me to experience this new reality within my daily?” your third dimensional self ponders. 

“Of course,” answers your fifth dimensional self, “In fact, you are already doing so, but you forget that experience as soon as your state of consciousness returns you to your physical world.”

You see, your perceptions are based on your state of consciousness!

“Could my third dimensional self merge with my Fifth Dimensional SELF, so that you could experience both worlds within the ONE of the fifth dimension?” you ask.

 Our answer to you is that you are already merged into ONE, but the third dimensional “land of illusion” has distracted you from this fact by making you believe that you would lose your individuality if you merged with this higher ONE, who is a component of your true, Multidimensional SELF.”

“I don’t want to be distracted any longer. I want to remember that I am my fifth dimensional SELF!” we hear you say.

“Then we, and your Fifth Dimensional SELF, must ask you if you BELIEVE that YOU can orchestrate the merging of your daily self with your fifth dimensional self?”

“Yes, I want to believe! I will believe.” We hear you say, but we also wish to ask you, “Are you ready and willing to take the risk to go ahead and believe what you want to Believe—rather than believe what you are afraid  is true?”
Are you ready to repeat again and again:

“I choose to BELIEVE that
I can merge my daily life with my fifth dimensional SELF!”

Say the above mantra every day for 7 Days!
You can say these words out loud, write down, 
whisper them and/or think them.

The important thing is that you imprint this decree in your brain, in your heart, 
and into your daily life!

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie