Thursday, September 4, 2014

Into The Woods



Into the woods I send my heart
To find the place where I can start

Start to know and feel and care
To find the sunlight everywhere

Everywhere is here right now
To fill our life with learning how

To live the light in every way
And follow it through every day

The light it calls us all the while
To go within to find our smile

The joy that we have sought “out there”
We know to find it everywhere

In every cry and every sound
The light is there; it can be found

Once found, then we must let it BE
The source through which we can be free

Free of sorrow and free of pain
We no longer need to seek nor gain

We’ve played the game - both won and lost
We’ve had some fun and paid the cost

The cost of life beyond control
Is to find the purpose of our Soul

Our Soul we find within our Heart
It’s been there from the very start

Our Soul + Heart translates to NOW
As we start our journey of finding how

How we will know to seize the light
And not turn back in pain or fright

The light its there inside our life
Behind our sorrow and our strife

Once sorrow’s gone and strife’s resolved
Our heart and soul become evolved

Evolved into the ONE to be
The ONE to hear - the ONE to see

See the light that we once sought
When we tried so hard and cried a lot

We looked at memories filled with fear
And forgot that which we held most dear

But when, at last, we found the light
We communed with life that’s all around

In this entrainment we can BE
ALL we hear and ALL we see

We’ll find inside each cell and atom
A world we thought was just a phantom

Each atom spins into the NOW
The past is over, we have learned how

How to live the “future” inside each day
Through feelings we have and words we say

Inside the NOW, our new world started
As love and the light will no longer be parted

The lion and lamb lie in the noon sun
The conflict has ended, and we are all ONE

We found the Great Light and live in the Sun
Our journey has ended, and also begun!

PS, I just found this message from my SELF to my self and wanted to share it. This seemed like a 
good place to do so:

We really need to follow the invisible signs 
that are giving us the direction that we can only really find inside.

 Our frequency is high enough now that we are actually 
projecting our own inner guidance out into our reality. 

In this way, if we cannot pay attention to our inner directives, 
we cannot ignore what we have created them in our outer life.


  1. Thank you so much. This really has deep meaning for me. From my heart and NOW to yours...
    Deb Edward

  2. om ITAL.transl.:ask and it shall be given unto you