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Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance Parallel Realities


Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance

Parallel Realities

As our symptoms of transformation were clearing, we were realizing innate abilities that had been latent inside of us for our entire lives. As these abilities surfaced, it was obvious that we had been chosen and/or volunteered for this assignment. We felt very honored to be chosen for this task and literally dedicated our lives to completing the Temple of the Violet Fire in the manner in which we were each instructed.

To master our personal and group multidimensional abilities, we meditated separately and as a group everyday. We began our day with individual meditations and closed our day with a group meditation around the campfire. We realized that these meditations were vital, as we needed to go into a fifth/sixth dimensional state of consciousness in order to understand the instructions we were receiving from the Arcturian and Mother Alycone, as we all called Her.  

Since many of our symptoms of transmutation had subsided, we were able to stay active longer into the night, and we all rose as soon as the Suns came over the horizon. As we continued our individual and group meditations, we began to form a deep connection to the planetary Elohim Alycone and the Arcturian, who are Elohim as well.

Elohim are highly advanced Beings who are the “creators of form,” as well as masters of transmuting form into higher frequencies of expression. The Arcturians are the guardians of the Arcturian Corridor through which ascending individuals, planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies transmute their form into a higher frequency, and Mother Alycone was in charge of assisting us to step our society into the fifth dimension.

As long as we resonated to the fifth dimension, the Power-Over-Others Draconians and their minions the Zetas could not even perceive, much less, attack us. We were temporarily safe, as the Arcturians had cloaked our Village with a fifth dimensional Dome. However, the state of consciousness of those living within the Dome determined how long it could maintain its sixth dimensional matrix. Because there was so much fear and anger among the other citizens of the Village all the spiritually awakened members of the Village knew that it was their job to gain and maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

The lower frequency fear-based emotions eroded away at the Dome, and it was left to the ones with higher consciousness to keep the Doom functioning. We were informed that the completion of the Violet Temple was essential in order to raise the resonant frequency of our society into the fifth dimension.

We were also aware that some members of our Village would not be able to release their need to be warriors. Hence, these warriors created a “decoy Village” outside of the Dome so that the enemy would not discover that we still existed as an entire Village. The Dracs were under the impression that many of us had died and that the decoy Village was all that remained of our Pleiadian Settlement.

The Arcturians accomplished this illusion by creating a holographic insert that appeared that the Dracs had conquered us. However, it was not easy to fool a Draconian, so it was just a matter of time before they realized our true situation. We had until then to complete our Temple and use the Planetary Violet Fire to transmute our society into the fifth dimension.

What we needed was a trained warrior to serve as a liaison between the decoy Village, the real Village and our building site. No sooner did we realize that, than someone appeared to fill that role. My heart burst open when I realized that it was Mytre. I was by the Lake taking a moment to relax and regroup from all my many responsibilities when I saw someone walking towards me. The Sun was in my face, so I could not see who it was, but I knew it was a man who felt similar to Mytre.

No, that could not be, I thought, but the feeling felt even stronger as the man came closer. As I started walking towards him and when the Sun was no longer between us, I saw it was indeed Mytre. I ran to him, and within the no-time of re-connected lovers, we were in each others arms. However, I felt that something was slightly different. Mytre instantly sensed my feelings and pushed me back so he could look me in the eye.

“My dearest Mytria,” he spoke with sadness in his eyes, “I am not the Mytre you were expecting. I am a Parallel Reality of that Mytre.”

I looked into his beautiful eyes and said, “I don’t care my beloved. I will take any version of you that I can get.”

Nothing else was said as we wandered arm-in-arm off into the nearby meadow. The “real” Mytre and I had spent many a warm day lying in the soft grass and enjoying each other’s company in the most intimate of ways. As the Sun began to flirt with the horizon we arose to take a slow walk back to the Camp.

When we arrived at Camp, Mytre had to tell every delighted and surprised person that he was the Parallel version of the Mytre that they have known. They all had a similar response as mine. It was immediately clear to everyone that this Mytre would serve as the liaison that we needed.

As we sat around the campfire, Mytre was asked how he had become a parallel version of the Mytre that they had known. As the firelight flickered across his face, I was so happy to have him with me that my heart filled with deep love and gratitude. It had been a huge challenge to carry this responsibility without my best friend’s support and consultation. I knew that he would travel back and forth from our Construction Camp, the Village and the Decoy Village, but he would always be close.

As the laughter and conversation began to fade, Mytre started to tell his incredible tale. Someone had asked him how he split off from the “other” versions of himself, which made everyone laugh, somewhat nervously. Mytre laughed along with them, then slowly his face changed and he became very serious as he told his story:

“It is difficult to answer your questions about when I became the “other” version of Mytre, for I think of that Mytre being the “other” version me. To his perception, I am from his parallel reality. Conversely, to my perception, he is from my parallel reality. Actually, I do not know whether or not that version of Mytre even knows I exist.

“I connected with him while he was outside of time visiting the bubbles of his many versions of reality as pure consciousness. I don’t think that he recognized our connection, but I did. He was from the reality in which he took the Mission to fly the small Space Craft to the Arcturian Starship to get their help. On the other hand, I was from the parallel reality in which I stayed in the Village and did not go the Arcturian Starship.

“In both realities Mytria still went into the Temple to have our beloved daughter, but in my reality I went off to battle, but stayed on the planet. Things did not go well for Mytria and I in that reality, and by the time that I met the consciousness of the other Mytre I had fallen into a very primitive version of myself.

“I constantly doubted my decision to stay on the planet, and in fact, the mission to gain the Arcturians assistance failed. We were attacked again and again and over half of our population died. The rest of us had to scatter across the face of the planet and live our lives as refugees hiding in caves and extremely remote areas.

“All of our Starships and most of our dwellings were destroyed. Worse yet, the Temple was attacked and both Mytria and our daughter were killed. I had not protected our Village by flying the Ship to ask the Arcturians for assistant because I stayed behind to protect Mytria and Alycia. Then, one day when I was out drinking with my ‘friends,’ which I did a lot of then, the Temple was attacked, and I was too drunk to protect my wife and daughter.”

At this point, Mytre became so upset that he had to stop talking. Everyone sat stone still and only the cracking of the fire could be heard. It took every bit of my will power to remain still to allow Mytre to gain enough composure to complete his story. Every one around the campfire did the same. After what seemed like days, Mytre was ready to continue.

“Thank you for allowing me a moment to regain my composure,” Mytre said. “I can feel the great love and camaraderie within this group, which gives me the courage to continue. When my consciousness first connected with the other Mytre, I was on the edge of death. Our Village and lifestyle had been destroyed long ago, and I was living like an animal alone in the Wilderness. My soul purpose in life was to be a sniper and kill as many Dracs as possible.

“I had finally gained enough dignity to take off on my own in search of our Draconian enemy who still hunted us. I do not know that there was much dignity in laying in wait for my prey, but I did kill quite a few of them and thought I was making a difference. However, I was one person and the difference I made was quite minimal considering the dire straights of our surviving group.

“When I made my brief connection with the other Mytre, I was suffering from such a high fever that I was in great danger of dying. Perhaps, that is why I could recognize a version of myself that was more powerful and courageous. I instantly knew that in that reality I had been studying with the Arcturians to learn about mind over matter. I silently wondered what I would have to do to be able to study with the Arcturians?

“To my great surprise I heard the inner message of, ‘START OVER.’

“With these two words, the damn burst open and all the guilt, shame and deep sorrow overtook me. For the first time, I cried over the loss of my family, as well as the Village and my entire life.

‘“How do I start over?’ I screamed into the air.

“Then the Arcturian appeared in my reality and stood in front of me. I started to kneel before It when I heard a firm, ‘STAND UP!’

I wiped my eyes and stood before this magnificent Being of wavering light in the loose form of a humanoid and silently waited for the Arcturian to speak again.

“Time is an illusion,” said the Arcturian.

I pondered what the Arcturian said. Yes, if I could somehow see a version of me outside of time, than I must have left time too.

“Yes,” replied the Arcturian.

“Can I go back in time to when I decided to stay in the Village and decide instead to take the challenge of flying our small Ship to get help?

“You need to enter the reality of the Mytre that you saw, but you are needed in a different time zone. Are you willing to accept that assignment?”

“Yes Sir,” I instantly replied.

“We are not of your military and are not involved in your fighting,” explained the Arcturian. “However, we are interested in honing the innate ability you displayed by consciously perceiving another version of yourself who was able to move into the higher frequencies beyond time. If you can SEE another version of your SELF, you can BE another version of your SELF.

“You may think that the reality you are living has been a complete failure,” the Arcturian continued, “but the abilities you have honed of being stealthy and able to blend into any situation are much needed in the timeline of the reality that we need you to enter. The version of your SELF in that reality is receiving important training and cannot be taken into active service.

“However, you appear to be in need of a purpose. In fact, you have been training for this service but have been too lost in self-pity to hear our call. Now that you have connected with us, are you ready for the assignment we have for you?”

“I am absolutely ready to be of service,” I said with the most dignity I had felt in a very long time.

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  1. alexalfa109@libero.itMarch 1, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    om again when i read Mytre and Mytria experiencies
    i feel strong emotions,i have goose bumps....i wonder why i feel like linked...

    1. The same happens to me Alex.... I also wonder why....:)

      Love, Shanti

    2. alexalfa109 & UZ ZOHAR- It is likely that Suzanne’s account of her own experience is beginning to trigger a remembrance for you. The first such feelings can vary considerably from being nonspecific, just feeling vaguely connected or very comfortable w/ the information, recognizing it as valid while having no real reason as proof to do so besides one’s gut feeling, to more specific feelings.

      How we begin to remember varies allot from person to person for countless reasons. Whether the opening up to remembering that one is a multidimensional being is subtly gradual or dramatic, it is all the same wonderful journey.

    3. Dear Anonymous, as Suzanne said many times We are all One and We are All conected... and maybe at the moment having this strong experiences, I must admit I forget that...

      Anyway, as we are all one consciousness and we resonate with this messages, no matter if we are having strong experiences, visions, dreams or whatever... but we all are having them... this is the beautiful thing.

      And as you said very well, it´s all the same wonderful journey!

      Blessings and Unconditional Love,


  2. Absolutely wonderful, Sue, thank you! Love, B.

  3. This post is available in spanish at


  4. As always these messages resonate big time!

    Thank you Sue, The Arcturians, Mytre & Mytria, Kepier.

    And I am translating them for quite some time now in Dutch: