Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Star Beings

Last night I saw the movie Avatar. It was soooo amazing. It is the truth in many ways, and helps us to see the difference between the 3D and 5D realities. I won't say too much about the movie, as I don't want to diminish your experience. However, there was one part where there was conflict and I heard my self saying, "I choose the fifth dimension. I choose the fifth dimension..." over and over again. I think that we will be called upon to make that choice as we march through this final episode of transformation.

There will be times now when we can easily see the difference between the two realities and KNOW that we can choose which frequency we wish to which we wish to attach our consciousness. I also had a dream last night in which I was in the fifth dimension. I knew that when I feel asleep, I would go into the fifth dimension, then when I would wake up, I would be in the physical reality. This dream was also stimulated by the movie.

When I awoke, I had a vision of a bridge, that looked like a web, between the two realities that is created by our passing back and forth between the two worlds. Every time we cross that bridge, it becomes stronger. We are gradually becoming Star Beings with our feet planted on 3D Earth, our heads connected to 5D Earth, and our hearts a swirling vortex slowly closing the distance between the two.

More and more, the two reality will become closer, the bridge will be firmer, and our passage back and forth will create a slow and safe integration of the two. I don't know how we will create this wonderful transition, but I do Know that it will be lovingly and peacefully, as our consciousness must remain loving and peaceful for us to cross that bridge into the fifth dimension. Once across that bridge, we are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice of returning to the 3D world to reinforce the bridge and awaken as many as possible to the Truth that is just beyond their mundane consciousness.

Our expanded consciousness, which can easily embrace fifth dimensional New Earth, is the ever present link that binds the two realities together. Gaia, too, has made many sacrifices to bring as many of Her humans as possible with Her into the fifth dimension. The animals, plants and beings of earth, air, fire and water are also gradually expanding into the new world, forgoing their instant transmutation into the ONE to await the others who linger in the illusion of physicality.

Fortunately, these veils of illusion are restricted to our third dimensional perceptions. Hence, we can easily see over them with our expanded consciousness. Therefore, we need to trust our higher perceptions by believing our instincts, listing to our inner voice, trusting what we see just beyond the physical spectrum of light, and choose to BE our SELF. Every time that we say NO that that which lowers and consciousness and YES to that which raises our consciousness, we take another step across that bridge.

How do we tell the difference between our lower and higher consciousness? We can tell the difference by how we feel. When we are fearful, angry, anxious, sad, lonely, aggressive or competitive, our consciousness is struck in the third dimension. On the other hand, when we feel happy, loving, peaceful, and unified with all life, our consciousness is attuned to the fifth dimension. It is then that we can ONLY choose to create our new world. We can only choose love, joy, creativity and healing.

We have just one choice to make. That choice is attune our consciousness to the fifth dimension! After that, all we need do is Follow the FLOW.


  1. Dearest Suzanne,
    Your post as all-ways resonates deep within my being right into my core! I have made the conscious choice moment by moment to be a bridge, and your words and experiences confirm that I am not alone and we are indeed having ONE experience NOW! I am Honored to walk/fly/swim/imagine with a Beautiful Soul such as yourself!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family,


  2. The movie Avatar struck me powerfully as well. From the "cat" people, all the way to re-claiming sovereignty. But the most resonance was with the beauty of what could be...... Perfect timing for a movie to help us remember.


  3. I have watched myself use spiritual bypass- a term to describe how we avoid what makes us uncomfortable for what makes us happy- and reading this inspires but also paints a black and white picture.

    My experience is as I anchor the higher dimensions it opens up greater opportunities and assistance to deal with fearful, angry, anxious, sad, lonely, aggressive or competitive states of mind. And transmute them.

    In this way when we are with others who are stuck we can have great empathy and also skill. The skills run the gamut- so many out here now- but still we must use them or else fall prey to what we are perhaps running away from.

    And yet it is choice and how wonderful is it to be alive now and heal such deep woundings in concert with grander forces?

  4. I appreciate the honest challenges to be clearing the Piscean programs & have had experiences of a shrunken distorted emotional body, encased in a calcified shell that I chipped away. The warm encouragement from the future that you shared Suzanne is helpful. I also take strength from Barry's comments about responsive to healing deeper woundings. I have been reading Pema Chodron's Start Where You Are and found it helpful in 'stretching' my capacity to be present as a witness to what shows up from mine and others' unconscious pain.

    I am grateful to finally be able to share that inviting a deeper, more conscious relationship with my star-soul self has been de-densifying my physical and emotional bodies in very tangible ways. Plant medicine has been very helpful - burning sage and paolo santo. On these days I really embrace the language of 'warriors of the light'. I wish it was more peaceful - but want to be honest about the experience of it.

    In solidarity,


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