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Activating your Expanded Perceptions-2 Empathy and Intuition

Activating Your Expanded Perceptions 

Part 2

 and Intuition
The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Empathy is the ability to feel another person's emotions. It is a second dimensional ability shared by "primitive," tribal societies, herd animals, and birds in a flock. An example of this is when our pet comes up and nudges us in an attempt to comfort our sadness. Other examples are a mother's understanding of what her nonverbal infant needs or a healer's deep knowing of how a patient feels.

Empathy is another one of our “animal perceptions,” in which we must pay attention to our bodies in order to receive and understand them. Darwin wrote about animal’s four basic emotions as a means for survival.  

The survival purpose for FEAR was to create a state of fight or flight. SADNESS created bonding within the heard/pack/flock, HAPPINESS urged on procreation of the species and ANGER’A purpose was to break through barriers. Our third dimensional animal self makes use of emotions in much the same way, as well as for the purpose of survival.

Humans tend to be more empathic with people that they deeply care for, even love. However, intense anger or fear can doom ONE to feeling the person whom THEY greatly dislike.  The complicated part of empathy is that we feel the emotions of another in our own bodies, as if they are our emotions. 

Therefore, to avoid confusion we need to understand our own emotions.  For example, if we are in a fine mood and we walk into a room where someone is angry, it will not feel like that person is angry, but instead it will feel like we are angry. In order to differentiate between our own feelings and someone else’s, we need to have a conscious recognition of our own emotions.

Then, when we could walk into that room and say, “I suddenly feel very angry.”  We can also say, “However, it does not feel like my anger.”  In that case, we can look around the room to determine the source of the anger that we have been feeling inside our own body. 

Empathy is not limited to time and space. We can suddenly feel an emotion from someone far away. However, this is usually only when we have a strong psychic attachment to that person. 

Fear and anger are very loud emotions because they are important to activate the Fight/Fight Response of our body. These emotions are loud in our psyche because they are directly related to our survival mechanism.  

Sadness is not as loud, but it is very contagious. We have all had experiences of crying at a funeral of someone we didn’t know that well, but we emphatically feel everyone’s sadness  

Love, and the happiness that arises from love, comes in two categories: conditional love (from humans) and unconditional love (from Spirit, as some humans).  If we have no ability to feel and identify a certain emotion in our own body, it will be difficult for us to empathically feel that emotion in another. 

Hence, if we have never experienced some one loving us, or if we have never loved our self, we may be very close to some one who deeply loves us and never know it.  It is sad to say that love is learned, but here in the third dimension it can be true.  

Fortunately, there are those who never loose their connection to spiritual love. These people have “eleventh hour luck,” for they always find someone to love them when they need it, even though they currently have no loving support. 

In fact, some of those who vowed to awaken in this lifetime were born into loveless childhoods to urge them to look inside to find the love they need within. The gift was that when they looked inside, they not only found love, they found unconditional love from spirit.


Intuition, another form of bodily knowing, gives us answers, "gut feelings," without the need for thought. Intuition is the ability to combine the perceptions of the fourth dimension and beyond, such as vision, hearing, proprioception (your location in space) and smell. All these abilities are derived from our brain's functioning beyond the 10-15% range that is considered "normal." Many people use their intuition everyday, but they call it "luck."

Intuition is much like instincts, except that it calls in the messages, answers and protection from our Spirit Guides. Instincts and empathy come to us while we are in daily, beta brainwave consciousness whereas intuition can only be accessed by connect to our alpha brainwave, creative, states of consciousness.  We get an intuition when we “think out of the box,” beyond the limitations of daily, third dimensional thinking. 

Intuition can come to us as a warning or message from “above.” Of course, as we awaken, we realize that the message does not come from above, but instead from within. Hence, in order to receive our deepest intuition, we need to venture into the hidden place of our unconscious mind and injured heart.  

If we cannot gain a clear reading on our own emotions, we will project that tainted reading onto our intuition about others and get faulty information. In other words, if we look out into the world with dark glasses, or an unclear aura, it will look as though the outside world is dirty or unclear. 

Because we are unaware of our “dark glasses,” we will not realize that the darkness and lack of clarity is within our own consciousness. Unresolved fear, anger and sadness tarnish our vision of reality and make us feel too unsafe to surrender to Spirit to receive our healing. 

As children many of us had perceptions of faeries, ghosts or the face on the tree, which were lost in our adult struggle for survival. To return to our innate intuition we need to heal our wounded ego and regain the innocence and wonder that we had as a child.  When we find the courage to make this journey, we will meet with higher and wiser expressions of our SELF who will assist us with our awakening.


  1. I think someone may go through their whole life not knowing they are feeling another's emotions, they just think "this is how everyone must feel" Ultimately experiencing empathy and your intuition brings about a certain responsibility and a chance to become energetically organized.

    1. Very well said. Thanks so for your comment.
      I really appreciate hearing from my readers,

  2. Hi! My name is Alexander and I was curious about a certain pattern that seemed to repeat several times: when I'm half contemplating half meditating on this HERE and NOW, I do often hear a random(which feels synchronistic) crack. A part in the room which cracks, like wood crack or in the ceiling or the wall. I was wondering whether I am in the presence of a being and he gives me through that way a sign he's here or I was wondering if it was me expanding my energetic field through my awareness which creates the crack... or do you have any suggestion?

    I am very grateful to hear this conversation since my mind was stuck on this matter since a few weeks... I do see a few times a day little "sparks" or maybe energy balls moving around in a very playful way. It is hard for me to conclude if this is real or not but it does occur more than ever. Since I'm masseur, it does happens when I'm pulling "what doesn't serve"(as intention) from the client, or with a little reiki there might not be space for that thing to stay there so it jumps away.

    I always appreciate these conversations!

    With love and gratitude

    1. Thank you so for your comments

    2. Sometimes a loud noise could be our own higher self trying to get our attention. How did you feel when heard the crack, and what was your reaction to it?

      I like the energy balls playing around part. Is the crack related to the energy balls, or to your feelings or what do you think? Either way, the noise got your attention and made you think about what was happening. Some times our Higher Self has to "get our attention.
      :-) sue

  3. Hi its Alex,
    Well the crack is really just about pay attention, such as a "ting" from a bell, it does bring me back into the spaciousness of where I am now. But I don't figure more of it, neither feeling or thought... It happens to clear more than fill with info...
    So no connection between crack and energy balls either. Though, to comment more on the energy balls, it made me think as if I could watch between time. Being very still inside enables me to slip through a veil. It is moving so fast that I can't move my eyes to watch it clearly yet. That is why as well I have difficulties to approve this as a real thing. I believe it is there but I can't prove.

    About the higher self giving us messages I have really trouble to understand what it is me... Why is it so that if higher self = aspect of me talks to me through an intermediary which is not me...? Aren't we great schizophrenics? How come "he"(which is me) knows, and I have to get to know? Or maybe, why is he talking to me?(it sounds like he is a different being than I, if "he" talks to "me".) and what do I represent, if "he" which is me but all knowing I guess, can also manipulate time and space?
    I do reckognize a and many higher intelligences where I can tune to, but how are we One(if "he" talks to me)? I guess it's an ultimatum 3D question :-)
    Can you help me answer these questions please?

    With much love,