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THE JOURNAL#8--We Are Acea



~We are ACEA~

After Bruce read this message, they were both strangely quiet. The discomfort that had arisen between them had become very evident and they both felt uncomfortable. They knew that they wanted to talk about their feelings, but were afraid to be the first one to bring it up.

“I guess my mother was a lot deeper than I gave her credit for,” Lisa meekly said.
Bruce responded by putting his arm around Lisa and saying, “Our relationship got way off track. I think it will take more than some hot sex to fix it.”

Lisa smiled and placed her head on his shoulder. They quietly sat on the couch for quite a while. Then Lisa said, “I would like to read the next message.” Bruce silently passed the Journal to Lisa and kissed her softly on the forehead. With a smile on her face, Lisa started reading.


We are ACEA, retuned to commune with you again.
Have you been able to see now how your third dimensional and fifth dimensional worlds are connected?

Feel the high vibration of your fifth dimensional reality and pull that consciousness into your third dimensional world. Good, now see your fifth dimensional room around you.  Can your hear the waterfall and the birds chirping? Do you see the other animals that share your room with you? 

They, too, do not need to eat or eliminate and, therefore, do not cause you work or effort.  Some of these animals in your fifth dimensional room do not exist in your physical world. This is also true of some of the flowers and the beautiful colors that they emanate. 

As you sit in your fifth dimensional reality, feel how your shoulders relax and your heart opens. Your breath is slow and easy and you can hear the music of the spheres. Feel the deep love that resonates from our world. Believe that our Love will assist you in manifesting all that you desire. 

Now, take this feeling into your day and carry it with you.  This expanded self is who you truly are. The portion of you that appears to be limited, separate, or even afraid, is an illusion. It does not exist.

We know that it is difficult for you to comprehend that who you presently see as your self, is only an illusion and NOT your true SELF.  Therefore, allow us to explain how this is true. You see, you—all of you in the lower dimensions—are also here with us in the fifth dimension.
You went down into the physical plane and got scared. It was the fear that made you forget. Fear caused you forget to believe that you are really fifth dimensional, and fear caused you forget to love yourself and love the reason you came to third dimensional Earth.

You have all waited and prepared for many lives for this wonderful opportunity to be able to consciously raise your consciousness into the fifth dimension—with the ENTIRE PLANET. What an opportunity! 

But, you all forgot. Worst of all, fear made you break the connection to your true, fifth dimensional self. We of ACEA are the “lifeguards” who are throwing life preservers to those who are drowning in their forgetfulness. Grab that line. Keep the connection. 

Go now into your daily life and KEEP THE CONNECTION.
In Love


By the time Lisa finished this message, she was crying so hard she could hardly see. She turned to see that Bruce was crying too. Lisa put the journal back on the table and fell into Bruce’s now opened arms. Together they cried, then laughed because they were crying, then wiped their tears and cried again.

“Wow,” said Bruce as he reached for a tissue on the side table. “This experience is more intimate than sex.”

With that simple sentence, Lisa totally forgave Bruce, and told him so.

“Crying is better than sex?” Bruce teased.

“Hey,” she said teasingly, “You are the one who said that.”

Bruce was very quiet for a long moment then said, “I never want to lose you.”

Lisa stood and pulled Bruce back into the bedroom. Much later they returned to the couch, to see Beverly’s comment


This message was meant for me. Did ACEA read my mind?
I DID come down to this frequency to merge the third and fifth dimensions.
I DID forget why I came here.
I DID get so very lost
I DID allow my consciousness to drop.

Thank you ACEA, for reminding me of about my fifth dimensional SELF.

We are ACEA,
All that you have read about your dimension and your particular space/time quadrant is true, and much more. You see, the final curtain call is about to be made and all the malefic factions that have participated in the third dimensional experiment want to “get what they can” while the getting is still good. 

Soon, they will only be able to stay on the planet unless they can hold the vibration of Unconditional Love. Nothing in their technology and society has prepared them for this energy field. Those of you who have sought to clear yourselves and raise your consciousness have seen the degree of preparation that your physical form has had to undergo.

You have all felt how difficult it is to function with an open heart. You have all experienced how challenging it is to release the armor that has been shielding your heart, and the Atma within your heart, from the dangers of the external world. The many fearful warnings are important because an enlightened person must not hide in denial. However, do not underestimate the power of Love. 

This power is greater than any weapon because it allows you to raise your vibration, as well as the vibration of all that you love, above the danger of ANY malefic force. You see, the fifth dimension is not a place. The fifth dimension is a vibration. Anyone who cannot hold the fifth dimensional vibration will return to the “place” that resonates to his or her personal vibration.

Also, anyone who would do harm to another is not living in the vibration of love, and they will be unable to maintain any experience of the fifth dimension. In order to maintain s connection with your fifth dimensional reality, you must totally and completely love EVERY aspect of your self.

Any area of your self that you do not love, consciously or unconsciously, lowers your vibration. Therefore, your most important assignment is to continue to remember that YOU are a being of love. Then, test that love against fear, and gather all the information that you feel you must, without fear.

Test your ability to know the truth without becoming frightened. We shall all accomplish our Divine Mission as ONE. You see now how total individuality can cause great cruelties. However, total group, or hive mind, can do the same. As with all levels of realities, it is the “in-between” or “balance point”, that is the pathway Home. 

Remember that time is an illusion.  Begin to switch your thinking to the fifth dimensional “time” of NOW. In other words, begin to allow your self to transcend time and live in the NOW. In the NOW, there is no hurry because there is no future appointment. There is no fatigue because there has been no past effort.

There is only the NOW in which you are calm, peaceful and joyous. Take a moment in the NOW to feel calm, feel peace, and feel joy. Within that moment, time does not move forward and the past does not impinge upon your consciousness. While in this state you can click into fifth dimensional consciousness. See the fifth dimensional world around you and feel how it is different.

Feel your creative force as you choose to LIVE the reality that you are NOW creating. 


At this point Lisa became very still. She put the opened Journal on the table in front of them and turned to Bruce. “I do not feel like I am creating any of my reality. Instead, I feel like I have been letting reality create me. I have felt so alone and lonely. Bruce, what happened to us? Didn’t we used to be happy?”

Bruce tried to look into Lisa’s eyes, but couldn’t. Instead, he looked towards the ground and said, “I know you have not been happy, but I could not figure out what to do for you. You have been so distant, like you didn’t love me anymore.”

“Oh Bruce, I do love you. It is my self I don’t love. I realize that I have blamed so much on my mother and thought she didn’t care about me. But, then I have been treating our children just like my mother treated me. She was always distracted, as if I was not enough for her. I think I have done the same thing to our children and to you. Is that why you have been with Carol?”

Bruce was very quiet for a long time. Finally he said, “I guess if we are to create our ‘fifth dimensional earth,’ whatever that means, we have to start with being honest. I swear I was only with her one time, and it was me who stopped it.”

Lisa was very quiet. She was surprised that she was not even angry. In fact, she felt almost relieved that she had at least figured out something correctly. Why wasn’t she angry or crying?

“Why aren’t you angry or crying?” asked Bruce.

Lisa smiled and said, “I was just thinking the same thing. I think maybe because I finally figured out something, that I am almost relieved. Also, if we had been as close as we have been these few days, I don’t think you would have been with Carol.”

“No,” said Bruce. “That is no excuse. My being unhappy is no reason to be unfaithful. I was being cowardly. Instead of confronting you, I took the coward’s way of thinking you didn’t still love me. Worse yet, I acted as though I did not love you. But I do love you. I DO!” he said as he grabbed Lisa and held her very close to him. They both began to cry, then that made them both laugh. Simultaneously, their eyes feel on the next sentence in the book.


Feel the power of these words and embed them in your consciousness.

Calm—See a perfectly still pond before you with the sun rising from behind it.  This pond is the vision of the Calm that you can feel.

Peace—feels like a forest morning with a flower filled meadow glistening through the trees. This is the Peace that you can feel. 

Joy—is the feeling of your inner child laughing at the many new discoveries of life. This child is running across a beautiful field with a small animal following and birds leading the way. This is the Joy that you can feel.

Love—feels like a warm blanket that is wrapped tightly around you while you are held in the arms of a loved one. This is the Love that you can feel.

YOU are the reality that you create!

Good-bye for now. We will return upon your call.


“Do you think we can make this work?” asked Lisa.

“If we can create a new reality, maybe we can create a happy marriage,” Bruce answered.

The next day Lisa awoke while it was still dark and quietly slipped out of bed. Something was bothering her, and she could not figure out what it was. She did know that this issue was not about Bruce. It was about her. Now that the secret about Bruce was out, apologized for and forgiven, why was she still so angry?

Now that she could see the “real mother” that she always wanted to know, why was she so angry? Then she thought about her children. Since she had forgiven her mother, she woke up realizing that she was being a very bad mother herself. She had abandoned her kids much more than her mother had ever abandoned her.

She had to see the children! She had to go home and see her children. No more handing her parenting off to her husband or her husband’s mother. She had to be the mother—right NOW—today. She had to drive home and see her children, but what about her mother? What if she came home and no one was there?

Maybe Bruce could stay here for the weekend, then she could come back when his mother could be with the kids. The fact is, she suddenly realized, was that she wanted to see the children alone. She needed to be alone with her kids. She needed to hold them, kiss them and love them in a way she had not done in far too long.

“We need to go back today, as my Mom needs to leave tomorrow,” said Bruce who was quietly walked up behind her. When he say the loo on Lisa’s face, he said, “What is wrong? Are you alright?”

Then the tears started and Lisa could not contain them. She wanted Bruce to know that it was not about him, so she stood up, walked over to him, put her arms around him and sobbed into his chest. Bruce stood totally still and held her while she cried.

“It’s about the kids, isn’t it?” whispered Bruce.

Lisa pulled back and looked into Bruce’s face, “You are a starseed. How did you know that?”

“Now that my guilt is gone, I no longer need to think that you are only upset about me. Also, I am sure it is difficult for you to blame your mother any longer after she has been so honest and vulnerable with you.”

“OK,” smiled Lisa. “I think I liked you better when you were just a human.”

“Seriously,” said Bruce, not allowing Lisa to push him away, AGAIN, “why are you crying?”

Lisa took a moment to compose her self, as she was not sure of the answer, that is, the complete answer. He had been so honest with her that he deserved the truth.

“The thing on top, it about the children, “Lisa began, “But I spent so much of my life judging my mother, and now I have completely abandoned my own children. I know that is not all that is bothering me, but I don’t think I can get to the rest until I made amends with my children. I need to go back and see them.”

“Great,” said Bruce. “Let’s go.”

“No Bruce, I need to see them alone. I also need you to stay here in case mom comes home. You can Skype me and read me the next parts of the journal when the children go to bed. I know that sounds really crazy, but I need the four hours alone driving to think. I will get them off to school on Monday, and wait till your mother arrives.”

“Did you notice that you just totally left me out—again? What I did with Carol was not OK, but I was so lonely. You were never with “with” me, but just near to me.”

“Yes, I understand that now, and I am not still angry at you about what happened. But, I need to have some time alone with the kids, and I cannot abandon my mother either. I need you to be here in case she comes back. She will be so happy I am with the kids and you are here. You know how much she always loved you.”

“Yes, I do know. I also know that that made you jealous,” mused Bruce.

“Yes, yes,” said Lisa, “It is time for me to take a long look at my self. I need your help. Your mom will be back on Monday, and I will return to you. Please, let me do this.”

“Will you go and Skype and read the journal with me. I can just read and you can listen. Then I can also say good night to the kids.”

“Yes,” said Lisa trying to suppress her jealousy. “That is a good idea. We will walk to the restaurant, like the lovers we have become, and then I will leave. OK?”

“What is if cheat and look ahead in the journal?” Bruce teased.

Lisa gave Bruce a soft, loving kiss and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Bruce stood right where he was for what seemed like a very long time. Something was happening to him. The Journal that had so changed Lisa had also changed him. The reality was, he really wanted to alone too. Who was this new person that he felt inside of himself? When he went back to the bedroom to put on his clothes, he saw what looked like a page from the journal.

Lisa had placed that page on the bed, with a sticky not saying, “We can talk about this at the restaurant.” He saw that the page had been folded, as if Lisa had kept it from him. When he read the note he knew why. He also knew that he had gained her trust, but he was not sure that he really deserved it.

When Lisa came out from the bathroom wrapped in the robe that had held that note all along, Bruce said, “Can I quite that job I hate now?”

Lisa ran to him and threw her arms around his neck. “I am so sorry I hid that from you. Can you forgive me?”

“Always!” whispered Bruce.

Much later while walking to the restaurant Lisa said, “I did ignore you. But I was also ignoring myself.”

“Me too,” whispered Bruce shaking his head.

Lisa got up before dawn, put on her clothes, kissed Bruce on the forehead and left for their home. Bruce acted like he was half asleep, but he had been awake for hours. He felt like there was something in the Journal that he needed to read, to help get his bearings.

He couldn’t wait till tonight, and he could read again with Lisa. He put on some sweats and t-shirt, grabbed some instant coffee and grabbed the Journal. When he went to the next article it found it was another message from ASCA.


We are ACEA, here to tell you more about the forces that oppose you. These forces are the ones who make you feel like you are “bad” if you are unable to keep your commitment to the old structures of mundane physical life. Do not forget that there is another commitment that you all have sworn to keep. That is the commitment is the one that you made to your Higher Self before you entered your physical form. 

You made the pledge that you would not forget who you truly are. You promised that you would remember your true multidimensional self, while you were still wearing your third dimensional body. This was, indeed, a huge commitment and all of the responsibilities of your third dimensional life often seemed to be standing in the way of fulfilling your prior promise. 

Now you are keeping your first pledge to remember your true Self. However, in doing so, you are having a difficult time re-organizing your life so that your physical responsibilities can be taken care of without being in the way of your first commitment. It may feel as though there are forces beyond your control stopping you from gaining enough clarity to move forward. 

However, once you keep your first commitment, which is to remember that you are a multidimensional being who has come to the third dimension to learn and serve, you will automatically take more responsibility for the life you are creating.

From your third dimensional consciousness, it is difficult to take responsibility for ALL of the life that you have created because there is little validation in your external life that you really are multidimensional. Consequently, it is much easier to believe that you are “just third dimensional.”

We say to you NOW that you must learn to totally trust your own inner guidance when it reminds you that you are multidimensional. We realize what we ask is difficult, as we realize that your world has taught to “fit in” rather than “seek the truth.” It is a hard task to go inside to find your SELF in a world where the inhabitants are trained to follow others. 

However, when you begin your process by believing that you ARE a multidimensional being and that you ARE creating your life, it makes it easier to release your fear. If you believe that someone or something else has created your life and you must follow “them,” it is almost impossible to release your fear.

We know that if you believe that you are the victim to others, you will not feel in control of your own life. That is a VERY frightening situation. The secret is to release judgment. Release judgment of others and release judgment of yourself. If you think that the problem is your “fault,” you will also feel guilty and ashamed. 

If, instead, you take responsibility for the situation, you will feel empowered. Furthermore, once you no longer judge yourself, you will no longer need to judge others. Once you believe that you are creating your life, then, according to the first rule of manifestation, you ARE creating your own life! 

You, and your Soul, are choosing your problems to create situations, which will allow your hidden fears to be brought to the surface of your consciousness and released. Fear must be expunged from your consciousness in order for you to keep your First Commitment.

When each of you can remember that you are a multidimensional being who is visiting the third dimension to complete your destiny, you can face each situation without falling into the grip of fear. Free from fear, you will be able to release each “problem” and move on to the next phase of your initiation. 

Yes, there are many phases, but you will learn to face each step of your process within the ever-present NOW. Yes, there truly are outside forces that wish to interfere with your progress. We know that most of you are not aware of your power and cannot understand how you could be a threat to anyone. But, the truth is that you are. 

You are not a threat now, but your future reality can be. You constitute the initial groups who have introduced the concept of multidimensional awareness. This concept will free the masses greatly from the shackles of their forgetfulness. 

You have established a conscious connection with your higher dimensional selves and with other beings that inhabit the higher dimensions. Once the majority of humanity can do that, they will see the world as you do. Then the forces that are now in power will have no influence upon the masses. What good is it to rule when there is no one to rule over?  

In Unconditional Love



Bruce could not believe what he had just read. Even though the message was from 1-27-99, it was exactly what Bruce needed to hear. He had acted as though quitting his job was a joke, but the truth was that his mind-numbing job was driving him crazy.

He wondered if he should just let well enough alone, or tell Lisa that the boredom of his job was the main reason for his cheating. NO, he decided, she was OK with it for now, so it was best to just leave it alone. But he had to admit to himself that if he did not get more challenge in his career life, that he would seek it in a woman’s bed. Absolutely, he should not tell that to Lisa. But, she did say to quite the job he hated.

“Enough thinking,” said Bruce to himself. “I need to take a run. This is actually a really nice neighborhood, and this area seems that it might offer better opportunities. “I take some money to coffee and a paper after my run, to see what the job market is like here.

That night, Bruce skyped the kids good night. Lisa put them each in bed and brought to computer into their beds so Bruce could say good night to each of them. She then took to computer into the den so that she could talk to him alone.

Lisa had so much to say about her drive and her day with the kids, and Bruce told Lisa that he had got a local newspaper to check out work in that area. They laughed, talked and made plans like the best friends they were finally becoming.

After Bruce read Lisa the entry he had read alone, and they laughed at how it was spot on, they realized that they really miss sleeping together.

“It is not even about the sex, it is about the intimacy. I means, yes, the sex is wonderful, but I am surprised to realize how much I love being your friend,” admitted Bruce.

Lisa laughed, and cried, and told him how much she agreed. Finally, they threw each other kisses, shut down the computer and went to their separate beds. The next morning they both woke up alone, but with the same memory of being on a huge plane. Actually, it was too big for a plane. Was it a Starship?

Late Monday afternoon, when Lisa finally returned, they talked, laughed and went on an actual date. “How romantic is this?” said Lisa as kissed him before they entered the fancy restaurant. They ignored the Journal again that night. They were beginning to find their own life, and were less interested in Lisa’s mother. 

That night they dreamed again about being on the plane/ship. Only this dream included Beverly, or was it some one that looked like Beverly. The next morning, they decided to return to the Journal in search of more answers. They opened the Journal to the next page, which began with another message from Beverly.


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